Coins Certified as of 1/17

1968-1998 Proof Set: infuz


Current Statistics
Rank 45
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 69.685
Complete 75.13%
Set Rating 51.366
%DCAM 97.18%
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PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
  1968-S 1C 1C 
942001968-S 5C 5CPR67DC1957181951140
52441968-S 10C 10CPR66855361151314
  1968-S 25C 25C 
  1968-S 50C 50C 
  1969-S 1C 1C 
942011969-S 5C 5CPR68DC392107392238
952461969-S 10C 10CPR67DC49389491112
  1969-S 25C 25C 
  1969-S 50C 50C 
  1970-S 1C1C 
842021970-S 5C 5CPR68CA14353143490
852471970-S 10C 10CPR69CA1120112196
  1970-S 25C 25C 
  1970-S 50C 50C 
  1971-S 1C 1C 
942031971-S 5C 5CPR68DC329107329213
852491971-S 10C 10CPR68CA210222210833
  1971-S 25C 25C 
  1971-S 50C 50C 
974281971-S S$1 Silver$1PR69DC27586902760191
  1972-S 1C 1C 
942051972-S 5C 5CPR69DC32403240
952501972-S 10C 10CPR69DC55105510
  1972-S 25C 25C 
  1972-S 50C 50C 
974291972-S S$1 Silver$1PR69DC2055715320574154
934401973-S 1C 1CPR69DC1005310053
942061973-S 5C 5CPR69DC4343843438
952511973-S 10C 10CPR69DC321042321042
960051973-S 25C 25CPR69DC2744827448
968091973-S 50C 50CPR69DC769636769636
974301973-S $1 Clad$1PR69DC16116251611625
974311973-S S$1 Silver$1PR69DC22205382222339
934431974-S 1C 1CPR69DC89008900
942071974-S 5C 5CPR69DC601611601611
952521974-S 10C 10CPR69DC54181135418117
960061974-S 25C 25CPR69DC476434476434
968101974-S 50C 50CPR69DC956456956456
974321974-S $1 Clad$1PR69DC15153101515310
974331974-S S$1 Silver$1PR69DC17367711736771
934461975-S 1C 1CPR69DC84208420
942081975-S 5C 5CPR69DC799035799035
952531975-S 10C 10CPR70DC14001400
934491976-S 1C 1CPR69DC84208420
942091976-S 5C 5CPR69DC970065970065
952551976-S 10C 10CPR69DC73263537326354
960071976-S 25C Clad25CPR69DC1816927318169274
960081976-S 25C Silver25CPR69DC2135830021358300
968111976-S 50C Clad50CPR69DC2057311620573117
968121976-S 50C Silver50CPR69DC2820224428202244
974341976-S $1 Clad$1PR69DC1479393495230
974361976-S S$1 Silver$1PR69DC29954442995444
934521977-S 1C 1CPR69DC226815226815
942101977-S 5C 5CPR69DC85551548555154
952561977-S 10C 10CPR70DC72407240
960111977-S 25C 25CPR69DC76652877665287
968151977-S 50C 50CPR69DC1180847011808470
974371977-S $1 $1PR69DC19141891914189
934551978-S 1C 1CPR69DC251113251113
942111978-S 5C 5CPR69DC79932647993264
952571978-S 10C 10CPR69DC6791110467911105
960121978-S 25C 25CPR69DC79665267966526
968161978-S 50C 50CPR69DC1283176512831765
974381978-S $1 $1PR69DC2073810420738104
934581979-S 1C1CPR69DC165513323338
942121979-S 5C5CPR69DC666213812381243
952581979-S 10C10CPR69DC61801217112622083
960131979-S 25C25CPR69DC748850412498854
968181979-S 50C50CPR69DC9855719156571077
995891979-S SBA$1SBA$1PR69DC127671261180501711
  1980-S 1C 1C 
942141980-S 5C 5CPR69DC78421957842195
952601980-S 10C 10CPR69DC68398546839854
  1980-S 25C 25C 
  1980-S 50C 50C 
  1980-S SBA$1SBA$1 
  1981-S 1C1C 
942151981-S 5C5CPR69DC891819311085234
952611981-S 10C10CPR69DC83918309900968
960161981-S 25C25CPR70DC46105620
968211981-S 50C50CPR69DC1199148714363591
  1981-S SBA$1SBA$1 
934731982-S 1C 1CPR69DC230918230918
942171982-S 5C 5CPR69DC52091315209131
952631982-S 10C 10CPR70DC52405240
960181982-S 25C 25CPR69DC49993475008347
968231982-S 50C 50CPR69DC70753857075385
934761983-S 1C 1CPR69DC252750252750
942181983-S 5C 5CPR69DC50681615068161
952641983-S 10C 10CPR69DC43796204379620
960191983-S 25C 25CPR69DC49073214907322
968241983-S 50C 50CPR69DC66534886653488
934791984-S 1C 1CPR69DC35691053569105
942191984-S 5C 5CPR69DC47221574722157
952661984-S 10C 10CPR69DC39015513901551
960201984-S 25C 25CPR69DC46913194691320
968251984-S 50C 50CPR69DC63312986331298
934821985-S 1C 1CPR69DC36231153623115
942201985-S 5C 5CPR69DC45721244572124
952671985-S 10C 10CPR69DC38954813895481
960211985-S 25C 25CPR69DC44533234453323
968261985-S 50C 50CPR69DC61434286143428
  1986-S 1C 1C 
942211986-S 5C 5CPR69DC513270513270
952681986-S 10C 10CPR70DC48404840
  1986-S 25C 25C 
  1986-S 50C 50C 
934881987-S 1C 1CPR69DC46391894639189
942221987-S 5C 5CPR69DC48371234837123
952691987-S 10C 10CPR69DC42804924280492
960231987-S 25C 25CPR69DC47734454773445
968281987-S 50C 50CPR69DC64826346482634
934911988-S 1C 1CPR69DC42852574285257
942231988-S 5C 5CPR69DC42121864212186
952701988-S 10C 10CPR70DC53105310
960241988-S 25C 25CPR70DC45204520
968291988-S 50C 50CPR69DC59545425964542
934941989-S 1C 1CPR69DC38322813832281
942241989-S 5C 5CPR69DC39603383960338
952711989-S 10C 10CPR70DC49804980
960251989-S 25C 25CPR70DC42204220
968301989-S 50C 50CPR69DC55494815549481
  1990-S 1C 1C 
942251990-S 5C 5CPR69DC46543354654335
952721990-S 10C 10CPR70DC67606760
  1990-S 25C 25C 
  1990-S 50C 50C 
  1991-S 1C 1C 
942261991-S 5C 5CPR69DC37782893778289
952731991-S 10C 10CPR70DC69906990
  1991-S 25C 25C 
  1991-S 50C 50C 
935031992-S 1C 1CPR69DC78465187846518
942271992-S 5C 5CPR70DC59605960
952741992-S 10C 10CPR70DC68706870
952751992-S 10C Silver10CPR70DC70007000
  1992-S 25C 25C 
  1992-S 25C Silver25C 
  1992-S 50C 50C 
  1992-S 50C Silver50C 
935121993-S 1C 1CPR69DC64453686445368
942281993-S 5C 5CPR70DC56605660
952761993-S 10C 10CPR70DC66306630
952801993-S 10C Silver10CPR69DC32223453222345
  1993-S 25C 25C 
  1993-S 25C Silver25C 
  1993-S 50C 50C 
  1993-S 50C Silver50C 
935151994-S 1C 1CPR69DC61373786137378
942291994-S 5C 5CPR70DC53605360
952771994-S 10C 10CPR70DC68806880
952781994-S 10C Silver10CPR69DC30902693090269
  1994-S 25C 25C 
  1994-S 25C Silver25C 
  1994-S 50C 50C 
  1994-S 50C Silver50C 
  1995-S 1C 1C 
942311995-S 5C 5CPR70DC47904790
952791995-S 10C 10CPR69DC30166283016628
952811995-S 10C Silver10CPR69DC28842802884280
  1995-S 25C 25C 
  1995-S 25C Silver25C 
  1995-S 50C 50C 
  1995-S 50C Silver50C 
935211996-S 1C 1CPR69DC55613455561345
942321996-S 5C 5CPR70DC57005700
952821996-S 10C 10CPR70DC49404940
952831996-S 10C Silver10CPR69DC32863093286309
960361996-S 25C 25CPR69DC34124753412475
960371996-S 25C Silver25CPR69DC33793293379329
968411996-S 50C 50CPR69DC43606784360678
968421996-S 50C Silver50CPR69DC40864914086491
935241997-S 1C 1CPR69DC52542265254226
942331997-S 5C 5CPR70DC85408540
952841997-S 10C 10CPR70DC54505450
952851997-S 10C Silver10CPR70DC36503650
960381997-S 25C 25CPR70DC52605260
960391997-S 25C Silver25CPR69DC34853703485370
968431997-S 50C 50CPR69DC45496534549653
968481997-S 50C Silver50CPR69DC42386064238606
935271998-S 1C 1CPR70DC35603600
942341998-S 5C 5CPR70DC1073010730
952861998-S 10C 10CPR70DC43404340
952871998-S 10C Silver10CPR70DC41404140
960401998-S 25C 25CPR70DC61906190
960411998-S 25C Silver25CPR70DC56005600
968491998-S 50C 50CPR70DC75207520
969091998-S 50C Silver50CPR70DC79607960