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Barber Half Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1892-1915): The Pelican Collection

The Pelican Collection

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About this set: This collection is dedicated to my parents who were born during the period these coins were minted. Many thanks to the PCGS Forum members and friends for their insight and advice...couldn't have completed it without them. (Composite photos courtesy of Mark Goodman.)
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The Pelican Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
6461189250CXF45431271431299This is a beautiful coin...great strike and color. This coin was purchased ...
64621892-O50CXF452428825302This 1892-O was a difficult find...but it has all the qualities I'm looking...
6465189350CXF451735017353J.J. Teaparty
64661893-O50CXF452621326213former ANACS XF-45
64671893-S50CXF451510815108From Dennis West
6468189450CXF451320713208Raw from Fred Blazer
64691894-O50CXF451719617197Former ANACS AU-50 from Fred Blazer
64701894-S50CXF453220832208Somerset Hills Coins and Currency
6471189550CXF451925419254Wayne Herndon Rare Coins
64721895-O50CXF451512515125Northern Nevada Coin Company
6474189650CXF451915619156Petersen/Shireman Collection...terrific coin!
64761896-S50CXF4510911091Petersen/Shireman Collection...beautiful battleship gray!
6477189750CXF452627326274J.J. Teaparty...battleship gray...awesome!
64781897-O50CXF4510651065J.J. Teaparty...love the crust on the reverse.
64791897-S50CXF451310013102Petersen/Shireman Collection...fabulous coin!
6480189850CXF453328033280Purchased raw from Stack's
64811898-O50CXF4526902690Courtesy of Arnie Heller
64821898-S50CXF4532953295Arnie Heller
64841899-O50CXF451612216122former ANACS XF-45
64851899-S50CXF453412734127former NGC AU-50
6486190050CXF454738347383former ANACS AU-50
64871900-O50CXF4517911791former NGC XF-45
64881900-S50CXF455517355173Arnie H
6489190150CXF454337543375Courtesy of Don Soles; unique patina on obverse and reverse
64901901-O50CXF4513591359Arnie H
64911901-S50CXF4525732573Arnie H
64931902-O50CXF4521982198Arnie H
64941902-S50CXF4516901691From Glenn Holsonbake
6495190350CXF452414924149John M
64961903-O50CXF452115921161John M
64971903-S50CXF451910419104Arnie H
6498190450CXF453623336233Arnie H
64991904-O50CXF4516791679Arnie H
6501190550CXF451317413174Stack's; Samuel J. Berngard & Treasure Coins of the S.S. New York Collectio...
6504190650CXF452639526395Courtesy of Don Soles
65051906-D50CXF453735337353Wayne Herndon Rare Coins
65061906-O50CXF451812018120Dark battle ship gray with a touch of gold; excellent strike
65071906-S50CXF451615816158Purchased raw from Stack's--Amherst and Waccabuc Collection
65091907-D50CXF453336933369John Marburger
65101907-O50CXF453128531287Heritage Auctions; very nice battle ship gray with hints of gold in the leg...
65111907-S50CXF4526912691Dark coin but very unique with excellent strike
6512190850CXF451723217232Crossed over from ANACS
65131908-D50CXF454740247402Arnie Heller; dark battle ship gray with a hint of gold on the reverse
65141908-O50CXF454134541346Purchased raw
6516190950CXF453148631487Purchased raw courtesy of Fred Blazer; very nice coin with excellent strike...
65181909-S50CXF45912410131Heritage--Long Beach Signature Auction; very nice coin with gold tint in le...
6519191050CXF451018610186Arnie Heller
6521191150CXF452945229453Arnie Heller
65221911-D50CXF4572227223Arnie Heller; dark battle ship with hint of gold in shafts of arrows on rev...
65231911-S50CXF451010610109A duplicate from Craig Petersen with a low population of only five in this ...
6524191250CXF452642226423Connor Numismatics
65251912-D50CXF454561245617Purchased raw; beautiful battle ship gray with excellent strike
65261912-S50CXF451822518226Connor Numismatists; very nice coin with unique gold patina on both obverse...
6527191350CXF451512715127Arnie Heller
65281913-D50CXF451827418275Arnie Heller
65291913-S50CXF451111911119JJ Teaparty
6530191450CXF451918119182Arnie Heller
65311914-S50CXF452717027170John Marburger
6532191550CXF451812818128First coin ever purchased at an auction--and paid way too much
65331915-D50CXF455274552748JJ Teaparty
Great set. I'm currently building an XF40-45 set with 9 coins to go. This set took a long time to put together; I wonder how long it took you?
Posted @ 11/4/2014 1:02 AM By
Posted @ 11/1/2014 9:25 AM By umakem
What a great looking set. So many of your pieces have that original toning & 5 star eye appeal that I refer to as "the look". I believe I have let my set drift from that aesthetic objective a bit too much.
Posted @ 8/6/2013 2:41 AM By cmmiller3
you have a great eye - fabulous set - this set is on a completely different level than the complete XF45 that auctioned off a year or two ago.
Posted @ 6/8/2012 9:01 AM By Walt