The Cumberland Valley Collection

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The Cumberland Valley Collection
ItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
Liberty Cap Left Half Cent (1793)100017931/2CVF20BN33214Cohen 4.Purchased at the 1994 ANA.
Liberty Cap Right Half Cent (1794-1797)103617971/2CVF35BN723Cohen 2. Reverse die crack from rim below 2 in 1/200 through tops of UN in ...
Draped Bust Half Cent (1800-1808)106918041/2CXF45BN40130Cohen 9.Purchased at the 1989 CSNS show.
Classic Head Half Cent (1809-1836)114718281/2CAU58BN129289Cohen 3. Thirteen stars. Well struck with tiny traces of faded mint red. Al...
Braided Hair Half Cent (1840-1857)122418511/2CAU58BN105252Cohen 1.Part on a third 1 can be seen to the right of the last 1 in date. P...