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Indian Cents with Major Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1859-1909): The SouthWest Variety Collection

The SouthWest Variety Collection

Current Statistics
Rank 9
Weighted GPA 66.462
Complete 92.19%
Set Rating 53.822
%RD 71.19%
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The SouthWest Variety Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
205218591CMS651833418634Eagle Eye Photo Seal
373931860 Pointed Bust1CMS646414458Eagle Eye Photo Seal
206118611CMS6678167816Eagle Eye Photo Seal
206418621CMS66+612612Eagle Eye Photo Seal
20701864 Copper-Nickel1CMS651523115432Eagle Eye Photo Seal
20781864 Bronze1CMS66RD361361 
20811864 L on Ribbon1CMS65RD327327Eagle Eye Photo Seal
20841865 Fancy 51CMS65RD41134113Eagle Eye Photo Seal; traded up from a 65RB
920841865 Plain 51CMS65RD83103 
208618661CMS65RB100810187Eagle Eye Photo Seal
208918671CMS65RB69269113Eagle Eye Photo Seal
209518691CMS65RB114712597Eagle Eye Photo Seal
209918701CMS64RD70477248Eagle Eye Photo Seal
210118711CMS65RB6136249Eagle Eye Photo Seal
21071873 Open 31CMS65RB7267292Eagle Eye Photo Seal
21101873 Closed 31CMS65RB3743949Eagle Eye Photo Seal
  1873 Doubled LIBERTY1C  
212218751CMS65RB1068106115Eagle Eye Photo Seal
212518761CMS65RB90790133Eagle Eye Photo Seal
212818771CMS65RB7557588Eagle Eye Photo Seal
213218781CMS65RD53165316Eagle Eye Photo Seal
213818801CMS65RD46194919Eagle Eye Photo Seal
214118811CMS65RD77307730Eagle Eye Photo Seal
214418821CMS65RD71277127Eagle Eye Photo Seal
214718831CMS65RD59365937Eagle Eye Photo Seal
215318851CMS65RD71187118Eagle Eye Photo Seal
21561886 Variety 11CMS65RD224224 
921561886 Variety 21CMS64RD29142914 
215918871CMS65RD63276327Eagle Eye Photo Seal
216818881CMS65RD32153215Eagle Eye Photo Seal
217718901CMS65RD50115011Eagle Eye Photo Seal
218018911CMS65RD71167116Eagle Eye Photo Seal
218318921CMS65RD54245424Eagle Eye Photo Seal
218618931CMS65RD82358235Eagle Eye Photo Seal
  1894/1894 Doubled Date1C  
219218951CMS66RD49104910Eagle Eye Photo Seal
219518961CMS65RD54225422Eagle Eye Photo Seal
219818971CMS65RD57245724Eagle Eye Photo Seal
  1897 1 in Neck1C  
220719001CMS66RD71407340Eagle Eye Photo Seal
221019011CMS66RD63196319Eagle Eye Photo Seal
221319021CMS66RD54185418Traded up from an MS65 RD
221619031CMS66RD79137913Eagle Eye Photo Seal
222219051CMS66RD55115511Eagle Eye Photo Seal
222519061CMS66RD343343Eagle Eye Photo Seal
22341908-S1CMS65RD2205422054Originally NGC; crossed-over to same grade
22371909 Indian1CMS66RD1724517246 
22401909-S Indian1CMS65RD1402514025 
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