The F. Randolph Estate Holdings

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The F. Randolph Estate Holdings
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
Liberty Cap Left Half Cent (1793)  17931/2C 
Liberty Cap Right Half Cent (1794-1797)   1/2C 
Draped Bust Half Cent (1800-1808)106318041/2CXF40BN87502
Classic Head Half Cent (1809-1836)116518341/2CAU53BN37373
Braided Hair Half Cent (1840-1857)   1/2C 
Flowing Hair Chain Cent (1793)  1793 Chain1C 
Flowing Hair Wreath Cent (1793)  1793 Wreath1C 
Liberty Cap Cent (1793-1796)   1C 
Draped Bust Cent (1796-1807)147018021CF15BN37367
Classic Head Cent (1808-1814)   1C 
Coronet Head Large Cent (1816-1839)174118381CXF40BN44573
Braided Hair Large Cent (1839-1857)190418541CXF40BN56636
Flying Eagle Cent (1856-1858)201618571CAU551822802
Indian Cent (1859-1909)223719091CMS64RD947876
Lincoln Cent (1909-present)935542005-S1CPR70DC3360
Two Cents (1864-1873)358218652CMS63BN267259
Three Cent Nickel (1865-1889)373218663CNMS62104524
Three Cent Silver (1851-1873)366418513CSMS64381333
Shield Nickel (1866-1889)379418675CMS6422988
Liberty Nickel (1883-1913)384118835CMS6316195196Old green holder; Full corn
Buffalo Nickel (1913-1938)39831937-S5CMS661569117
Jefferson Nickel (1938-present)942422005-S5CPR70DC9220
Bust Half Disme (1792)  1792H10C 
Flowing Hair Half Dime (1794-1795)   H10C 
Draped Bust Half Dime (1796-1805)   H10C 
Capped Bust Half Dime (1829-1837)42791832H10CXF4559746
Liberty Seated Half Dime (1837-1973)43561853H10CMS63162256
Draped Bust Dime (1796-1807)   10C 
Capped Bust Dime (1809-1837)   10C 
Liberty Seated Dime (1837-1891)4706189110CXF4519868
Barber Dime (1892-1916)4857191110CMS64288245
Mercury Dime (1916-1945)50311941-D10CMS66FB2109630
Roosevelt Dime (1946-present)953102005-S10CPR70DC4890
Twenty Cents (1875-1878)5296187520CMS635196Old green holder
Draped Bust Quarter (1796-1807)   25C 
Capped Bust Quarter (1815-1838)   25C 
Liberty Seated Quarter (1838-1891)5442185725CMS6112232
Barber Quarter (1892-1916)5673191625CMS6251302
Standing Liberty Quarter (1916-1930)5707191725CMS64FH17931601
Washington Quarter (1932-present)391542007-S25CPR70DC2930
Flowing Hair Half Dollar (1794-1795)   50C 
Draped Bust Half Dollar (1796-1807)6079180750CVF30121632
Capped Bust Half Dollar (1807-1839)6144182750CAU502081132
Liberty Seated Half Dollar (1839-1891)     
Barber Half Dollar (1892-1915)86549190250CPR63CA522
Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947)6618194350CMS6574523561
Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963)866521948-D50CMS64FL45231939Omaha Bank Hoard
Kennedy Half Dollar (1964-present)969752005-S50CPR70DC4150
Flowing Hair Dollar (1794-1795)   $1 
Draped Bust Dollar (1795-1804)68731798$1VG10571651Wide date, Pointed 9, B-22, BB-104, R-4, toned
Liberty Seated Dollar (1836-1873)69341847$1XF45120342
Trade Dollar (1873-1885)70391875-ST$1AU55911014
Morgan Dollar (1878-1921)71311881-S$1MS66PL49185
Peace Dollar (1921-1935)73571922$1MS64451968098Old green holder
Eisenhower Dollar (1971-1978)874091972$1MS634611591
Susan B. Anthony Dollar (1979-1999)995711979-PSBA$1MS651115361
Sacagawea Dollar (2000-present)9160032005-SSAC$1PR70DC8170
Presidential Dollar (2007-2016)1481062007-D$1MS6622302