Gobrecht's Raisinet Collection

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Gobrecht's Raisinet Collection
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Owner's Comments
  1793 1/2C1/2C 
13411793 1C Chain1CAU53BN5229341793 Chain 1C AMERICA AU53. S-3, B-4, Low R.3. EAC 40. Surfaces: The obvers...
354591793 1C Wreath1CAU50BN162885S-9, B-12, R.2. Noyes VF20; tied for CC-21. EAC VF25. PQ–. Variety: Horizo...
13591793 1C Liberty Cap1CVF20BN825932S-14 Low R.5, EAC 20. While the Chain and Wreath Cents boast the cachet of ...