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20th Century Type Set, Major Types No Gold (1900-1999): phireman4


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ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Indian Cent (1900-1909)222919081CXF40BN833390732548
Lincoln Cent - Wheat reverse (1909-1958)26921940-S1CMS66RD241228414136324913
Lincoln Cent - Steel (1943)271119431CMS6653761687141876081
Lincoln Cent - Memorial, bronze (1959-1982)934641980-S1CPR69DC23532221345138
Lincoln Cent - Memorial, zinc (1982-1999)934911988-S1CPR69DC4107228827094549
Liberty Head Nickel (1900-1912)387319125CF123162543725468
Buffalo Nickel - Type 1: FIVE CENTS raised (1913)391519135CMS644056627962068492
Buffalo Nickel - Type 2: FIVE CENTS recessed (1913-1938)39841938-D5CMS6523947320096656758663
Jefferson Nickel - (1938-1999)942091976-S5CPR69DC9286551736057926
Jefferson Nickel - Type 2: Silver (1942-1945)40181943-P5CMS662190309331574330
Barber Dime (1900 -1916)4824190110CXF40547136322014
Mercury Dime (1916-1945)50321941-S10CMS64479254244169190940
Roosevelt Dime - Silver (1946-1999)5229195410CPR649415796997126367
Roosevelt Dime - Clad (1965-1999)952551976-S10CPR69DC715231912630015315
Barber Quarter (1900-1916)   25C 
Standing Liberty Quarter - Type 1 (1916-1917)   25C 
Standing Liberty Quarter - Type 2 (1917-1930)57761929-S25CVF205124357358813
Washington Quarter - Silver (1932-1998)5995196325CPR693964165651250
Washington Quarter - Clad (1965-1998)960301993-S25CPR70DC5640100320
Washington Quarter - Silver Bicentennial (1976)960081976-S25CPR69DC2092727221899272
Washington Quarter - Clad Bicentennial (1976)960071976-S25CPR69DC1778325117845252
Washington Quarter - State reverse, Silver (1999)  1999-S25C 
Washington Quarter - States reverse, Clad (1999)   25C 
Barber Half Dollar (1900-1915)   50C 
Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947)66221944-D50CMS6429496450123443189097
Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963)6701196050CPR66217718614943638045
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver Clad (1965-1970)868041968-S50CPR68CA30519357782462
Kennedy Half Dollar - Clad (1971-1999)968101974-S50CPR69DC93644917920013738
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver (1964, 1992-1999)67751998-S50CSP692256328402445082
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver Bicentennial (1976)968121976-S50CPR69DC2757521527891218
Kennedy Half Dollar - Clad Bicentennial (1976)968111976-S50CPR69DC19927951999596
Morgan Dollar (1900 -1921)72981921-D$1MS645888249318803563350
Peace Dollar - High Relief (1921-1922)   $1 
Peace Dollar (1922-1935)73571922$1MS636342456656215551263827
Eisenhower Dollar - Clad (1971-1978)974381978-S$1PR69DC205099070492212
Eisenhower Dollar - Silver (1971-1974)974281971-S$1PR69DC267467386780315
Eisenhower Dollar - Silver Bicentennial (1976)974361976-S$1PR69DC29055432919443
Eisenhower Dollar - Clad Bicentennial (1976)974341976-S$1PR69DC1460893438930
Susan B. Anthony Dollar (1979-1999)995901979-SSBA$1PR69DC5181428546994902