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Sonoran Monsoon
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95842000-PSAC$1MS6856645664A couple of minor dings on the obverse, problem free reverse.
995842000-P Goodacre SAC$1SP6875131751315000 of these specially minted coins were presented to Goodacre, the artist...
1478832000-P Wounded Eagle FS-901SAC$1MS67161161The wounded eagle, also known as the speared eagle, has a die gouge that go...
1472312000-P Cheerios Dollar FS-902SAC$1MS68240310General Mills added this Sacagawea dollar in some of their Cheerios boxes. ...
95852000-DSAC$1MS692020Provenance: Mitch Spivack
995852000-D MillenniumSAC$1MS6811921192Millenium Set. Purchased from James Sego.
150002001-PSAC$1MS69250250Very frosty luster. Strong strike. Mark free.
150012001-DSAC$1MS68970970No visible marks. Strong strike. Frosty luster.
150022002-PSAC$1MS69200200Surfaces completely mark free.
150032002-DSAC$1MS6811001100Practically flawless surfaces. Frosty luster. Strong strike.
150152003-P SAC$1MS69240240Business Strike. Frosty luster. Virtually no marks. Strong strike.
150162003-DSAC$1MS68410410Business strike.
150182004-PSAC$1MS69240240Deep frosty luster. No visible marks. Very deep strike. Provenance: Gabrial...
150192004-DSAC$1MS6847094709Frosty Luster, Strong strike, no marks worth noting.
150202005-PSAC$1MS673661236612Business strike.
9150202005-P Satin FinishSAC$1SP6984548454Satin Finish.
150212005-DSAC$1MS6723442344Business strike.
9150212005-D Satin FinishSAC$1SP6914401440Satin Finish.
150222006-PSAC$1MS674151541515Business strike.
9150222006-P Satin FinishSAC$1SP6937403740Satin Finish.
150232006-DSAC$1MS6722742274Business strike.
9150232006-D Satin FinishSAC$1SP6915601560Satin Finish.
1495622007-PSAC$1MS6816601660Business strike.
1495632007-P Satin FinishSAC$1SP6932603260Satin Finish.
1495642007-DSAC$1MS6729402940Business strike.
1495652007-D Satin FinishSAC$1SP6935203520Satin Finish.
3949432008-PSAC$1MS68410410Business strike.
3949442008-P Satin FinishSAC$1SP6911801180Satin Finish.
3949452008-DSAC$1MS685050Business strike.
3949462008-D Satin FinishSAC$1SP69840840Satin Finish.
4069352009-P Native American - Position A$1MS684040Business strike. Position A.
4069392009-P Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP683442634426Satin Finish. Position A.
4069362009-P Native American - Position B$1MS68110110Business Strike. Position B.
4069402009-P Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP683813638136Satin Finish. Position B.
4069372009-D Native American - Position A$1MS6712601260Business strike. Position A.
4069412009-D Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP683661536615Satin Finish. Position A.
4069382009-D Native American - Position B$1MS6710801080Business strike. Position B.
4069422009-D Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP683752137521Satin Finish.
4162322010-P Native American - Position A$1MS6713701390Business strike. Position A. A couple of light marks. Strong strike. Fr...
4162392010-P Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6824242424Satin Finish. Position A.
4162342010-P Native American - Position B$1MS6713801400Business strike. Position B. Stong strike. A couple of light rim nicks. ...
4162412010-P Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP697070Satin finish. Position B. Origionally submitted to PCGS by Tazmic Enterpr...
4162332010-D Native American - Position A$1MS67160160Business Strike. Position A.
4162402010-D Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6825212521Satin Finish. Position A.
4162352010-D Native American - Position B$1MS67140140Business strike. Position B.
4162422010-D Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6818831883Satin Finish. Position B.
5052012011-P Native American - Position A$1MS68150150Business strike. Position A. Origionally submitted to PCGS by Tazmic Ente...
5052032011-P Native American - Position B$1MS68130130Business strike. Position B. Bunting label.
5052022011-D Native American - Position A$1MS68110110Business strike. Position A. Bunting label.
5052042011-D Native American - Position B$1MS68120120Position B.
5124632012-P Native American - Position A$1MS684040Position A.
5124652012-P Native American - Position B$1MS67943953Position B. Bunting label.
5124642012-D Native American - Position A$1MS68320320Position A.
5124662012-D Native American - Position B$1MS68280280Position B.
5181062013-P Native American - Position A$1MS68190210Position A.
5181082013-P Native American - Position B$1MS68160160Position B.
5181072013-D Native American - Position A$1MS68200200Position A.
5181092013-D Native American - Position B$1MS68150150Position B.
5270602014-P Native American - Position A$1MS685060
5283682014-P Native American - Position B$1MS6730751
5270622014-D Native American - Position A$1MS671161211612Position A
5357882014-D Native American - Position A, Enhanced Finish$1MS6984539143
5270632014-D Native American - Position B$1MS68121121
5357892014-D Native American - Position B, Enhanced Finish$1MS6979118552