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About this set: This set is now complete. Please see my comments included with my Lincoln Cents with Varieties, Proof (1909-Present)Set Registry. Steve

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SJ Cohen Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
33011909 VDB1CPR61RB180Heritage auction(CSNS)in 2002
33041909 Lincoln1CPR64RB109138Dart Coin Middletown(NY) in 1993
330719101CPR65RB5732New World Rarities(NY) in 1992
331019111CPR64RB10287J.Beymer at Balt ANA in 1993
331319121CPR64RB11564J.Beymer at Balt ANA in 1993
331719131CPR64RD5784New World Rarities(NY) in 1991
331919141CPR64RB8595Jack Beymer(CA) in 1992
332219151CPR63RB18134Excelsior Coin at Balt.ANA in 1993
332519161CPR64RB5073New World Rarities(NY) in 1991
33321936 Satin1CPR64RD8387Teletrade auction in 2003
33351936 Brilliant1CPR64RD431221Sol Taylor(SLCC)in 1990 raw
333719371CPR64RB13830B.Cornell(MA)1988 Iridescent raw
334119381CPR65RD572303Holmes Coins (CT) in 1988 raw
334419391CPR65RD670335WT Mundy(GA) in 2013
334719401CPR65RD619242Angel Dees(VA)in 2012
335019411CPR65RD518122Angel Dees(VA)in 2012
335319421CPR65RD501109Angel Dees (VA) in 2013
335919501CPR66RD31443Bob Dodson (Watersport)(SC) in 2009
336219511CPR65RD454505R&I Coins(CA)in 2013 Rick Tomaska
336519521CPR65RD438587Commemmoratives Int.(NY)in 2012
336819531CPR67RD26723Bob Dodson(Watersport)(CA) in 2013
337119541CPR66RD460309Mike Zambino(EBAY) in 2002
337419551CPR65RD2851021AGG-WIL Coins(CT) in 1988 raw
337719561CPR67RD37241Heritage Auction(TX)in 2008
338019571CPR66RD620433Heritage Auction(TX)in 2008
338319581CPR66RD453497Heritage Auction(TX)in 2008