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20th Century Type Set, With Type Variations No Gold (1900-1999): dahm69


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ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Indian Cent (1900-1909)240619061CPR64RB122671520112968
Lincoln Cent - Wheat reverse, VDB on reverse (1909)24241909 VDB1CMS65RB1316201926618437
Lincoln Cent - Wheat reverse, no VDB (1909-1917)248819161CMS63RD391096634614438Full red coin. Sharp strike. Excellent luster.
Lincoln Cent - Wheat reverse, VDB on obverse (1918-1958)28511958-D1CMS66RD325021311348121062
Lincoln Cent - Steel (1943)271119431CMS6653761687141876081
Lincoln Cent - Shell case copper (1944-1946)27461946-D1CMS66RD1559192223053090
Lincoln Cent - Memorial, bronze (1959-1982)9339819621CPR68DC163361253519841
Lincoln Cent - Memorial, zinc (1982-1999)31391996-D1CMS67RD6702301516596354
Liberty Head Nickel (1900-1912)390219045CPR65+2962022882
Buffalo Nickel - Type 1: FIVE CENTS raised (1913)391519135CMS644057628062078496
Buffalo Nickel - Type 2: FIVE CENTS recessed (1913-1938)39841938-D5CMS66300821905523605955
Jefferson Nickel - (1938-1999)942091976-S5CPR69DC9286551701007720
Jefferson Nickel - Type 2: Silver (1942-1945)840201943-D5CMS66FS2839470331604331
Barber Dime (1900 -1916)4868191510CMS6412710550604729
Mercury Dime (1916-1945)5050194410CMS673964201041957
Roosevelt Dime - Silver (1946-1999)5239196410CPR69801816411571
Roosevelt Dime - Clad (1965-1999)5240196510CSP6789022712952150001
Barber Quarter (1900-1916)56741916-D25CMS622691523226112500
Standing Liberty Quarter - Type 1 (1916-1917)5707191725CAU58FH6235618180211232
Standing Liberty Quarter - Type 2 (1917-1924)5720191825CMS6266380182915399
Standing Liberty Quarter - Type 2, recessed date (1925-1930)57801930-S25CAU58161973275426173
Washington Quarter - Silver (1932-1998)5996196425CPR69127536144171280
Washington Quarter - Clad (1965-1998)5999196725CSP678111148350137690
Washington Quarter - Silver Bicentennial (1976)58981976-S25CMS673011792322823392
Washington Quarter - Clad Bicentennial (1976)960071976-S25CPR69DC1778325117845252
Washington Quarter - State reverse, Silver (1999)9130041999-S25CPR69DC7116438349761676
Washington Quarter - States reverse, Clad (1999)9130051999-S25CPR69DC4969662248442347
Barber Half Dollar (1900-1915)6498190450CXF4537238120215986
Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947)6627194650CMS653889118412688660483
Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963)86704196350CPR67CA885294275749535
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver (1964, 1992-1999)6800196450CPR69208629379274754
Kennedy Half Dollar - Accented Hair (1964)6801196450CPR651014314312984077
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver Clad (1965-1970)868041968-S50CPR68CA30519357842463
Kennedy Half Dollar - Clad (1971-1999)968191979-S50CPR69DC557933417920013738
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver Bicentennial (1976)968121976-S50CPR69DC2757521527824215
Kennedy Half Dollar - Clad Bicentennial (1976)968111976-S50CPR69DC19927951999596
SMS Piece (1994 or 1997 Nickel or 1998-S Half Dollar)842301994-P5CSP69FS2229665761534
Morgan Dollar (1900 -1921)72661900-O$1MS6418764837918806463368
Peace Dollar - High Relief (1921-1922)   $1 
Peace Dollar (1922-1935)73781935$1MS6326603905215501263729
Eisenhower Dollar - Silver (1971-1974)974281971-S$1PR69DC267467386386292
Eisenhower Dollar - Clad (1971-1978)974301973-S$1PR69DC160642570492212
Eisenhower Dollar - Silver Bicentennial (1976)974361976-S$1PR69DC29055432919443
Eisenhower Dollar - Clad Bicentennial, Type 1 reverse (1976)974341976-S$1PR69DC146099146409
Eisenhower Dollar - Clad Bicentennial, Type 2 reverse (1976)974351976-S$1PR69DC19683211975021
Susan B. Anthony Dollar - Narrow Rim (1979)95711979-PSBA$1MS65913974170324312
Susan B. Anthony Dollar (1979-1999)995921980-SSBA$1PR68DC34412225296640089