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68521795 Flowing Hair$1F1212611992041831Old green holder. Variety B1. This is the two leaves reverse, PCGS 6853 (...
68581795 Draped Bust$1VF204637872610Old green holder. Variety B15.
68611796$1VF302299108393Variety B2.
68631797$1XF406076104195B-1, very clean, few marks.
68671798 Small Eagle Reverse$1VF30249749152Variety B1. ex Theodore Corwin Collection.
68771798 Heraldic Eagle Reverse$1F1241011192119Variety B22.
68781799$1VF3039014184741887Old green holder. Variety B5. ex William Luebke Collection, ex eBay (3/2001...
68871800$1VF30149554202848Variety B16
68931801$1VF354618547213B-2, Wide Date Obverse, Longer Arrow/Normal “T” Reverse
69001803$1VF253524171481Variety B4, small 3. Nicely toned.
Hello, I have several coins (Many Up-Grades) that will fit very nicely into your Bust Dollar collection, (ALL CAC). I'm a private collector, if interested contact: [email protected]
Posted @ 12/7/2014 4:53 AM By coinman1776