JMC One-a-Year SLQ's

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About this set: Complete sets are pricey for the average collector, but the one-a year set can nearly be completed (excluding the 1916) for a modest sum.

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JMC One-a-Year SLQ's
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1916  191625C 
19175707191725CMS64FH18581636Almost pure white.
19185721191825CMS65FH7856Purchased from J. Cline at 2003 FUN show.
1921  192125C 
19235742192325CMS6629680White with nice luster. Three-quarters o fthe head detail shows.
19245746192425CMS6513552The marks on the left obverse are on thje holder.
19255752192525CMS6514524Made this one myself, back in ''88 or ''89.
192757621927-D25CMS6525733Reverse is somewhat prooflike.
192957741929-D25CMS6515245Decent head detail, but not full.
193057801930-S25CMS65203143A lustrous snow white gem.