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Modern Commemorative Half Dollars, Proof (1982-present): The Comer Collection

The Comer Collection

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About this set: I have been working on The Comer Collection of Modern Commemoratives since 1982 and look forward to every new commemorative made! I have a 100% complete set of uncirculated and proof commemoratives. My set consists of mostly MS69s & PR69s with some MS70s. I like them as WHITE as I can find them, I am no big fan of toning on commemoratives! The uncirculated coins are my favorite. I love commemorative coins!

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The Comer Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
96011982-S Washington50CPR70DC49705920PR70DCAM! Issued to commemorate the 250th anniversary of George Washington'...
96191986-S Statue of Liberty50CPR70DC19601960Issued to commemorate the Centennial of the statue of Liberty.
96331989-S Congress50CPR69DC352473352473Issued to commemorate the Bicentennial of the United States Congress.
96431991-S Mount Rushmore50CPR69DC38181703818170Issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Mt. Rushmore National Mon...
96631992-S Columbus50CPR69DC29322072932207Issued to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first voyage by Christop...
99211992-S Olympic50CPR69DC28123022812302Issued to support training of American athletes for the 1992 Olympic Games.
96691993-S Madison50CPR69DC336796336796Issued to commemorate the Bill of Rights and the role of James Madison.
96751991-95-P World War II50CPR69DC300256300256Issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United States' involvemen...
96811994-P World Cup50CPR69DC282918282918Issued to commemorate the first World Cup soccer games held in the United S...
97091995-S Basketball50CPR69DC170437170437Issued to commemorate the Games of the XXVI Olympiad in Atlanta.
96991995-S Civil War50CPR69DC269077269077Issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the protect...
97111995-S Baseball50CPR69DC121638121638Issued to commemorate the Games of the XXVI Olympiad in Atlanta.
97131996-S Swimming50CPR69DC124445124445Issued to commemorate the Games of the XXVI Olympiad in Atlanta.
97151996-S Soccer50CPR69DC118346118346Issued to commemorate the Games of the XXVI Olympiad in Atlanta.
997902001-P Captiol Visitor Ctr50CPR69DC1229112291POP TOP! Issued to commemorate and support the U.S. Capitol's Visitor Cente...
9210012003-P First Flight50CPR69DC14201071420107Issued to commemorate the Centennial of the Wright Brothers' First Flight.
3944172008-S Bald Eagle50CPR70DC51805180Issued to commemorate the recovery of the Bald Eagle species, the 35th anni...
5061652011-S United States Army50CPR70DC7401150Issued in recognition and celebration of the founding of the U.S. Army.
5176492013-S 5 Star Generals Arnold, Bradley50CPR69DC48117119746
5256402014-S Baseball Hall of Fame50CPR69DC106649545863032
  2015-S U.S. Marshals Service50C 
*  2016-S 100th Anniv. Nat'l Parks50C 

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