Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

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About this set: This collection represents my passion for Penny Collecting. I started collecting Penny's in the late 50's, using Whitman Albums, in 2004 I finally completed my Whitman set from 1856-Present(Special thanks to Rick Snow). This set being based on completeness, and not so much on Mint State(lots of raw fillers). Now it's on to building a Registry Set(budget permitting), and feeding on my RAW set for the rare ones.

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Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
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Owner's Comments
  1864 Copper Nickel1C 
  1864 Bronze1C 
229218681CPR63RB3011130168West Coast Coins
231018741CPR63RB2816428211Coast To Coast Coins
232218781CPR64RB17568175200Eternity Coin
232518791CPR64RB175131175260Steve Weber
232818801CPR64RB239119239277Michael Chandler
233118811CPR62RB93839524Lone Star Numismatics, LLC
233418821CPR63RB4523945311Kim LeFever
233618831CPR64BN9813698735David Enders
234118841CPR64RD46924699Steve Weber
234218851CPR63BN2422024638Steve Teal
234618861CPR63RB4122657347Walt Ankerman
234918871CPR63RB5717357200Steve Weber
235518891CPR64RB10156101105Steve Teal
235818901CPR63RB7216972243Numismatic Classics, Inc.
236118911CPR63RB5219852269Mike Manza
236418921CPR63RB6325863388Precious Metals & Gems
236618931CPR63BN164216382Steve Weber
237018941CPR62RB92229318Dallas Langham
237218951CPR63BN145214373Bozarth Numismatics, Inc.
237518961CPR64BN352435234Steve Weber
237918971CPR64RB10871108132Kenneth Parkhurst
238518991CPR63RB2720327334David Lawrence Rare Coins
238819001CPR64RB12888128189Daniel Chapman
239019011CPR64BN191719389Sally's Collectibles
239319021CPR64BN161716446Bozarth Numismatics, Inc
239719031CPR62RB72347382Steve Weber
240019041CPR62RB82168318Joe Cabibbo
240319051CPR64RB11883118165Daniel Chapman
240619061CPR63RB4517045252Gary Hohman
241219081CPR61RB12581350Thoreson Numismatics
24151909 Indian1CPR63RB5820558305Chad Markel