JJ Wolcin 7TF Set

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Rank 5
Weighted GPA 60.974
Complete 97.14%
Set Rating 55.831
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JJ Wolcin 7TF Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1340301878 7TF R78 VAM 30 Extra Talons$1MS6520PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1340311878 7TF R78 VAM 31 Lines Thru Leg$1MS6530PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
402331878 7TF R78 VAM 43 Doubled Legs$1MS64PL70PCGS purchase on ebay
1338301878 7TF R78 VAM 45 Dbl Talons$1MS6451ANACS MS64 purchase on H
1338311878 7TF R78 VAM 70 Doubled RIB$1MS6461ANACS MS64PL purchase on ebay
1339731878 7TF R78 VAM 79 Fill in 8s$1MS6520PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay (MS64 upgraded)
402411878 7TF R78 VAM 80 Weak LIB$1MS64PL30PCGS purchase on H
402431878 7TF R78 VAM 81 Polished Ear$1MS64PL10PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
402461878 7TF R78 VAM 82 Doubled Stars$1MS64DM30PCGS (unattrib) purchase on DonR
402471878 7TF R78 VAM 83 High 1$1MS65PL20PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1340441878 7TF R78 VAM 84 Line Under 8$1MS65101PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1338321878 7TF R78 VAM 100 Type1 Obv$1MS6552PCGS (unattrib) purchase on Heritage
1338341878 7TF R78 VAM 115 Trpl Blos$1AU5884trade with DH
402671878 7TF R78 VAM 116 Doubled P$1MS6430PCGS purchase on H
1338361878 7TF R78 VAM 117 Tripled Star$1MS6440NGC MS64 (unattrib) purchase on H
  1878 7TF R78 VAM 123 Spiked Eye$1 
1338351878 7TF R78 VAM 141 Tripled Star$1MS6540PCGS (unattrib) purchase on BM
1339741878 7TF R78 VAM 145 Broken N&M$1MS6431NGC MS64 purchase on ebay
1339751878 7TF R78 VAM 162 Broken N&M$1MS6350raw (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1340451878 7TF R78 VAM 166 Tripled Eye$1AU5052PCGS purchase on H
1340461878 7TF R78 VAM 168 Doubled P$1AU5840PCGS purchase on H
1339761878 7TF R78 VAM 169 Quad Stars$1MS62167ANACS MS62 purchase on ebay
1339771878 7TF R78 VAM 170 Doubled Date$1MS6143ANACS MS61 purchase on ebay
1338371878 7TF R78 VAM 171 Tripled R$1MS6410PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
1339781878 7TF R78 VAM 187 Doubled R$1MS6281PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
1340471878 7TF R78 VAM 188 Washed Out L$1MS6320NGC MS63 purchase on ebay
4125741878 7TF R78 VAM 189 Re-engraved Wing$1MS6210PCGS MS61 purchase from MF upgraded to MS62
1338331878 7TF R78 VAM 198 (formerly 199.1) Trpl Blos$1MS6230PCGS purchase on H
1338381878 7TF R79 VAM 203 Short Leaf$1MS65120PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1338391878 7TF R79 VAM 220 Tripled R$1MS6220ICG MS62 (unattrib) purchase on H
4125771878 7TF R79 VAM 222A Face Chips$1MS6221PCGS purchase on H
1338401878 7TF R79 VAM 223 Washed Out L$1MS63103PCGS purchase on ebay
4125801878 7TF R79 VAM 224 168 Reeds$1MS6385NGC MS63 (unattrib) purchase on ebay
4125831878 7TF R79 VAM 227-1 Slashed O$1AU5023raw purchase on ebay
4125861878 7TF R79 VAM 228B Slashed O$1AU5825ANACS AU58 purchase at Balt