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Presidential Dollars Basic Set, Satin Finish (2007-2010): carseymd


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Rank 15
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 68.000
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 68.000
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PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
3905462007-P George Washington, Satin Finish$1SP6863120117338
3905482007-D George Washington, Satin Finish$1SP687861091539211
3905502007-P John Adams, Satin Finish$1SP6861130112668
3905522007-D John Adams, Satin Finish$1SP687711201556243
3905542007-P Thomas Jefferson, Satin Finish$1SP68739561422100
3905572007-D Thomas Jefferson, Satin Finish$1SP687981261616237
3905582007-P James Madison, Satin Finish$1SP6867952127591
3905602007-D James Madison, Satin Finish$1SP68847731694145
3946502008-P James Monroe, Satin Finish$1SP6867426138956
3946592008-D James Monroe, Satin Finish$1SP6871325139647
3946692008-P John Quincy Adams, Satin Finish$1SP6876637151176
3946702008-D John Quincy Adams, Satin Finish$1SP6874235151171
3948622008-P Andrew Jackson, Satin Finish$1SP6871629136566
3948632008-D Andrew Jackson, Satin Finish$1SP6876352152392
3948752008-P Martin Van Buren, Satin Finish$1SP6867714139339
3948762008-D Martin Van Buren, Satin Finish$1SP6878426149841
4073792009-P William Henry Harrison, Satin Finish$1SP683031261632
4073802009-D William Henry Harrison, Satin Finish$1SP684662088441
4073912009-P John Tyler, Satin Finish$1SP683352062236
4073922009-D John Tyler, Satin Finish$1SP682921059014
4097192009-P James K. Polk, Satin Finish$1SP68352966016
4097202009-D James K. Polk, Satin Finish$1SP683511074227
4097322009-P Zachary Taylor, Satin Finish$1SP68370874527
4097332009-D Zachary Taylor, Satin Finish$1SP684181982239
4172682010-P Millard Fillmore, Satin Finish$1SP6820724713
4172692010-D Millard Fillmore, Satin Finish$1SP6830826005
4172722010-P Franklin Pierce, Satin Finish$1SP6823725196
4172732010-D Franklin Pierce, Satin Finish$1SP6831226114
4172762010-P James Buchanan, Satin Finish$1SP6827635588
4172772010-D James Buchanan, Satin Finish$1SP68294758413
4172802010-P Abraham Lincoln, Satin Finish$1SP68294564412
4172812010-D Abraham Lincoln, Satin Finish$1SP6846258859