Issaquah S-Mints

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About this set: This collection lists the S-mint subset from our full set, and includes a 1921-P since no S-mint exists for that date. (Images courtesy of Mike Printz at Larry Whitlow, Ltd.)

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Issaquah S-Mints
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No.
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Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
192173561921$1MS6513022071313207full strike, flashy copper-gold (PQ)
192273591922-S$1MS653602382251210full strike, satiny smoky-gold
192373621923-S$1MS651343171862631bold strike, rich pale-gold (OGH)
192473641924-S$1MS657963373810icy lavender frost, clean
192573661925-S$1MS6540076562101awesome luster, smooth fields
192673691926-S$1MS6679248921full strike, satiny pale-gold
192773721927-S$1MS6574356540full strike, semi-prooflike sheen
192873741928-S$1MS6555233730bold strike, pale gold/rose/violet
193473771934-S$1MS65193461349323thick pale-golden frost
193573791935-S$1MS66138433416rich thick frost, 4 rays under ONE