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20th Century Type Set, Major Types No Gold, Circulation Strikes (1900-1999): Sto's Type Set

Sto's Type Set

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Sto's Type Set
ItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Indian Cent (1900-1909)223019081CMS63RB233816514018508
Lincoln Cent - Wheat reverse (1909-1958)28371956-D1CMS64BN174173984326706
Lincoln Cent - Steel (1943)271119431CMS6653841696142756093
Lincoln Cent - Memorial, bronze (1959-1982)28871963-D1CMS64RD7939801532044467
Lincoln Cent - Memorial, zinc (1982-1999)31301995-D1CMS66RD1503591200421412
Liberty Head Nickel (1900-1912)386819075CAU553990235516079
Buffalo Nickel - Type 1: FIVE CENTS raised (1913)39171913-S5CMS635161421242714448
Buffalo Nickel - Type 2: FIVE CENTS recessed (1913-1938)39841938-D5CMS6433625630941491121385
Jefferson Nickel - (1938-1999)404119505CMS655062015160139283
Jefferson Nickel - Type 2: Silver (1942-1945)840201943-D5CMS65FS209734051983336132
Barber Dime (1900 -1916)4860191210CAU55521056112015493
Mercury Dime (1916-1945)50311941-D10CMS66FB22507157518720266
Roosevelt Dime - Silver (1946-1964)850831946-D10CMS66FB7891235878410063
Roosevelt Dime - Clad (1965-1999)51501976-D10CMS6423224256126446
Barber Quarter (1900-1916)5670191525CXF40867842315868
Standing Liberty Quarter - Type 1 (1916-1917)   25C 
Standing Liberty Quarter - Type 2 (1917-1930)5734192025CVF3529206676357227
Washington Quarter - Silver (1932-1964)58261944-S25CMS66907183522298852
Washington Quarter - Clad (1965-1998)59331992-D25CMS6472171353221651
Washington Quarter - Silver Bicentennial (1976)58981976-S25CMS6730787993078799
Washington Quarter - Clad Bicentennial (1976)5896197625CMS641105972511387
Washington Quarter - States reverse (1999)59451999-D25CMS654361187418513277
Barber Half Dollar (1900-1915)   50C 
Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947)6614194250CMS64667910609118148174609
Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963)866731957-D50CMS64FL5581270719248495830
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver (1964)6706196450CMS652647152139762333
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver Clad (1965-1970)6710196750CMS6443584745669484
Kennedy Half Dollar - Clad (1971-1999)67321977-D50CMS6583158630119642
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver Bicentennial (1976)67281976-S50CMS661664305316643053
Kennedy Half Dollar - Clad Bicentennial (1976)67271976-D50CMS65395293560397
Morgan Dollar (1900 -1921)72661900-O$1MS6418899848918919063910
Peace Dollar - High Relief (1921-1922)73561921$1 
Peace Dollar (1922-1935)73631924$1MS6414647468920581458983
Eisenhower Dollar - Clad (1971-1978)74131973-D$1MS651526375203625664
Eisenhower Dollar - Silver (1971-1974)74141973-S$1MS674116951165793977
Eisenhower Dollar - Silver Bicentennial (1976)74221976-S$1MS6751917825191782
Eisenhower Dollar - Clad Bicentennial (1976)74191976$1MS65219953066641845
Susan B. Anthony Dollar (1979-1999)95811999-PSBA$1MS65318131764099971