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Morgan Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1878-1921): Regan's Morgan Dollars

Regan's Morgan Dollars

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 52.471
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 52.471
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About this set: I really love Morgan Dollars, especially those that are nicely toned. I have assembled a complete set(except for the '95-P) and am in the process of getting them all in PCGS holders.

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Regan's Morgan Dollars
 ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
70721878 8TF$1MS64285987634851001Green Bean CAC; raw set 62
70741878 7TF$1MS65626671169140nb Toned; raw set 62
70781878 7/8TF$1MS632897205249783756Green Bean; raw set 62
70801878-CC$1MS646836261374952829nb; raw set vf 20
70821878-S$1MS64+41451184225336raw set toned 62
70841879$1MS643956156341251605GC; raw set 63
70861879-CC$1VF3022334923466294nb; raw set vf 20
70901879-O$1MS633670277238152851Raw from Fred c/o PCGS details holder nb; raw set 63 toned
70921879-S$1MS667291187376591946Fred rattler Green Bean CAC; raw set 63 cresent toned
70961880$1MS644369153147161660raw set 63 toned
5188511880-CC$1MS64595275475690Ebay-Toned obv. Green Bean CAC; raw set vf 20
71141880-O$1MS623036432834094899raw set 61, micro O
71181880-S$1MS6535435138143969715609raw set 64 toned
71241881$1MS644547163746871666raw set 63 toned
71261881-CC$1MS647682691686547528Green Bean raw set open
71281881-O$1MS64382895443061025raw set 64
71301881-S$1MS66133892730139782835Fred rattler Green Bean CAC; raw set 64
5188661882-CC$1MS6624121525244raw set 63
71361882-O$1MS646067122367991341raw set 64
71401882-S$1MS664765117248521179Fred rattler Green Bean CAC raw set 64
71431883$1MS65PL671244701374raw set 63 toned
71441883-CC$1MS658191285097243296nb; raw set f 12
71461883-O$1MS658152104784641100toned; raw set 63
71481883-S$1AU5591937159193740raw set vf 20
71501884$1MS6522996972387722toned; GC nb; raw set toned 63
5188721884-CC$1MS64+8516781711555Rusty; raw set 64
71541884-O$1MS65145451891150982001Big die break; raw set 63 toned
71561884-S$1AU531316353713163541raw set vf 15
71581885$1MS658680182392712013raw set 64 pl
71621885-O$1MS65195563300200113394toned; green bug; raw set 63 toned
71641885-S$1MS6424977122570730Green Bean CAC; raw set 62
71661886$1MS65158043627161773762Green Bean; raw set 63 toned
71681886-O$1AU5353746455884801raw set xf 45
71701886-S$1AU5537959173836390c/o NGC 55 crossed; raw set cracked out pcgs 50 p-115
71721887$1MS65165522044173222221DBJK Anacs 65 c/o Green Bean; raw set 63 toned
71761887-O$1MS6426935213044564raw set xf 40
71801887-S$1MS6419285122036535Green Bean CAC; raw set 62
71821888$1MS653712101738611048raw set 63
71841888-O$1MS647964272485672971c/o old anacs 64 holder; raw set 62; p-42
71861888-S$1AU5328370742897536raw set 60
71881889$1MS64117462858120712994raw set 64 toned
71921889-O$1MS621374445714434642raw set vf 20
71941889-S$1MS632837322429183303raw set 53
71961890$1MS6442137884389822raw set icg 63 cracked out. p-65
71981890-CC$1MS633630280042693294raw set au 55
72001890-O$1MS64387096342251048raw set 63
72021890-S$1MS64+10210611101089Green Bean raw set 63
72041891$1MS633640231137722394Scott c/o NGC 63 holder; toned; raw set 63
72061891-CC$1MS635273438557074712nb; raw set fine 15
72081891-O$1MS621315429613344353raw set 58
72101891-S$1MS6421617122333768Raw Set 63; p-60
72121892$1MS631982195920292023Green Bean CAC; raw set au 50
72141892-CC$1F1213092051309828raw set vf 20 p-190
72161892-O$1MS632754261427662623coin in raw set f12
72181892-S$1VF3035537183563784Scott; raw set vf 25
72201893$1AU5538242743944292Scott nb; raw set xf 45
72221893-CC$1VG826366712636892raw set g
72241893-O$1VF3519930301993059NONE Green Bean
72281894$1AU5332923453292351Green Bean CAC
72301894-O$1AU5580721138072118raw set vf 20
72321894-S$1AU5531238713124009Green Bean CAC; raw set vf 20 p-120
72361895-O$1XF451158240211582413raw set g
72381895-S$1F1226934302703639raw set fine
72401896$1MS6616566191705625nb; raw set 63 toned
72421896-O$1AU551188284512012874raw set 50
72441896-S$1VF2510228761022914GC raw set vf
72461897$1MS6517605011876537nb raw set 62
72481897-O$1AU551194303011943055raw set au 55
72501897-S$1MS643163168135841946raw set 63
72521898$1MS65+39969401009raw set 63
72541898-O$1MS65125232701129012821raw set 63 toned
72561898-S$1AU5316345761634830c/o ICG 55; raw set xf 40
72581899$1MS6512613651390388Green Bean CAC; raw set vf 20
72601899-O$1MS658084176881701815raw set 63 p-50
72621899-S$1AU5310843491124686raw set 53
72641900$1MS64150005346151195424raw set 64
72661900-O$1MS656586133775251537raw set 64 toned
72701900-S$1MS6270542157444398raw set vf 20
72721901$1AU5368130267313122Scott Green Bean CAC; raw set vf 20
72741901-O$1MS64130673804133984007raw set 63 toned
72761901-S$1AU5313934901393532raw set fine 15
72781902$1MS6259271666037240McIntire Rare Coins. toned; raw set 62
72801902-O$1MS6547428014869821raw set 63
72821902-S$1AU5826943592694401raw set vf 20
72841903$1MS645306450353524547raw set AU; p-42
72861903-O$1MS644512325745993307Green Bean CAC; raw set 63 p-380 Bjorn
72881903-S$1VF2518625042102712raw set f12
72901904$1MS621129377411323800toned; Scott; raw set au 58
72921904-O$1MS65+13810641441169Tulsa G&S; raw set 63
72941904-S$1VF20963188963216raw set vf 20
72961921$1MS6550906945136701raw set 63 toned
72981921-D$1MS645870248159362509raw set 63 toned
73001921-S$1MS644102137941321387c/o NGC 63; from Scott; raw set 63
Very Nice Morgan Set!!!! I look up to True Morgan lovers as yourself ;)
Posted @ 3/11/2015 10:10 PM By 3keepSECRETif2rDEAD
Very Nice Morgan Set!!!! I look up to True Morgan lovers as yourself ;)
Posted @ 3/11/2015 10:10 PM By 3keepSECRETif2rDEAD