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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
73561921 Peace, High Relief$1MS651299202Blast white.
73571922$1MS6679673Blast white; super clean coin.
73591922-S$1MS6534925Blast white. PCGS Secure.
73601923$1MS662083193Blast white. Also, original green holder (OGH).
73611923-D$1MS65450102CAC sticker, blast white.
73621923-S$1MS641996256Blast white, with tiny spot on reverse.
73631924$1MS6666288Blast white.
73651925$1MS661758224Blast white.
73671926$1MS661966Blast white.
73681926-D$1MS65741224Blast white. Clean for grade.
73691926-S$1MS6566792Lightly toned.
73711927-D$1MS641241227Blast white.
73721927-S$1MS641486161mostly white
73731928$1MS641893357Bought at Chicago ANA convention. Subdued luster. Decent strike.
73741928-S$1MS641905211Bought at Chicago ANA convention. Subdued luster and good strike.
73751934$1MS65669180Blast white, very clean coin for grade.
73761934-D$1MS6546887Blast white.
73771934-S$1MS624451495Blast white, no toning.
73781935$1MS65896219Decent luster.
73791935-S$1MS65690174Slight toning.