JE - Presidential Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes and Satin Finish

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About this set: Easy (16) coins per year, Business Strikes and Satin Finish, BUT no A & B Varieties or Errors. Very attainable set.

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JE - Presidential Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes and Satin Finish
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1502112007-P George Washington$1MS67130
3905462007-P George Washington, Satin Finish$1SP69200
1502152007-D George Washington$1MS67160
3905482007-D George Washington, Satin Finish$1SP691090
1481072007-P John Adams$1MS6740
3905502007-P John Adams, Satin Finish$1SP69300
1481082007-D John Adams$1MS67100
3905522007-D John Adams, Satin Finish$1SP691200
1481092007-P Thomas Jefferson$1MS674700
3905552007-P Thomas Jefferson, Satin Finish$1SP69440
1481102007-D Thomas Jefferson$1MS679170
3905562007-D Thomas Jefferson, Satin Finish$1SP691110
1481112007-P James Madison$1MS67420
3905582007-P James Madison, Satin Finish$1SP69520
1481122007-D James Madison$1MS671590
3905602007-D James Madison, Satin Finish$1SP69730
3946512008-P James Monroe$1MS6890
3946542008-P James Monroe, Satin Finish$1SP69300
3946572008-D James Monroe$1MS6870
3946592008-D James Monroe, Satin Finish$1SP69250
3946672008-P John Quincy Adams$1MS67820
3946712008-P John Quincy Adams, Satin Finish$1SP69390
3946682008-D John Quincy Adams$1MS67360
3946722008-D John Quincy Adams, Satin Finish$1SP69360
3948582008-P Andrew Jackson$1MS67290
3948642008-P Andrew Jackson, Satin Finish$1SP69360
3948592008-D Andrew Jackson$1MS66831
3948632008-D Andrew Jackson, Satin Finish$1SP69520
3948702008-P Martin Van Buren$1MS67500
3948772008-P Martin Van Buren, Satin Finish$1SP69250
3948712008-D Martin Van Buren$1MS6790
3948762008-D Martin Van Buren, Satin Finish$1SP69260
4073772009-P William Henry Harrison$1MS671932
4073792009-P William Henry Harrison, Satin Finish$1SP6830312
4073782009-D William Henry Harrison$1MS6770
4073822009-D William Henry Harrison, Satin Finish$1SP69210
4073872009-P John Tyler$1MS661715
4073912009-P John Tyler, Satin Finish$1SP6833520
4073882009-D John Tyler $1MS661300
4073922009-D John Tyler, Satin Finish$1SP6829210
4097172009-P James K. Polk$1MS67780
4097192009-P James K. Polk, Satin Finish$1SP683529
4097162009-D James K. Polk$1MS664370
4097202009-D James K. Polk, Satin Finish$1SP6835110
4097272009-P Zachary Taylor$1MS665440
4097322009-P Zachary Taylor, Satin Finish$1SP683708
4097282009-D Zachary Taylor $1MS664100
4097332009-D Zachary Taylor, Satin Finish$1SP6841819
4178632010-P Millard Fillmore$1MS662980
4172682010-P Millard Fillmore, Satin Finish$1SP682072
4178642010-D Millard Fillmore$1MS661990
4172692010-D Millard Fillmore, Satin Finish$1SP683082
4178672010-P Franklin Pierce$1MS663340
4172722010-P Franklin Pierce, Satin Finish$1SP682362
4178682010-D Franklin Pierce$1MS662170
4172732010-D Franklin Pierce, Satin Finish$1SP683122
4178732010-P James Buchanan$1MS67220
4172762010-P James Buchanan, Satin Finish$1SP682763
4178722010-D James Buchanan$1MS661740
4172772010-D James Buchanan, Satin Finish$1SP682937
4178752010-P Abraham Lincoln$1MS6636112
4172802010-P Abraham Lincoln, Satin Finish$1SP682945
4178762010-D Abraham Lincoln$1MS663571
4172812010-D Abraham Lincoln, Satin Finish$1SP684615
5065062011-P Andrew Johnson$1MS671875
5065082011-D Andrew Johnson$1MS671307
5065162011-P Ulysses S. Grant$1MS672037
5065172011-D Ulysses S. Grant$1MS671677
5065252011-P Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS6721116
5065262011-D Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS6717613
5065332011-P James Garfield$1MS671735
5065342011-D James Garfield$1MS671378
5120512012-P Chester Arthur$1MS6722512
5120522012-D Chester Arthur$1MS6710911
5120842012-P Grover Cleveland 22nd $1MS671475
5120622012-D Grover Cleveland 22nd$1MS671356
5120672012-P Benjamin Harrison$1MS671938
5120682012-D Benjamin Harrison$1MS671007
5120762012-P Grover Cleveland 24th$1MS6720413
5120772012-D Grover Cleveland 24th$1MS671166
5176912013-P Theodore Roosevelt$1MS6712517
5176922013-D Theodore Roosevelt$1MS671267
5176872013-P William Howard Taft$1MS6711513
5176882013-D William Howard Taft$1MS671376
5176952013-P William McKinley$1MS6712010
5176962013-D William McKinley$1MS671134
5176832013-P Woodrow Wilson$1MS6719614
5176842013-D Woodrow Wilson$1MS671479
5260772014-P $1 Warren G. Harding$1MS67420
5260782014-D $1 Warren G. Harding$1MS67712
5262932014-P $1 Calvin Coolidge$1MS67441
5262952014-D $1 Calvin Coolidge$1MS67795
5263032014-P $1 Herbert Hoover $1MS67360
5263052014-D $1 Herbert Hoover$1MS67770
5262992014-P $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt$1MS67440
5263012014-D $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt$1MS67670