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Barber Quarters Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1892-1916): Michael F. Hayes - The Ginjamax Collection

Michael F. Hayes - The Ginjamax Collection

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About this set: images are courtesy of Michael Valente ( Valente151 ) and this set of my favorite Barber is considerably nicer than my first set, which I sold at the Chicago ANA pre sale at Heritage in August, 2011. I am avoiding the Big-3 ( 96-S, 01-S and 13-S ) as I now am retired and replacing those three coins equates to the value of the balance of the set.

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Michael F. Hayes - The Ginjamax Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
5601189225CAU5835915183631535 Glenn Holsonbake - FUN. 01/2014 Formerly from D.H. Collection. Type One. ZZSW Colorful 92-P - eBay - Type Two - EKZT Images by Valente151
56021892-O25CAU58127370128373 Type One New Orleans mint - first year of issue. Kevin Joyal - PCGS 58 - CAC EKHR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also shown: Type 2 Ex: Heritage Auction -09/2013 EBST
56031892-S25CAU5825942695 Stacks Bowers Internet Auction - 06/01/16 PSET - XCAC Type One S Mint is a very tough coin.
5604189325CAU588428484284 03/10/2013 - TT - RZZP/ZST Now: CAC
56051893-O25CAU585418154181Walt Kennedy - 01/2014 ELSY
56061893-S25CAU5818811881Heritage - Long Beach Auction - AU 58 CAC - Images by Valente151 - Vern Sebby approved. QSPR
5607189425CAU581615216152 eBay. 12/15. ZQHT Upgrade to my AU 55, which now resides in the Mendenhall Collection. Purchased the AU 58 from Rust Coin / eBay PCGS images by Valente151 Second set of NGC images ( via Valente151 ) belong to my good friend, SROTAG and it's an MS 66 - and I think the high light to his collection.
56081894-O25CAU5819851985 Vern Seeby recommendation ! HA - 4-27-13 - CAC - KFSY
56091894-S25CAU584015140151 Ex: Don Willis Via: Gail & Liz JJ Teaparty 10/24/15 KZPW
5610189525CAU582822028220 Stacks Bowers - ANA Auction - Anaheim, CA August 9, 2016. Without a doubt one of the most attractive Barber Quarters available. MS AU 64 - Look and Price. LOL
56111895-O25CAU581410714107Central States, April, 2014. FHQHT. CAC. Image by Michael Valente - Knightly Numismatics.
56121895-S25CAU5816731673 David Sunshine via David Kahn. FUN - 01/2015. FTHTHTH. New Tri Prong Holder. Images by Valente151
5613189625CAU582718427184 Vern Sebby - PCGS Message Boards - fellow Barberite. Nice AU 58 - to replace an AU 55 - 04/2016 CAC - Professional Images forthcoming = EHSY
56141896-O25CAU5819401940Goldberg Rare Coin Auction. June, 2015. EX: NGC 58 FHLS
5616189725CMS6456505650 Heritage NYC Sale. 02/05/2014. Beautifully toned. QSL/SH CAC - 4/2014
56171897-O25CMS6513271327 Heritage Auction. 8/14/2015. Happy Birthday Marco. Upgrade to my PCGS 55. EHBH Beautiful Rim Toning.
56181897-S25CAU5519551955 Gail Watson - 8/22/13 Fully Prooflike. Cameo Contrast. ZLSHT
5619189825CAU586426864268 US Coins, TX. 4/28/2013 - CAC - EHQTY
56201898-O25CAU5825542554 David Kahn. 6/13. CAC. RPHQT
56211898-S25CAU5813371337 David Kahn. 9/23/14. One of the few AU 58's I have seen. CAC....Blazing luster. FESS
5622189925CMS6457475747Top: Left: NGC 65 - Americana Numismatics - 2/15 FHTHH Top: Right: PCGS 64 - after a judicious acetone dip to remove putty ( revealing a few facial marks ) Hence, the downgrade.
56231899-O25CAU5824962496FUN Sale - Heritage Auction - 01/2015 LFSW Images by Valente151
56241899-S25CAU5820402040 FUN - 01/2015 - Heritage Internet Auction. CAC Approved. PQSR Images by Valente151
5625190025CAU583522435224JJ Teaparty - Gail Watson - Type 2 - Wing Tip does not exceed Letter 6/23/2016 - ZSPT Off to CAC asap.
56261900-O25CAU5810761076eBay 11/06/2016. Secure Plus - AU 58. KSHM
56271900-S25CAU5848754875 Dave Kahn. 5/28/2014. CAC KHKT
5628190125CMS63+11081108 HA.com - 12-21-2015 KQST - Lovely Rose - and Aqua toning. PCGS 63+
56291901-O25CAU58540540 Heritage FUN auction. 01-06- 2016. Reverse is an AU 64. The Obverse is weak on a few stars, ZBZH.
5631190225CMS635813558135 Type Coin - eBay - 12/13/13 KPSX
56321902-O25CAU5818711871Gail at JJ Teaparty. 02/24/2016 Upgrade for my AU 55. SQPT
56331902-S25CAU5820792079 Walt Kennedy - 11/2013 - QHHTY - CAC
5634190325CAU582110321103 Scott Mezzetti . 09/2014 ZEST.
56351903-O25CAU552210522105David Kahn Rare Coins. 5/2013. CAC - Beautiful rose-amber toning. WKHKTY
56361903-S25CMS6316561656Heritage - FUN Internet Only auction. 01/2016 BBZT
5637190425CAU582615326153 US Coins - 07/2013 - PCGS 58 ZKK/ZQ
56381904-O25CAU5815631563Yankee Coin - Will Robins eBay - 03/07/2016 PCGS 58 - Warmly toned. PHER - XC
5639190525CAU582814728147Liz Coggan - Summer FUN - 7/2015. Ex: NGC 58. Crossed at PCGS 8/2015. CAC - 09/15. ZLLT
56401905-O25CAU5821712171 New serial number : 33422313 Reason - Old number was once in my all time finest set{s}and I couldn't register it. Originally from a TT auction. Subsequently sold at Heritage 8/11 auction - purchased by Vern Seeby - re- sold to Walt Kennedy - from whom I repurchased it. FHSH
56411905-S25CAU5813771377 Upgrade to my AU 53 - which I plan on selling off one of these days. This is technically an AU 58 - but it has a few too many abrasions to be considered a choice AU 58. Heritage Weekly Internet only auction - 10/4/2016 EFQY
5642190625CMS635015050150 Heritage - NYC Auction - 11/03/2013 Beautifully toned - candidate for CAC. SPK/BLX
56431906-D25CAU582413924139 John Thomas. 3/19/2014. PCGS AU 58. ZZRS - CAC
56441906-O25CAU581316813168 Tom Smith - 03/02/2016 PCGS 58 - LSHY - CAC
5645190725CMS628826388263EBay - May, 2015. Originally in an NGC 60 CAC Holder. I paid MS 62 Money for it, gladly. Really an attractive coin. KLHT
56461907-D25CAU581310313105 Ex: Don Willis Via: Gail & Liz JJ Teaparty 10/24/2015 KPPT
56471907-O25CMS6348904890 eBay - From the collection of: Jim Zeiner. Raw - sent to PCGS 9/30/2016. SSST. Around $100 in Grading fees and Shipping & Ins As Don Willis once said: If you want a coin in a PCGS holder, then, buy a coin in a PCGS holder. Fantastic toning.
56481907-S25CMS6511121112 HLRC - 2/25/2016 - PCGS 65 EPHHT -
5649190825CAU583726837268 HA.COM Sunday Internet Only Auction. CAC approved. Nice warm toning. ZQL/EH
56501908-D25CAU583722337223 eBay - 06/21/2016 PCGS 58 - Off to CAC FLPT
56511908-O25CAU582823628236 Great Collections - 6/2013 NKHSW
56521908-S25CAU5814661466 Ex: Don Willis Via: Gail & Liz JJ Teaparty 10/24/2015 FBPS CAC - 03/09/16 FPFZ/SH
5653190925CAU588249682496 John "JT" Thomas. EBay sale. 01/2014. AU 58. Lustrous coin, basically white. ZZS/ZS
56541909-D25CAU584824948249 eBay - 07/15 Upgrade to my AU 55. ZHH/SHM
56551909-O25CAU58351351 David Horwitz - 9-26-2015. Originally from a Heritage sale In December, 2008. At that time I was outbid - and owned an MS 64 as well as an AU 55 with a Gold CAC, so, I wasn't too disappointed. This was the 1st AU 58 graded by PCGS; and is by far the nicest 58 available. It's far superior to the other AU 58's. One of which is my old 55 Gold CAC. The most recent AU 58 to sell thru Heritage was pockmarked on the Obverse. The surfaces were stripped of all luster. Ask price when I bought it was LPHYHR - net QRHYHH.
56561909-S25CMS6331783178 Goldberg's Pre Long Beach Auction - 06/2015 Same coin as Heritages' 2012 Sale - where the coin sold for $50 over my max. Never thought I'd see it again. I bid exactly what I bid back in 2012 - adjusted for the extra 2 1/2 % surcharge - so, I paid exactly what it sold for at HA.com Surprised it never CAC'd. It's going back to CAC soon. ZESH
5657191025CAU582420024200David Kahn - FUN Show - 01/2015 - ZSHR. OGH & CAC. Images by Valente151
56581910-D25CAU5814991499 Great Collections - 2/2/2014 KZHRT- CAC
5659191125CAU585032350323 Dewey Bolton - ANA - Chicago - 8/2013 Thanks, "B" !!! ZSHRT PCGS 58 - CAC
56601911-D25CAU5816551655 PCGS AU 58. HA.COM - 12/15 BEHY
56611911-S25CAU581614716147 Central States. Heritage Auctions. 4/2014. Brilliant with light gold patina. CAC. Very lustrous. FHQHT.
5662191225CAU587347973479 Carter Numismatics - 05/2013 CAC - ZKL/SH
56631912-S25CAU582610026100 ANA Anaheim Heritage auction. 8/14/1016. Nice upgrade to my AU 55. QQST CAC - 09/07/2016
5664191325CAU581814118141 PCGS US COIN FORUM MEMBER: Leonard Rizzo 04/15/2016 - BZST - CAC
56651913-D25CAU582115921159Chris Dudzik. 5/2013. PCGS 58. 1st AU 58 to change hands in 5+ years. CAC. EBBW
5667191425CAU589155691556 Gail Watson - 8/21/2013 PCGS 58 - White and Lustrous -CAC. Net:ZES
56681914-D25CAU585935259353 Len Rizzo. 04/2014 Very attractive coin, a tad over graded. Should be a 55, IMHO. FPSTR
56691914-S25CAU5812631263 PCGS 58 - semi P/L. Heritage ANA Anaheim Sale. 8/10/2016 FQQS.
5670191525CAU587453174531 eBay - 08/13 - PCGS AU 58 - CAC Nice luster. Minimally abraded. FBZ/SH
56711915-D25CAU588669486694 Dave Kahn - 9/01/13 - ZESYR - CAC
56721915-S25CAU586216162161 Kevin Joyal. 2-10-15. EHQT Replacement for the one in my All Time Finest Set. ( which can no Longer be used in this set ). Images by Valente151
56731916 Barber25CAU586939669396 David Kahn. FUN Show. 01/2015. New Tri Prong Holder. CAC. ZFHR. It has the look of an MS 65+. Images by Valente151
56741916-D25CAU5821318762131881 John Thomas. 03/18/2014 AU 58 - OGH - FBS Nice upgrade to my 53.
Mike, congrats on getting the set completed and with an AU 55 01-S, no less.
Posted @ 5/12/2008 7:43 AM By PeterShireman
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