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Lincoln Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1909-1958): SJ Cohen Collection

SJ Cohen Collection

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Rank 103
Weighted GPA 65.348
Complete 27.14%
Set Rating 29.165
%RD 55.26%
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About this set: I am very proud to own all 140 Lincoln cents in this basic wheat cent registry. Of course, only the 38 examples that I have had slabbed are shown, but I am happy to have my collection of these most popular Lincoln cents shown on the PCGS Set Registry. Steve

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SJ Cohen Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
24251909 VDB1CMS64RD5986832761318432Bob Quirk(CT)in 2002
24311909 Lincoln1CMS64RD63117166311716San Francisco Show in 1985 RAW
24271909-S VDB1CMS64RB181290118123214C.A.L.auction Danbury(CT)in1989
24331909-S Lincoln1CMS64RB5832857192025JJ Teaparty(MA)in 1987 RAW
243719101CMS65RD429195429195Jakes Coins(IL)in 1986 RAW
24401910-S1CMS64RD385416386418Excelsior Coin(CA)in 1988 RAW
24451911-D1CMS64RB20337210553Ron Vitro(NY)in 1987 RAW
24481911-S1CMS64RB26070265258Bowers & Merena(NH)in 1988 RAW
24571912-S1CMS63RB152291152579David Pike(TN)in 1987 RAW
246119131CMS64RD230253230253Jakes Coins(IL)in 1986 RAW
24631913-D1CMS63RB7417974525Ron Vitro(NY)in 1988 RAW
24721914-D1CMS65RB49149241Devonshire(MA)in 1990
24751914-S1CMS63RB7517175352Ron Vitro(NY)in 1989 RAW
247919151CMS64RD199223199223Jack Beymer(CA)in 1986 RAW
24811915-D1CMS64RB31155311460Ron Vitro(NY)in 1989 RAW
249719171CMS65RD250160254167Jakes Coins(IL)in 1985
25081918-D1CMS64RB15926159206Heritage(TX)in 1989
252419201CMS65RD420137420137Jakes Coins(IL)in 1985
25301920-S1CMS64RD89118911Bowers & Merena(NH)in 1988
25381922-D1CMS64RB24930251487Ron Vitro(NY)in 1987
254519231CMS64RD308328308328Jack Beymer(CA)in 1986
25471923-S1CMS63RB114172114280Jack Beymer(CA)in 1989
25521924-D1CMS62BN2812728608Bowers & Merena(NH)in 1988
25631925-D1CMS63RD8532485324Bowers & Merena(NH)in 1987
25661925-S1CMS62RD589590Ron Vitro(NY)in 1987
256919261CMS64RD56415535641553White Plains(NY) show in 1985
25731926-S1CMS63BN11174111541Jack Beymer(CA)in 1987
257819271CMS64RD313732315732Bob Cornell(MA)in 1990
25831927-S1CMS63RB202174202435Jack Beymer(CA)in 1987RAW
258719281CMS63RD281404281404Jakes Coins(IL)in 1985
25921928-S1CMS63RB127157138413Jack Beymer(CA)in 1986
26171931-D1CMS64RD241183241183Jakes Coins(IL)in 1985
26201931-S1CMS64RD13708861370886Jakes Coins(IL)in 1985
262319321CMS66RD4674146741Jakes Coins(IL)in 1985
26261932-D1CMS64RD306702306702Jakes Coins(IL)in 1985
26831939-S1CMS66RD29504022950402Jakes Coins(IL)in 1985
27171943-S1CMS651207588912265909Jakes Coins(IL)in 1985