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Washington Quarters Basic Set, Silver Proof (1999-present): Stallhorn Numismatics

Stallhorn Numismatics

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Rank 77
Weighted GPA 69.000
Complete 75.31%
Set Rating 51.963
Stallhorn's Sets

About this set: State/Territory Silver Proofs in PCGS Flag Holder

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Stallhorn Numismatics
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
960431999-S Delaware Silver25CPR69DC65652116565211
9130001999-S Pennsylvania Silver25CPR69DC67052546705254
9130021999-S New Jersey Silver25CPR69DC66412396641239
9130041999-S Georgia Silver25CPR69DC68363656836365
9130061999-S Connecticut Silver25CPR69DC67223676722367
9130082000-S Massachusetts Silver25CPR69DC78193547819354
9130102000-S Maryland Silver25CPR69DC77624217762421
9130122000-S South Carolina Silver25CPR69DC77533377753337
9130142000-S New Hampshire Silver25CPR69DC75772907577290
9130162000-S Virginia Silver25CPR69DC77223567722356
9130182001-S New York Silver25CPR69DC63384296338429
9130202001-S North Carolina Silver25CPR69DC62894466289446
9130222001-S Rhode Island Silver25CPR69DC63104036310403
9130242001-S Vermont Silver25CPR69DC62696286269628
9130262001-S Kentucky Silver25CPR69DC63014816301481
9130282002-S Tennessee Silver25CPR69DC56814385681438
9130302002-S Ohio Silver25CPR69DC56104535610453
9130322002-S Louisiana Silver25CPR69DC55313655531365
9130342002-S Indiana Silver25CPR69DC56283465628346
9130362002-S Mississippi Silver25CPR69DC55525165552516
9130382003-S Illinois Silver25CPR69DC65555196555519
9130402003-S Alabama Silver25CPR69DC64245306424530
9130422003-S Maine Silver25CPR69DC64474296447429
9130442003-S Missouri Silver25CPR69DC64405206440520
9130462003-S Arkansas Silver25CPR69DC64565596456559
9130482004-S Michigan Silver25CPR69DC90756339075633
9130502004-S Florida Silver25CPR69DC91375379137537
9130522004-S Texas Silver25CPR69DC91047109104710
9130542004-S Iowa Silver25CPR69DC90147229014722
9130562004-S Wisconsin Silver25CPR69DC91227769122776
9130582005-S California Silver25CPR69DC67307946730794
9130602005-S Minnesota Silver25CPR69DC65576786559678
9130622005-S Oregon Silver25CPR69DC66016596601659
9130642005-S Kansas Silver25CPR69DC67355726735572
9130662005-S West Virginia Silver25CPR69DC65468536546853
391152006-S Nevada Silver25CPR69DC50657395065739
391212006-S Nebraska Silver25CPR69DC49387934938793
391272006-S Colorado Silver25CPR69DC50028275002827
391332006-S North Dakota Silver25CPR69DC49167674916767
391392006-S South Dakota Silver25CPR69DC49138544913854
391452007-S Montana Silver25CPR69DC54535805453580
391512007-S Washington Silver25CPR69DC54555685455568
391572007-S Idaho Silver25CPR69DC55144965514496
391632007-S Wyoming Silver25CPR69DC55223405522340
391692007-S Utah Silver25CPR69DC54605775460577
391752008-S Oklahoma Silver25CPR69DC47077624707762
391812008-S New Mexico Silver25CPR69DC47066384706638
391872008-S Arizona Silver25CPR69DC45918664591866
391932008-S Alaska Silver25CPR69DC46937334693733
391992008-S Hawaii Silver25CPR69DC48515034851503
4065652009-S District of Columbia Silver25CPR69DC29088162908816
4065712009-S Puerto Rico Silver25CPR69DC28798592879859
4065772009-S Guam Silver25CPR69DC30157013015701
4065832009-S America Samoa Silver25CPR69DC2732100027321000
4065902009-S U.S. Virgin Islands Silver25CPR69DC29338002933800
4065962009-S Northern Mariana Islands Silver25CPR69DC29168072916807
4188282010-S Hot Springs NP Silver25CPR69DC194477029451018
4188342010-S Yellowstone NP Silver25CPR69DC191580628441130
4188402010-S Yosemite NP Silver25CPR69DC20446463040871
4188462010-S Grand Canyon NP Silver25CPR69DC20516793033913
4188522010-S Mount Hood NP - Silver25CPR69DC21025973089825
  2011-S Gettysburg NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Glacier NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Olympic NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Vicksburg NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Chickasaw NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S El Yunque NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Chaco Culture NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Acadia NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Hawaii Volcanoes NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Denali NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S White Mountain NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Perry's Memorial - Silver25C 
  2013-S Great Basin NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Fort McHenry NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Mount Rushmore NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Great Smoky Mtns NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Shenandoah NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Arches NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Great Sand Dunes NP - Silver 25C 
  2014-S Everglades NP - Silver25C 
*  2015-S Homestead NP - Silver25C 
*  2015-S Kisatchie NP - Silver25C 
*  2015-S Blue Ridge Pkwy NP - Silver25C 
*  2015-S Bombay Hook NP - Silver25C 
*  2015-S Saratoga NP - Silver25C 
*  2015-S National Parks - Silver25C 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.