Nancy's Best Proof Set

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About this set: Hi! My name is Don. I started this 2003 for my wife Nancy. I wanted to get the best set I could for her. I thought this would be a good way to leave her something when I am gone. It has been a ball giving me something to do all day watching Ebay looking for coins I can afford. I have some coins that are available that I have upgraded. Anyone who has a set on PCGS can email me to see if I have what ever you want.I also would like to hear from any of you that have coins I need in this set. Thank you very much from Don and Nancy!

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Nancy's Best Proof Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
96800196450CPR68DC26481See Picture
868451965 SMS50CSP67CA1626See Picture
868461966 SMS50CSP67CA28513See Picture
968471967 SMS50CSP67DC8210See Picture
968041968-S50CPR69DC34316See Picture
968051969-S50CPR69DC5861See Picture
968061970-S50CPR69DC2500See Picture
968071971-S50CPR68DC27166See Picture
968081972-S50CPR69DC6380See Picture
968091973-S50CPR69DC645119See Picture
968101974-S50CPR69DC787629See Picture
968111976-S CLAD50CPR69DC1671551See Picture
968121976-S SILVER50CPR69DC25251145See Picture
968151977-S50CPR70DC2560See Picture
968161978-S50CPR70DC5030See Picture
968181979-S 50CPR70DC4390See Picture
968201980-S50CPR70DC3170See Picture
968211981-S 50CPR70DC2950See Picture
968231982-S50CPR70DC2460See Picture
968241983-S50CPR70DC3550Thanks Compucheap
968251984-S50CPR70DC1870See Picture
968261985-S50CPR70DC2640See Picture
968271986-S50CPR70DC3040See Picture
968281987-S50CPR70DC4330See Picture
968291988-S50CPR70DC3220See Picture
968301989-S50CPR70DC3540See Picture
968311990-S50CPR70DC4370See Picture
968321991-S50CPR70DC8020See Picture
968331992-S50CPR70DC6550See Picture
968341992-S SILVER50CPR70DC6360See Picture
968351993-S50CPR70DC6330See Picture
968361993-S SILVER50CPR70DC4260See Picture
968371994-S50CPR70DC6900See Picture
968381994-S SILVER50CPR70DC5250See Picture
968391995-S50CPR70DC5550Thanks LC Coins
968401995-S SILVER50CPR70DC5030See Picture
968411996-S50CPR70DC4940Thanks LC Coins
968421996-S SILVER50CPR70DC3580Thanks Heritage Auction
968431997-S50CPR70DC4890See Picture
968481997-S SILVER50CPR70DC4690See Picture
968491998-S50CPR70DC5780See Picture
969091998-S SILVER50CPR70DC6230See Picture
969101999-S50CPR70DC3190Thanks Mark Di Lauro
969111999-S SILVER50CPR70DC2940See Picture
969122000-S50CPR70DC3450See Picture
969132000-S SILVER50CPR70DC4990Thanks to Shawn and Debora Barr
969142001-S50CPR70DC2850See Picture
969152001-S SILVER50CPR70DC4070See Picture
969162002-S50CPR70DC4550See Picture
969172002-S SILVER50CPR70DC5690Thanks LC Coins
969182003-S50CPR70DC3630See Picture
969192003-S SILVER50CPR70DC4270Thanks Michael Turner
969202004-S50CPR70DC2880See Picture
969212004-S SILVER50CPR70DC4350See Picture
969742005-S50CPR70DC1940See Picture
969752005-S SILVER50CPR70DC5190See Picture
969762006-S50CPR70DC2390See Picture
969772006-S SILVER50CPR70DC3920Thanks
1495582007-S50CPR70DC1410See Picture
1495612007-S SILVER50CPR70DC2970See Picture
3949522008-S50CPR70DC1620See Picture
3949552008-S SILVER50CPR70DC3830See Picture
4072832009-S50CPR70DC3610See Picture
4072862009-S SILVER50CPR70DC4030See Picture
4167892010-S SILVER50CPR70DC8910
5052002011-S SILVER50CPR70DC6170
5118792012-S SILVER50CPR70DC2760
  2013-S SILVER50C 
  2014-P SILVER50C 
  2014-S CLAD50C 
  2014-S SILVER50C 
  2014-W SILVER50C 
  2014-W GOLD50C