William E. Corum

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About this set: This set is complete (but for the 09vdb). In addition to this set, I have a complete set of PCGS graded Lincoln business strikes (1909-1958); proofs (1909-2005); and varieties (1909-2005). Most of those coins are listed in the other Lincoln PCGS Registry subsets. While I have other collections, Lincolns have always been my passion, and I plan to improve these sets for decades to come--keep watching!! Bill C.

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William E. Corum
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1909 VDB1C 
33051909 Lincoln1CPR66RD447David Lawrence "Five Star"
331319121CPR64RB11666David Lawrence Rare Coins
331719131CPR66RD336Pinnacle Rarities
332019141CPR66RD199U.S. Coins
332219151CPR65RB4921Paramount Rarities
332419161CPR62BN241Angel Dee's
33321936 Satin1CPR64RD8489Sam Lukes (NGC Cross)
33351936 Brilliant1CPR65RD17642Angel Dee's
334119381CPR66RD26738David Green
334719401CPR66RD23114Robert Astrich
335019411CPR66RD1175NE Numismatics
335319421CPR66RD1062Indy West (Rick)
335919501CPR67RD440Solid Numismatics (KC Show)
336219511CPR67RD1085NE Numismatics (NGC Cross)
336519521CPR67RD1395NE Numismatics (NGC Cross)
336819531CPR67RD27423NE Numismatics (NGC Cross)
8337419551CPR67CA12018Solid Numismatics (KC Show)
8338019571CPR67CA12520M&M (eBay)