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Roosevelt Dimes FB Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1965-Present): Bishop


Current Statistics
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 67.595
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 67.595
%FB 59.18%
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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
85130196510CMS65FB23332333(21)67 (1)68 with (20)66FB (5)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
5131196610CMS675855898(5)68 with (6)65FB (75)66FB (5)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
5132196710CMS678998965(9)68 with (12)65FB (27)66FB (6)67FB (2)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
85133196810CMS66FB43114311(31)67 (2)68 with (3)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
851341968-D10CMS67FB95129512(2)68 with (1)67+FB (5)68FB. as of 8/9/12.
5135196910CMS6549424948On September 22nd 1969, Willie Mays hits his 600th career home run helping ...
51361969-D10CMS661925721878(48)67 (3)68 with (4)64FB (4)65FB (8)66FB (5)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
5137197010CMS6583568361(44)66 (4)67 with (2)64FB (1)65FB. As of 8/9/12.
851381970-D10CMS66FB141161(34)67 (1)68. As of 8/9/12.
5139197110CMS6657135726(12)67 with (5)65FB (5)66FB. As of 8/9/12.
851401971-D10CMS65FB22282228(22)67 with (19)66FB (2)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
5141197210CMS652287422885(47)66 (8)67 with (1)64FB (4)65FB (4)66FB. As of 8/9/12.
51421972-D10CMS661232912377(28)67 with (3)64FB (13)65FB (14)66FB (3)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
85143197310CMS66FB213213(4)67 with (1)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
851441973-D10CMS65FB23712371(59)66FB (10)67FB. As of 11/6/13.
5145197410CMS6693159315(15)67 with no FB coins. As of 8/9/12.
51461974-D10CMS673023028(2)68 with (12)65FB (8)66FB (1)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
5147197510CMS671301350(10)65FB (16)66FB (2)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
851481975-D10CMS64FB152152(47)67 with (5)65FB (18)66FB (4)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
5149197610CMS661111511117(15)67 With only (2)66FB. As of 8/9/12.
51501976-D10CMS6692369251(32)67 (3)68 with (1)64FB (3)65FB (6)66FB (1)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
5151197710CMS661002110029(20)67 with (2)64FB (4)65FB (1)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
51521977-D10CMS661131711348(16)67 (1)68 with (10)64FB (7)65FB (4)66FB (4)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
5153197810CMS67382382(2)68 with no FB coins. As of 8/9/12.
51541978-D10CMS675015014(1)68 with (5)65FB (3)66FB. As of 8/9/12.
5155197910CMS6642294231(29)67 with only (1)65FB. As of 8/9/12.
51561979-D10CMS676036025(3)68 with (6)65FB (5)66FB. As of 8/9/12.
51571980-P10CMS6688338835(32)67 (1)68 with only (2)64FB. As of 8/9/12.
51581980-D10CMS6689198921(18)67 (1)68 with (1)65FB (1)66FB. As of 8/9/12.
851591981-P10CMS67FB10021002(1)68 with (2)68FB. As of 8/16/12.
851601981-D10CMS67FB2961729617(7)68 with (16)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851611982-P10CMS66FB605605(6)67 with (4)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
851631982-D10CMS65FB12611261(49)66 (28)67 with (19)66FB (3)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
51641983-P10CMS655710557113(61)66 (8)67 with (1)64FB (1)65FB (1)66FB. As of 8/9/12.
51651983-D10CMS661072110737(13)67 with (4)64FB (4)65FB (4)66FB. As of 8/9/12.
851661984-P10CMS66FB111105111105(11)68 with (76)67FB (7)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
51671984-D10CMS674404490(11)65FB (49)66FB (15)67FB (1)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851681985-P10CMS66FB43264326(20)67FB (1)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851691985-D10CMS67FB563563(11)68 with (1)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
51701986-P10CMS674824818(2)68 with (2)65FB (8)66FB (3)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
51711986-D10CMS6664736481(66)67 (5)68 with (1)64FB (3)66FB (3)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
51721987-P10CMS671481314829(13)68 with (2)65FB (5)66FB (3)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
51731987-D10CMS671661516642(15)68 with (6)65FB (10)66FB (7)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
851741988-P10CMS66FB18331833(4)68 with (14)67FB (2)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851751988-D10CMS66FB32513251(60)67 (4)68 with (33)67FB (4)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851761989-P10CMS66FB27412741(5)68 with (32)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
851771989-D10CMS67FB676676(11)68 with (5)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
51781990-P10CMS6653485349(40)67 (6)68 with only (1)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
51791990-D10CMS6648754877(66)67 (5)68 with (1)66FB (1)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
51801991-P10CMS67390397(3)66FB. As of 8/9/12.
51811991-D10CMS6633213323(20)67 with only (1)65FB. As of 8/9/12.
851821992-P10CMS66FB520520(23)68 with (11)67FB (3)68FB. As of 8/23/12.
51831992-D10CMS674844869(4)68 with (5)65FB (33)66FB (14)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
51841993-P10CMS679209229(3)65FB (7)66FB (12)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
51851993-D10CMS672102114(2)65FB (4)66FB (1)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
851861994-P10CMS66FB36293629(3)68 with (23)67FB (1)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
51871994-D10CMS672002031(7)65FB (10)66FB (4)67FB (1)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
51881995-P10CMS6739143944(14)68 with (3)65FB (8)66FB and (11)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
51921995-D10CMS675465422(6)68 with (2)65FB (2)66FB (2)67FB. As of 8/9/12.
851911996-P10CMS66FB19621962(42)67FB (3)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851901996-D10CMS66FB19541954(1)69 with (31)67FB (6)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851891996-W10CMS66FB78410017841001(1317)67 (489)68 (5)69 With (557)67FB (137)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851931997-P10CMS66FB15201520(33)67 (22)68 with (14)67FB (2)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851941997-D10CMS66FB12161216(10)68 with (13)67FB (2)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851951998-P10CMS67FB327327(6)68 with (7)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
51961998-D10CMS6639353952(31)67 (3)68 with (1)64FB (4)66FB (4)67FB (3)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
851971999-P10CMS68FB33503350(1)69. As of 8/9/12.
851981999-D10CMS68FB943943(1)69 with (3)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
852022001-D10CMS68FB27542754(2)69 with (4)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
852032002-P10CMS68FB24132413(1)69 with (3)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
852042002-D10CMS67FB50915091(121)68 with (91)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
52052003-P10CMS6894094224(20)66FB (51)67FB (139)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
852092004-P10CMS67FB57225722(7)68 (1)69 with (22)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
852102004-D10CMS67FB54715471(71)68FB. As of 9/11/12.
952122005-D10CSP68FB2742927529(179)69 (1)70 with (29)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
9852142006-D10CSP68FB1836418364(122)69 with (64)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
1495232007-P10CSP69FB691691(1)70FB. As of 8/9/12.
3949282008-P10CSP68FB913913(3)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
3949322008-D10CSP68FB2822628326(24)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
4072662009-P10CSP68FB358131358131(131)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
4072702009-D10CSP68FB406312407312(306)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
4188082010-P10CSP68FB3792239722(21)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
4188112010-D10CSP68FB4508245082(1)69 with (79)69FB. As of 8/9/12.
5050712011-P10CMS66FB186129186129(109)67FB (1)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
5050732011-D10CMS66FB9410094100(77)67 (9)68 with (93)67FB (3)68FB. As of 8/9/12.
5115542012-D10CMS66FB2216722167(51)67FB (1)68FB. As of 8/25/12.
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*  2015-D10C 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.