Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

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About this set: This collection represents my passion for Penny Collecting. I started collecting Penny's in the late 50's, using Whitman Albums, in 2004 I finally completed my Whitman set from 1856-Present(Special thanks to Rick Snow). This set being based on completeness, and not so much on Mint State(lots of raw fillers). Now it's on to building a Registry Set(budget permitting), and feeding on my RAW set for the rare ones.

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Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopOwner's Comments
  1909 VDB Lincoln1C 
  1909 Lincoln1C 
24261909-S VDB1CAU53BN246Ron Douglas
924321909-S Lincoln1CXF45BN22Riccardo DeSanctis
376491910-S1CVF20BN2Mike Sturgeon
24441911-D1CAU53BN32Chris McKim
24471911-S1CAU53BN43Liberty Coin Galleries
24531912-D1CAU50BN32Raw Submission
24621913-D1CAU50BN27Raw Submission
24651913-S1CAU55BN63Everett Ramsey
24711914-D1CVF30BN488Heartbeat City
24741914-S1CXF40BN124Raw Submission
24801915-D1CAU50BN25Everett Ramsey
24831915-S1CVF35BN61Raw Submission
9249519171CVG8BN16Russell Dalton
25071918-D1CVF35BN7Raw Submission
25101918-S1CAU53BN25Raw Submission
25281920-S1CAU55BN51Sally's Collectibles
25341921-S1CXF40BN134eBay: hobbys4ever
25371922-D1CXF45BN154Raw Submission
25521924-D1CVF35BN170Raw Submission
25551924-S1CAU50BN55Robert Larick
25641925-S1CAU53BN30Sally's collectibles
25731926-S1CAU50BN119Mike Sturgeon
377001927-D1CVF35BN1Bob Dodson
25821927-S1CXF40BN27Raw Submission
25911928-S1CAU50BN13Vancouver Rare Coin
26151931-D1CAU55BN62Paul Kostyak
26241932-D1CXF45BN15Raw Submission
3774519351CF12BN1Mike Sturgeon
7264819361CXF40BN9Everett Ramsey
3777519391CVF25BN2Bob Dodson
3777819411CVF35BN5Rogers' Coins
378261944-D1CAU50BN3Everett Ramsey
3784719471CVF35BN2Mike Sturgeon
378591949-D1CXF45BN7Bob Dodson
378801951-D1CAU50BN2Everett Ramsey
378981953-D1CXF40BN3Raw Submission
282519551CXF40BN21RLH Enterprises, Inc.
379401956-D1CVF35BN2Raw Submission