Pocket Piece

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About this set: Welcome to the Pocket Piece Collection...that is, coins that have apparently spent a lot of time in someones pocket or in circulation! Ever had a pocket piece - that is a coin that you carried around raw for years and years? They get very smooth and the details slowly vanish until you're left with a very very low grade coin - a pocket piece. This set is a tribute to the circulation of coins - coins that have paid their dues in serving this wonderful country and have at last, found their peace of mind residing in a PCGS holder for posterity (so to speak). Check back often as there will always be some new pieces coming into this set but its going to be awhile before they ALL get here!

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Pocket Piece
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10001793 1/2C1/2CPO1BN1248812494
13411793 1C Chain1CPO1BN3242245622NGC Cross
13471793 1C Wreath1CPO1BN1353116746Home Made
13591793 1C Liberty Cap1CPO1BN4935103Home Made
Cool set! Love the "pop 1" Liberty Cap
Posted @ 9/13/2007 7:13 AM By ttsd