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Presidential Dollars with First StrikesTM, Proof (2007-2016): JE - Presidential Dollars with First Strikes, Proof

JE - Presidential Dollars with First Strikes, Proof

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About this set: We can be thankful that this set did not get the A & B varieties that the circulated coins received. For now we just have a First Day and a Presidential Labeled coin per President. Looks like only (8) Coins per year for now.

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JE - Presidential Dollars with First Strikes, Proof
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
1480602007-S George Washington First Strike$1PR70DC27002700First Strike
1502312007-S George Washington$1PR70DC66008410Blue Label
1480612007-S John Adams First Strike$1PR70DC18901890First Strike
1502322007-S John Adams$1PR70DC57407610Blue Label - My Submission
1480622007-S Thomas Jefferson First Strike$1PR70DC30303030First Strike
1502342007-S Thomas Jefferson$1PR70DC70709040Blue Label - My Submission
1480632007-S James Madison First Strike$1PR70DC25202520First Strike
1502352007-S James Madison$1PR70DC64608350Blue Label
3948802008-S James Monroe First Strike$1PR70DC17301730First Strike - My Submission
3948792008-S James Monroe$1PR70DC49706850Blue Label
3948822008-S John Quincy Adams First Strike$1PR70DC25802580First Strike - My Submission
3948812008-S John Quincy Adams$1PR70DC60008360Blue Label
3948842008-S Andrew Jackson First Strike$1PR70DC13101310First Strike - My Submission
3948832008-S Andrew Jackson$1PR70DC48206830Blue Label
3948862008-S Martin Van Buren First Strike$1PR70DC18001800First Strike - My Submission
3948852008-S Martin Van Buren$1PR70DC52907800Blue Label
4073952009-S William Henry Harrison$1PR70DC54607310
4073962009-S William Henry Harrison First Strike$1PR70DC11801180First Strike - My Submission
4086142009-S John Tyler$1PR70DC13605380
4073982009-S John Tyler First Strike$1PR70DC940940First Strike - My Submission
4086152009-S James Knox Polk$1PR70DC17906800
4074002009-S James Knox Polk First Strike$1PR70DC11601160First Strike - My Submission
4086162009-S Zachary Taylor$1PR70DC24408630
4074022009-S Zachary Taylor First Strike$1PR70DC16101610First Strike - My Submission
4172612010-S Millard Fillmore First Strike$1PR70DC18201820
4178792010-S Millard Fillmore$1PR70DC13605490
4172632010-S Franklin Pierce First Strike$1PR70DC22702270
4178802010-S Franklin Pierce$1PR70DC17205930
4172652010-S James Buchanan First Strike$1PR70DC19301930
4178812010-S James Buchanan$1PR70DC13304930
4172672010-S Abraham Lincoln First Strike$1PR70DC17401740
4178822010-S Abraham Lincoln$1PR70DC13304960
5052122011-S Andrew Johnson First Strike$1PR70DC28802880
5059852011-S Andrew Johnson$1PR70DC17306460
5052142011-S Ulysses S. Grant First Strike$1PR70DC26802680
5059862011-S Ulysses S. Grant$1PR70DC12304820
5052172011-S Rutherford B. Hayes First Strike$1PR70DC27102710
5059872011-S Rutherford B. Hayes$1PR70DC12705150
5052192011-S James Garfield First Strike$1PR70DC26302630
5059882011-S James Garfield$1PR70DC15005220
5124302012-S Chester Arthur First Strike$1PR70DC960960
5128792012-S Chester Arthur$1PR70DC8503050
5124312012-S Grover Cleveland 22nd First Strike$1PR70DC850850
5128802012-S Grover Cleveland 22nd$1PR70DC7903120
5124332012-S Benjamin Harrison First Strike$1PR70DC850850
5128812012-S Benjamin Harrison$1PR70DC7602760
5124322012-S Grover Cleveland 24th First Strike$1PR70DC12401240
5128822012-S Grover Cleveland 24th$1PR70DC8302940
5173382013-S Theodore Roosevelt First Strike$1PR70DC19301930
5176342013-S Theodore Roosevelt$1PR70DC6704530
5173402013-S William McKinley First Strike$1PR70DC18101810
5176352013-S William McKinley$1PR70DC4803630
5173422013-S William H. Taft First Strike$1PR70DC24802480
5176362013-S William H. Taft$1PR70DC4203560
5173442013-S Woodrow Wilson First Strike$1PR70DC19901990
5176372013-S Woodrow Wilson$1PR70DC5603910
5263142014-S Warren G. Harding First Strike$1PR70DC21202120
5263182014-S Warren G. Harding$1PR70DC8704440
5263132014-S Calvin Coolidge First Strike$1PR70DC19801980
5263172014-S Calvin Coolidge$1PR70DC8904460
5263122014-S Herbert Hoover First Strike$1PR70DC18501850
5263162014-S Herbert Hoover$1PR70DC10504390
5263112014-S Franklin D. Roosevelt First Strike$1PR70DC16601660
5263152014-S Franklin D. Roosevelt$1PR70DC10004850
5451762015-P Harry S. Truman First Strike$1PR6914691031469103
  2015-P Harry S. Truman$1 
5395832015-S Harry S. Truman First Strike$1PR70DC1166011660
5416022015-S Harry S. Truman$1PR70DC5203910
5461612015-P Dwight D. Eisenhower First Strike$1PR69116157116157
  2015-P Dwight D. Eisenhower$1 
5413022015-S Dwight D. Eisenhower First Strike$1PR70DC1197011970
5416052015-S Dwight D. Eisenhower$1PR70DC7104650
5684422015-P John F. Kennedy First Strike$1PR6919261731926173
5684412015-P John F. Kennedy$1 
5413042015-S John F. Kennedy First Strike$1PR70DC1237012370
5416062015-S John F. Kennedy$1PR70DC6104820
5704022015-P Lyndon B. Johnson First Strike$1PR69135520135520
5936342015-P Lyndon B. Johnson$1 
5413062015-S Lyndon B. Johnson First Strike$1PR70DC1239012390
5416072015-S Lyndon B. Johnson$1PR70DC5404450
  2016-S Richard Nixon First Strike$1 
  2016-S Richard Nixon$1 
  2016-S Gerald Ford First Strike$1 
  2016-S Gerald Ford$1 
  2016-S Ronald Reagan First Strike$1 
  2016-S Ronald Reagan$1