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Kennedy Half Dollars Basic Set, Proof (1964-Present): Lake Superior Collection of Proof Kennedys

Lake Superior Collection of Proof Kennedys

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Rank 133
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 69.131
Complete 77.22%
Set Rating 52.713
%DCAM 100.00%
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About this set: A fun set to work on. The majority of these coins are inexpensive and easy to locate. The goal is to complete as much as the set in PR69DCAM as possible. Some of the earlier dates a lower grade will be necessary. Please email me if you have any of the coins available that I still need and are willing to sell or trade. As of 10/30/2008, I am looking to upgrade my 1968-S PCGS PR67DCAM to a PCGS PR69DCAM. I am also currently seeking the 1970-S Kennedy in PCGS PR69DCAM as well. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any of the above 2 coins available. Thanks!

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Lake Superior Collection of Proof Kennedys
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
  1965 SMS50C 
  1966 SMS50C 
  1967 SMS50C 
968041968-S50CPR67DC71814957182296PCGS Board Member
968081972-S50CPR69DC72307230Carlsbad Eagle Trader
968091973-S50CPR69DC763535763535L&C Coins
968101974-S50CPR69DC949054949054L&C Coins
968111976-S CLAD50CPR69DC2037510920375110L&C Coins
968121976-S SILVER50CPR69DC2813424128134241Won on eBay
968151977-S50CPR69DC1177946111779461L&C Coins
968161978-S50CPR69DC1280476012804760PCGS Forum Member
968181979-S 50CPR69DC9797700154641044DHRC
968201980-S50CPR69DC95025329502532PCGS Forum Member
968211981-S 50CPR69DC1196447814238570DHRC
968231982-S50CPR69DC70483777048377L&C Coins
968241983-S50CPR69DC66334866633486Yahoo! Auctions
968251984-S50CPR69DC62382936238293Yahoo! Auctions
968261985-S50CPR69DC61004216100421PCGS Board Member
968271986-S50CPR69DC65394166539416Won on eBay
968281987-S50CPR69DC64326176432617Yahoo! Auctions
968291988-S50CPR69DC59265225935522L&C Coins
968301989-S50CPR69DC54614685461468Yahoo! Auctions
968311990-S50CPR69DC60905756090576L&C Coins
968321991-S50CPR69DC52349745234974L&C Coins
968331992-S50CPR69DC49298334929833PCGS Forum Member
968341992-S SILVER50CPR69DC52167885220788Won on eBay
968351993-S50CPR69DC51388125138812Yahoo! Auctions
968361993-S SILVER50CPR69DC42225474222547L&C Coins
968371994-S50CPR69DC48168914816891L&C Coins
968381994-S SILVER50CPR69DC39536103953610L&C Coins
968391995-S50CPR69DC45867394586739L&C Coins
968401995-S SILVER50CPR69DC37166283716628L&C Coins
968411996-S50CPR69DC43226634322663L&C Coins
968421996-S SILVER50CPR69DC40794914079491Won on eBay
968431997-S50CPR69DC45106414510641L&C Coins
968481997-S SILVER50CPR69DC42376064237606Won on eBay
968491998-S50CPR69DC40837304083730Won on eBay
969091998-S SILVER50CPR69DC43397814339781L&C Coins
969101999-S50CPR69DC47774134777413L&C Coins
969111999-S SILVER50CPR69DC63114756311475L&C Coins
969122000-S50CPR69DC60524536052453Won on eBay
969132000-S SILVER50CPR69DC76345767634576Won on eBay
969142001-S50CPR69DC55333695533369Won on eBay
969152001-S SILVER50CPR69DC60666356066635L&C Coins
969162002-S50CPR69DC43595354359535L&C Coins
969172002-S SILVER50CPR69DC56676805667680L&C Coins
969182003-S50CPR69DC46204404620440PCGS Forum Member
969192003-S SILVER50CPR69DC66865136686513PCGS Forum Member
969202004-S50CPR69DC51943255194325L&C Coins
969212004-S SILVER50CPR69DC73435147343514L&C Coins
969742005-S50CPR69DC60272646027264PCGS Forum Member
969752005-S SILVER50CPR69DC55566415556641L&C Coins
969762006-S50CPR69DC47282984728298L&C Coins
969772006-S SILVER50CPR69DC44635144463514L&C Coins
1495582007-S50CPR69DC40541924054192Won on eBay
1495612007-S SILVER50CPR69DC42813574281357Bought via email
3949522008-S50CPR69DC28152202815220Won on eBay
3949552008-S SILVER50CPR69DC36374623637462eBay
4072862009-S SILVER50CPR69DC31795083179508
4191232010-S50CPR69DC28972922897292L&C Coins
  2010-S SILVER50C 
5051982011-S SILVER50CPR69DC2693108536391702CoinFame
  2012-S SILVER50C 
  2013-S SILVER50C 
  2014-P SILVER50C 
  2014-S CLAD50C 
  2014-S SILVER50C 
  2014-W SILVER50C 
  2014-W GOLD50C 
  2015-S SILVER50C 
*  2016-S50C 
*  2016-S SILVER50C 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.