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6651194850CMS6466933244643253old rattler holder with mint set tone
66521948-D50CMS6486024156872344old rattler holder and FBL although not designated on the holder as this va...
6653194950CMS65180181259279rattler holder with mottled mint set tone. This coin is full bell lines (FB...
66551949-S50CMS642082195625312723old rattler holder
6658195150CMS64153091926721750old green holder
6661195250CMS64134350835402003old rattler holder
66631952-S50CMS641678212820282439old green holder with mint set tone
66651953-D50CMS6491917444861438old rattler holder
66661953-S50CMS6552738005296802old rattler holder and worthy of the grade!
866681954-D50CMS64FL4886198866892446old green holder
66691954-S50CMS6545243195449440old rattler holder with mint set tone
86670195550CMS64FL54051645105183089current holder
6671195650CMS6661415134452old green holder with mint set tone
6672195750CMS65200187026781345old rattler holder with mint set tone
6674195850CMS652949166734382027not a rattler
66751958-D50CMS66409301197120old rattler holder with deep set mint set tone
6676195950CMS6591340185398rattler holder
66851963-D50CMS6491681621135192647old rattler holder with mint set tone on obverse