The Wydeven Collection

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About this set: A father & son collection started in the 1970's...

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The Wydeven Collection
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Shield Nickel, Rays (1866-1867)379018665CAU5512813681792236
Shield Nickel, No Rays (1867-1883)381318835CMS622901354123115494
Liberty Head Nickel, No "CENTS" (1883)384118835CMS643379196637752600
Liberty Nickel (1883-1913)386419035CMS644653321656813692
Buffalo Nickel, Type 1 (1913)391519135CMS653511245847513271
Buffalo Nickel, Type 2 (1913-1938)398019375CMS663847425508005198
Jefferson Nickel (1938-2003)840321947-D5CMS65FS35921658544280661
Jefferson Nickel, Wartime (1942-1945)41801942-P5CPR65182919142058534419
Westward Journey Nickel (2004-2005)942422005-S5CPR69DC146551077559443731
Return to Monticello Nickel (2006-present)942462006-S5CPR69DC6813556342543846