Dag's Franklin Halfs - Circulated

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About this set: This is my collection of poormans franklins. To the best of my abbility i have purchased the best that i could find for the cheapest that i could afford.

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Dag's Franklin Halfs - Circulated
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
866521948-D50CMS64FL46882004Sharp strike, few contact marks and a touch of light toning
6658195150CMS641445856Nice shine - old holder - need to resubmit for FBL
86664195350CMS64FL1078346light tone obverse and reverse... minor scratches
866651953-D50CMS64FL35061230Light toneing obverse... major mark in bell reverse
866731957-D50CMS64FL51022411Has an extra piece of metal between the ''R'' in trust and the bottom of fr...
866751958-D50CMS64FL36472540Nice shine - alot of bag marks or other marks for an MS-64
86676195950CMS64FL2612900nice luster and no tone
86678196050CMS64FL3874839Sharp strike, a few contact marks, no tarnish
866791960-D50CMS64FL4182496Nice luster. Several scratches and some minor blemishes.
866811961-D50CMS64FL1860313Full strike, a couple spots of light tone, minor contact marks
866831962-D50CMS63FL1842405Proof like shine - mint bag scratches evident. Nice MS64
866851963-D50CMS64FL3976966Light tone on reverse, minor contact points