Prairie Gold

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About this set: All First Strike $50 Gold American Buffaloes! These American gold buffaloes have such detail and artistic beauty which is surpassed only by its' twin, PROOF version. This historic design of James Earle Fraser from the Buffalo nickel lives on in 21st century 0.9999 pure gold! Fraser used an American buffalo named "Black Diamond" on exhibit at New York's Central Park Zoo to create the distinctly American icon and majestic image for the reverse,while a composite of many Native American Indian Chiefs became the uniquely American obverse. Enjoy all the pieces of the 'Prairie Gold Collection.'

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Prairie Gold
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899992006$50MS703295038880First Strike
1491222007$50MS70847011760First Strike Flag label
3933282008$50MS701316017900First Strike Flag label
4000382008-W$50MS7019603650First Strike Black Diamond label
4139352009$50MS70106790109810First Strike Black Diamond label
4188642010$50MS70139870150940First Strike Black Diamond label
5068842011$50MS702861045950First Strike Black Diamond label
5115222012$50MS702771028750First Strike Black Diamond label
5165032013$50MS703257036510First Strike Black Diamond label
5219302014 $50MS704574049040First Strike Black Diamond
5359662015$50MS702009027390First Strike Black Diamond

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