Geonumis's Set

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About this set: Actually this collector stopped collecting with the 1970-S proofs, but has decided to complete the Jeffersons up to the latest coins. This will give him new items to look for at shows and auctions. He is looking forward to finding a top quality, well matched set.

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Geonumis's Set
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
841971965 SMS5CSP66CA251101originally purchased from Val Webb in the mid 1980s
841981966 SMS5CSP66CA224161found in a set at a Hot Springs Coin Show
41991967 SMS5CSP673307Mark free surfaces and right on the edge of a cameo designation.
942001968-S5CPR68DC494173great contrast and super deep fields
942011969-S5CPR67DC175456black and white across the room contrast
942021970-S5CPR68DC30668Rick Tomaska, ebay auction coin, nice as you would expect
842051972-S5CPR67CA113175BLACK AND WHITE!!! looks perfect next to the DCAMs of this set.
942071974-S5CPR68DC1024795the first addition to my post 1970 coins
942111978-S5CPR69DC6590124Ebay auction coin, nice black and white contrast!
942151981-S 5CPR68DC2057675A nice addition to my post 70 coins!
942201985-S5CPR69DC392264Ebay auction coin, frosty black and white!
942211986-S5CPR69DC463447Ebay auction coin, frosty black and white!
942221987-S5CPR69DC410146Ebay auction coin, another black and white pick up from old mint!
942251990-S5CPR69DC4017216Ebay auction coin, a bargain for a coin of this quality, B&W!!!
942321996-S5CPR69DC5174395Ebay auction coin, frosty black and white, earlier green slip holder.
  2004-S Peace Medal5C 
  2004-S Keel Boat5C 
  2005-S Bison5C 
942432005-S Western Waters5C 
  2006-S Return to Monticello5C 
  2007-S 5C