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Half Dollar Type Set (1794-present): Lorikeet Half Type

Lorikeet Half Type

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Lorikeet Half Type
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Flowing Hair Half Dollar (1794-1795)   50C 
Draped Bust Half Dollar, Sm Eagle (1796-1797)   50C 
Draped Bust Half Dollar, Lg Eagle (1801-1807)6079180750CVF251428237133545
Capped Bust Half Dollar, Let Edge (1807-1836)6143182650CAU531991004457720260
Capped Bust Half Dollar, "50 CENTS" (1836-1837)6176183750CAU531239311481029
Capped Bust Half Dollar, "HALF DOL." (1838-1839)6177183850CAU501427082461146
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, No Drap (1839)6230183950CVF353019330195
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, No Motto (1839-1866)572063184850CAU53109276500
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Arr & Ray (1853)6275185350CAU55130508151560CAC
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, NM, Arr (1854-1855)62801854-O50CAU5596307264898
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Motto (1866-1891)   50C 
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Motto, Arr (1873-1874)6343187350CAU5320200611102
Barber Half Dollar (1892-1915)6524191250CMS638913041019582
Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947)6624194550CMS6325121624442812316110
Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963)866771959-D50CMS64FL56632214209945203312
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver (1964, 1992-Present)67751998-S50CSP69225933011211144425
Kennedy Half Dollar - Accented Hair (1964)  196450C 
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver Clad (1965-1970)67131970-D50CMS66533301011417509
Kennedy Half Dollar - Clad (1971-Present)67591991-P50CMS6754218063278968
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver Bicentennial (1976)67281976-S50CMS68413198128625
Kennedy Half Dollar - Clad Bicentennial (1976)67271976-D50CMS6540629563522042
Kennedy Half Dollar - Gold 50th Anniversary (2014)   2014-W50C