Frankel Collection

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Rank 216
Weighted GPA 68.913
Complete 45.10%
Set Rating 31.078
%DCAM 95.65%
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Frankel Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1965 SMS5C 
  1966 SMS5C 
  1967 SMS5C 
842031971-S5CPR67CA161162Collectors Universe Private Sale
942081975-S5CPR68DC1105475Collectors Universe Private Sale
942091976-S5CPR68DC1776718Ebay Auction
  1981-S 5C 
942181983-S5CPR69DC399250Coins N Auction
942231988-S5CPR69DC326191Collectors Universe Private Sale
942251990-S5CPR69DC3970209Ebay Auction
942261991-S5CPR69DC3440210EBay Auction
942271992-S5CPR68DC686978Ebay Auction
942281993-S5CPR69DC5481377EBay Auction
942291994-S5CPR69DC5200329EBay Auction
942311995-S5CPR69DC4564291EBay Auction
942321996-S5CPR69DC5058360EBay Auction
942331997-S5CPR69DC4732568EBay Auction
942341998-S5CPR69DC5291672Private Purchase -
942351999-S5CPR69DC6001435Private Purchase -
942362000-S5CPR69DC7688501Collectors Universe Coin Swap
942372001-S5CPR69DC6610472Private Purchase -
942382002-S5CPR69DC6454349Private Purchase -
942392003-S5CPR69DC7889686Private Purchase -
942402004-S Peace Medal5CPR69DC13051800EBay purchase
942412004-S Keel Boat5CPR69DC13024765EBay purchase
942422005-S Bison5CPR69DC14307977
942432005-S Western Waters5CPR69DC13639874
  2006-S Return to Monticello5C 
  2007-S 5C 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.