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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
3905462007-P George Washington, Satin Finish$1SP6863120
3905482007-D George Washington, Satin Finish$1SP68786109
3905502007-P John Adams, Satin Finish$1SP6861130
3905532007-D John Adams, Satin Finish$1SP691230TOP POP 119 @ 9-2010
3905552007-P Thomas Jefferson, Satin Finish$1SP6866344
3905572007-D Thomas Jefferson, Satin Finish$1SP691260pop 125 @ 9-2010 part of set
3905592007-P James Madison, Satin Finish$1SP6859639
3905612007-D James Madison, Satin Finish$1SP69720POP IS 69 @ 9-2010
3946502008-P James Monroe, Satin Finish$1SP69260TOP POP 24 @ 9-2010 PART OF SET
3946592008-D James Monroe, Satin Finish$1SP6871325COIN DIVA
3946712008-P John Quincy Adams, Satin Finish$1SP69390top pop @ 2-2009
3946722008-D John Quincy Adams, Satin Finish$1SP69360
3948622008-P Andrew Jackson, Satin Finish$1SP6871629
3948632008-D Andrew Jackson, Satin Finish$1SP69520
3948752008-P Martin Van Buren, Satin Finish$1SP6867714set
3948762008-D Martin Van Buren, Satin Finish$1SP6878426
4073792009-P William Henry Harrison, Satin Finish$1SP6830312
4073802009-D William Henry Harrison, Satin Finish$1SP6846620
4073912009-P John Tyler, Satin Finish$1SP6833520
4073922009-D John Tyler, Satin Finish$1SP6829210
4097192009-P James K. Polk, Satin Finish$1SP683529
4097202009-D James K. Polk, Satin Finish$1SP6835110
4097322009-P Zachary Taylor, Satin Finish$1SP683708
4097332009-D Zachary Taylor, Satin Finish$1SP6841819
4172702010-P Millard Fillmore, Satin Finish$1SP682641
4172712010-D Millard Fillmore, Satin Finish$1SP682923
4172742010-P Franklin Pierce, Satin Finish$1SP682824
4172752010-D Franklin Pierce, Satin Finish$1SP682982
4172762010-P James Buchanan, Satin Finish$1SP682763
4172792010-D James Buchanan, Satin Finish$1SP682906
4172802010-P Abraham Lincoln, Satin Finish$1SP682945
4172832010-D Abraham Lincoln, Satin Finish$1SP684234