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Rank 32
Weighted GPA 66.750
Complete 51.47%
Set Rating 24.495
%FB 51.43%
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ItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1946   10C 
1947   10C 
1948   10C 
1949   10C 
1950   10C 
1951   10C 
1952   10C 
1953   10C 
1954   10C 
1955   10C 
1956   10C 
1957   10C 
1958   10C 
1959   10C 
1960   10C 
1961   10C 
1962   10C 
1963   10C 
1964   10C 
196585130196510CMS64FB951Thanks Mr. Anonymous
196685131196610CMS65FB784Thanks Mr. Anonymous
196785132196710CMS65FB1237Thanks Mr. Anonymous
196885133196810CMS65FB2150Thanks Mr. Anonymous
197051381970-D10CMS6612334Thanks Mr. Anonymous
1971851401971-D10CMS65FB2225Thanks Mr. Anonymous
1972851421972-D10CMS66FB183Thanks Mr. Anonymous
1973851441973-D10CMS66FB5911Thanks Mr. Anonymous
1974851461974-D10CMS65FB1310Thanks Mr. Anonymous
197585147197510CMS65FB1219Thanks Mr. Anonymous
19765149197610CMS6611015Thank you Dan50
197751521977-D10CMS6611117Thank you Dan50
197851541978-D10CMS666651Thank you Dan50
197951561979-D10CMS6537131Thanks Mr. Anonymous
198051581980-D10CMS668819Thank you Dan50
1981851601981-D10CMS67FB29616Thank you Dan50
1982851611982-P10CMS65FB3151Thanks Mr. Anonymous
198351651983-D10CMS667714Thank you Dan50
1984   10C 
198551691985-D10CMS66100157Thanks Paul
198651701986-P10CMS666050Thank you Dan50
1987851721987-P10CMS66FB63Thank you Mr. Nick Cascio
1988851741988-P10CMS66FB1833Thank you Dan50
1989   10C 
1991   10C 
199351851993-D10CMS652451Thanks Mr. Anonymous
1994851871994-D10CMS64FB722Thanks Dad
1996851891996-W10CMS67FB729182Thank you Dan50
199751931997-P10CMS662456Thank You Paul
1998   10C 
2000   10C 
200252032002-P10CMS681951Thanks Paul
2003   10C 
2004852092004-P10CMS67FB4722Thank you Paul
2005   10C 
2006   10C 
20071493552007-D10CMS65FB668Thanks Paul
2008   10C 
2009   10C 
2010   10C 
2011   10C 
2012   10C 
2013   10C 
2014   10C 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.