Sam's Modern Gold Proof Comm's

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Weighted GPA 71.000
Complete 97.14%
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Sam's Modern Gold Proof Comm's
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96141984-P Olympic G$10$10PR70DC400400
96151984-D Olympic G$10$10PR70DC470470
96161984-S Olympic G$10$10PR70DC12401240
96171984-W Olympic G$10$10PR70DC21802180
96231986-W Statue of Liberty G$5$5PR70DC61406140
96271987-W Constitution G$5$5PR70DC1874018740
96311988-W Olympic G$5$5PR70DC44004400
96371989-W Congress G$5$5PR70DC52305230
96471991-W Mount Rushmore G$5$5PR70DC37303730
96671992-W Columbus G$5$5PR70DC36203620
99261992-W Olympic G$5$5PR70DC29502950
96731993-W Madison G$5$5PR70DC24902490
96791991-95-W World War II G$5$5PR70DC18101810
96851994-W World Cup G$5$5PR70DC10801080
97331995-W Torch G$5$5PR70DC15701570
97351995-W Stadium G$5$5PR70DC16801680
97031995-W Civil War G$5$5PR70DC15601560
97371996-W Flag G$5$5PR70DC13301330
97391996-W Cauldron G$5$5PR70DC11801180
97451996-W Smithsonian G$5$5PR70DC700700
97491997-W Franklin D. Roosevelt G$5$5PR70DC16401640
97601997-W Jackie Robinson G$5$5PR70DC15701570
997771999-W Washington G$5$5PR70DC16901690
997842000-W Library G$10$10PR70DC49104910
997922001-W Capitol Visitor Ctr G$5$5PR70DC15501550
997992002-W Salt Lake City Olympics G$5$5PR70DC22502250
9210032003-W First Flight G$10$10PR70DC11101110
210132006-S San Francisco Old Mint G$5$5PR70DC45804580
1474422007-W Jamestown G$5$5PR70DC55905590
3944202008-W Bald Eagle G$5$5PR70DC47304730
5061732011-W United States Army G$5$5PR70DC4501050
5073102011-W Medal of Honor G$5$5PR70DC300730
5114922012-W Star-Spangled Banner G$5$5PR70DC10101720
5176582013-W 5 Star Generals MacArthur G$5$5PR70DC10501640
  2014-W Baseball Hall of Fame G$5$5 
  2015-W U.S. Marshals Service G$5$5 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.