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Complete U.S. Type Set (1792-1964): The Cumberland Valley Collection

The Cumberland Valley Collection

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The Cumberland Valley Collection
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
Liberty Cap Left Half Cent (1793)100017931/2CVF20BN33214Cohen 4.Purchased at the 1994 ANA.
Liberty Cap Rt Half Cent Lg Hd (1794)100317941/2CVF30BN30158Cohen 4.Purchased from Crossroads Coins at the 1995 TSNS show.
Liberty Cap Rt Half Cent Sm Hd (1795-1797)103617971/2CVF35BN723Cohen 2. Reverse die crack from rim below 2 in 1/200 through tops of UN in UNITED to rim above I. Slightly weak at HALF CENT in the center of the reverse. A nice coin. Purchased from Richard Gross at the 2014 CSNS show.
Draped Bust Half Cent (1800-1808)107518041/2CAU58BN2125Spiked Chin. Cohen 8. Manley Die State 3.0.I have wanted to own one of these since I saw it listed in my first Red Book in 1962. From the November 2014 Heritage Beverly Hills sale where it was partially described as: " A medium brown example of the famous " Spiked Chin " variety, caused when a bolt ( or some other hard object ) was struck into the obverse die. The surfaces of the present coin are unblemished and attractive.".
Classic Head Half Cent (1809-1836)114718281/2CAU58BN130289Cohen 3. Thirteen stars. Well struck with tiny traces of faded mint red. Almost certainly from the Benjamin H. Collins hoard of 1000 coins discovered circa 1894. The reverse is rotated 10 degrees. Purchased on Ebay in March 2013.
Braided Hair Half Cent (1840-1857)122418511/2CAU58BN105254Cohen 1.Part on a third 1 can be seen to the right of the last 1 in date. Purchased from J.J.Teaparty at the 2012 ANA.
Chain Cent (1793)13411793 Chain1CF15BN28125Sheldon 3.A very clean and problem free coin,superior to most in a F-15 holder.Purchased at the 1993 FUN show.
Wreath Cent (1793)13471793 Wreath1CVF25BN29185Sheldon 9. Purchased at the 1993 ANA.
Liberty Cap Cent, Beaded Border (1793)  17931C  
Liberty Cap Cent, Dent. Border (1794-1796)139217961CF15BN1487Sheldon 89. Purchased from Victor A. Bozarth in January 1995.
Draped Bust Cent (1796-1807)147018021CAU53BN1044Sheldon 237. Die crack from rim through N in UNITED to lowest left leaf through ribbons above the knot to right wreath stem. Other minor die cracks. Hard surfaces. A superb large cent. Purchased from Numismatic Financial Corporation at the 2013 FUN show. Earlier from Stack's September 1987 sale.
Classic Head Cent (1808-1814)157318141CXF40BN20134Sheldon 295.Die crack from rim through 8 in the date through the end of the hair curl through the 11th star to rim. Very nice for this type.Purchased at the 1989 CSNS show.
Coronet Head Cent (1816-1839)160018181CAU58BN84349Newcomb 10.A Randall hoard coin.Obverse die crack connects the inner points of the stars and the date.Still has some subdued original mint red.Purchased on Ebay in December 2010.
Braided Hair Cent (1839-1857)190418541CMS61BN4327Newcomb 25. Beautiful light chocolate brown.Purchased from Doug Bird as AU-58 at the 1996 GCNE show.
Flying Eagle Cent (1856-1858)201618571CAU582492598This is the variety with the broken wing tip. Closed E in ONE. A full sharp strike with great luster and a lot of original color. Purchased on Ebay in May 2013.
Indian Cent Cop Nic, No Shield (1859)205218591CAU582371621CAC sticker. Purchased from the 2013 Heritage CSNS sale of the Malibou Lake collection.
Indian Cent Cop Nic (1860-1864)207018641CAU581701416Satiny luster.Die crack from upper left wreath to top left of shield to rim.Purchased from J.J Teaparty in April 2013.
Indian Cent Bronze (1864-1909)223119081CMS64RD425302Purchased in October 1987.
Lincoln Cent, Wheat (1909-1958)28211954-S1CMS66RD3702229Purchased at the 2008 Silver Dollar show from Angel Dee's Coins.
Lincoln Cent, Steel (1943)27141943-D1CMS672268125Purchased at the 2008 Silver Dollar show from Angel Dee's Coins.
Lincoln Cent, Memorial (1959-1964)28691960-D1CMS66RD75236Small date.The coin that started a speculative boom.Purchased on Ebay in May 2009.
Two Cents (1864-1873)357618642CAU58+ BN1958A very nice coin with a lot of luster and hints of faded mint red.Die crack from rim through right side of 8,in date,to shield.Purchased on Ebay in July 2011.CAC sticker.
Three Cent Silver, Type 1 (1851-1853)366618523CSAU581201302Purchased from J.J. Teaparty in April 2012.
Three Cent Silver, Type 2 (1854-1858)367018543CSAU5845270Beautiful golden toning. Knob of extra 5 between bases of 85 in date. Minute die crack from star through right side of M in AMERICA to rim. A superb Type Two 3 Cent Silver. Purchased from Dave Wnuck Numismatics in February 2014.
Three Cent Silver, Type 3 (1859-1873)367718593CSAU5845294Smokey gray toning. A nice Trime. Purchased from Numismatic Classics at the 2013 BRNA show.
Nickel Three Cents (1865-1889)374918813CNAU58103532Fully struck.CAC sticker.Purchased from Knightly Numismatics in March 2013.
Shield Nickel, Rays (1866-1867)379018665CAU581451187Reverse die crack through the top of STATES OF AME down through the middle of ER and then back up through the top of ICA. S in TRUST, on the obverse, very weak because of grease in the die. Very nice luster. CAC sticker. Purchased from Kaminski Coin Company at the 2014 GNA show.
Shield Nickel, No Rays (1867-1883)381318835CAU582871644Numerous obverse and reverse die cracks.This coin retains considerable luster, that is lacking in a lot of Shield nickels. Purchased from The Type Coin Company at the 2009 ANA.
Liberty Head Nickel, No "CENTS" (1883)384118835CMS651457436This coin has prooflike surfaces and a lot of flash.Purchased from Angel Dee's Coins at the 2009 ANA.
Liberty Head Nickel (1883-1913)386619055CMS64453320Purchased at the 1985 GNA show.
Buffalo Nickel, Type 1 (1913)391519135CMS6534452395Very light golden toning.The reverse is rotated about 30 degrees.Purchased at the 2009 FUN show.
Buffalo Nickel, Type 2 (1913-1938)39841938-D5CMS66290151743Brilliant.Purchased at the 2008 BRNA show.
Jefferson Nickel (1938-1964)840081940-D5CMS66FS945126Purchased at the 2008 Silver Dollar show from Angel Dee's Coins.
Jefferson Nickel, Wartime (1942-1945)840201943-D5CMS66FS2706372Brilliant.Purchased at the 2009 FUN show.
Bust Half Disme (1792)110201792H10CVF20562The most historic United States coin! About 1500 were struck in July 1792 under Mint auspices before the first mint building was completed.The silver for these was probably furnished by President Washington, who took a great interest in the establishment of the Mint.I believe the estimated number of survivors,by most auction catalogers, is greatly exaggerated.The late Jack Collins did an in-depth study of 1794 Silver Dollars. This study was continued by Martin Logies and it is now estimated that there are 140-150 1794 Silver Dollars surviving. The 1792 Half Disme appears less often, at auction, than the 1794 Dollar and fewer have been graded by the major services.My estimate of the number of 1792 Half Dismes surviving is about 125.Purchased from Kenneth Goldman at the 1996 FUN show.
Flowing Hair Half Dime (1794-1795)42511795H10CVF3034367Valentine 7. LM-6. Very early die state with only a minute die crack connecting the tops of the 9 and 5 in the date. A very rare and seldom seen variety.Missing in the Eliasberg,Norweb,Garrett and most other major sales. Most of those seen,in recent years,have had problems.This is a nice problem free coin.Better than the Logan-McCloskey plate coin.Cherry-picked at the 1994 FUN show.
Draped Bust Half Dime, Small Eagle (1796-1797)   H10C  
Draped Bust Half Dime, Large Eagle (1800-1805)42651800H10CXF40523A neat little coin.Valentine 2. LM-3. The LIBEKTY variety.The reverse is rotated about 30 degrees.Purchased from J.J.Teaparty in October of 1994.
Capped Bust Half Dime (1829-1837)42801833H10CAU5883328Valentine 1. LM-10. Both loops of the second S in STATES filled. Beautiful blue, green and gold album toning. Slightly prooflike. Purchased from Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins at the 2014 FUN show.
Liberty Seated Half Dime, No Stars (1837-1838)43111837H10CAU5880473A fully struck white little jewel.Purchased in November 2008.
Liberty Seated Half Dime, No Drapery (1838-1840)43211840H10CAU58+1171The obverse has cobalt-blue and reddish apricot peripheral toning.The reverse has blue-gray,steel-gray and golden-rose toning throughout.Abundant luster especially on the obverse.From the Frank Phillips Collection of the Bowers and Merena 2010 Baltimore sale.
Liberty Seated Half Dime, Drapery (1840-1859)43321843H10CAU5831124Fully struck with light golden toning.Slightly prooflike.Purchased on Ebay in November 2009.
Liberty Seated Half Dime, Arrows (1853-1855)43561853H10CAU58158611Fully struck. Nice luster. Purchased from Dr. Eugene Bruder in April 2014.
Liberty Seated Half Dime, Legend (1860-1873)44011872-SH10CAU5859558Light brown and sea green toning with nice underlying luster. Purchased from the Charlotte Coin Consortium at the 2012 FUN show.
Draped Bust Dime, Small Eagle (1796-1797)4461179610CVF3517155JR 6.Purchased from Julian Leidman at the 1995 FUN show.
Draped Bust Dime, Large Eagle (1798-1807)4477180510CXF4014177JR 2.Purchased at the 1994 CSNS show.
Capped Bust Dime, Large Denticles (1809-1828)4488181410CAU581875JR 3.Large date.Lots of mint luster with light golden and gray toning.A very nice original coin.Obverse die crack from rim to star 8.Multiple reverse die cracks through the shield.Purchased from J.J Teaparty in May 2012.
Capped Bust Dime, Small Denticles (1828-1837)4520183110CAU5834142JR-2.The D in UNITED and the second S in STATES are recut. Superb golden prooflike reflective surfaces. A scarce variety in high grade. Probably condition census or very near so. CAC. Purchased from David Kahn Rare Coins at the 2014 FUN show.
Liberty Seated Dime, No Stars (1837-1838)4561183710CAU5034238Ahwash 1.Purchased from Madison Coin & Currency in February 1994.
Liberty Seated Dime, No Drapery (1838-1840)4571183910CAU5519134Ahwash 1.Beautiful blue and green peripheral toning.The reverse is rotated about 10 degrees.Purchased from J.J. Teaparty in February 2009.
Liberty Seated Dime, Drapery (1840-1860)4614185710CAU5830184Fortin 108.Loads of luster.Light golden peripheral toning.Purchased from Heritage's 2011 Pre-ANA auction.
Liberty Seated Dime, Arrows (1853-1855)4603185310CAU58105511Ahwash 5. Purchased from the 2012 Heritage October Dallas sale.
Liberty Seated Dime, Legend (1860-1891)4692188410CAU5810350Light golden, sea green and russet toning. Purchased on Ebay in March 2014.
Liberty Seated Dime, Legend, Arrows (1873-1874)4668187410CAU588196Light golden peripheral toning. Minute die crack from lower left reverse rim to wreath. Except for the 1943 Steel Cent,this is the toughest post 1840 U.S. type coin to find in PCGS 58. Purchased from J.J. Teaparty in June 2013.
Barber Dime (1892-1916)4857191110CMS62169777Purchased at the 1987 GNA show.
Mercury Dime (1916-1945)50531944-D10CMS67FB1260106Brilliant.Purchased at the 2008 BRNA show.
Roosevelt Dime (1946-1964)850951950-D10CMS67FB1399A brilliant coin from my birth year. Purchased on Ebay in January 2009.
Twenty Cents (1875-1878)52971875-CC20CAU5346487Purchased at the 1994 FUN show.
Draped Bust Quarter, Small Eagle (1796)5310179625CF1225177Browning 2.Purchased from Jack Beymer,in an NGC F-12 slab, in September 1995.
Draped Bust Quarter, Large Eagle (1804-1807)53151806/525CAU556221806/5. Browning 1. This die was used in 1805 as Browning 4. It was softened at year's end by annealing, and overdated to 1806/5. Broken right foot of " I " and left foot of " T " in Liberty. Broken left foot of 1 in date. Broken right foot of " I " in America on reverse. Die state II with clash marks at branch, berry and top leaves. A very nice strike with the eagle's breast feathers showing. A superb Draped Bust Quarter. CAC sticker. Purchased from Harry Laibstain Rare Coins at the 2013 ANA.
Capped Bust Quarter, Large Size (1815-1828)389751825/4/(2)25CAU588201825/4/(2) Browning 2.Reverse die cracks rim to period, arrows, final A in AMERICA to rim. Die crack from rim through left side of I in UNITED to field near eagle's wing. Separate stem to upper berry and T's showing slight split in upright just above right base. Fully struck. Light gold and gray toning atop lustrous surfaces. A superb large diameter Capped Bust Quarter. CAC sticker. Purchased from Doug Winter Numismatics in September 2013.
Capped Bust Quarter, Small Size (1831-1838)5348183125CAU5854177Browning 2. Light blue peripheral toning. Fully prooflike. Very fine reverse die cracks through tops of " UNITED STATES " and top of " CA " in America through the three arrow heads. A superb coin. Purchased from J.J.Teaparty in July 2012.
Liberty Seated Quarter, No Drapery (1838-1840)5391183825CAU53893Purchased from Heritage's 2010 CSNS sale.
Liberty Seated Quarter, No Motto (1840-1865)5454186125CAU5888367Sea green peripheral toning.Type II reverse.CAC sticker.Purchased from the 2012 February Heritage Long Beach auction.
Liberty Seated Quarter, Arr & Rays (1853)5426185325CAU58104375Fully struck.CAC sticker.Purchased from J.J.Teaparty in March 2012.
Liberty Seated Quarter, Arrows NM (1854-1855)5432185425CAU5871210Reverse rotated about 60 degrees.Obverse die crack from lower left field near rim,through base of rock,through arrow,through base of 1 in date.Obverse die crack from bottom of 4 in date through arrow,through tip of toe to field near rim.Purchased from Gold Coast Coin Exchange in October 2011.
Liberty Seated Quarter, With Motto (1866-1891)5524189125CAU5889534Superb reflective luster with electric blue and russet toning. A very pretty coin. Purchased from Knightly Numismatics in April 2013.
Liberty Seated Quarter, Motto, Arr (1873-1874)5491187325CAU5844131Steel blue toning on the obverse.Beautiful blue and red peripheral toning on the reverse with a golden center.Purchased from Michael Aaron Rare Coins at the 2009 ANA.
Barber Quarter (1892-1916)56501908-D25CMS636189Purchased at the 1987 FUN show.
Standing Liberty Quarter, Type 1 (1916-1917)57091917-D25CMS63FH298948Purchased at the 1987 FUN show.
Standing Liberty Quarter, Type 2 (1917-1930)5734192025CMS64504315Purchased at the 1986 ANA.
Washington Quarter, Silver (1932-1964)5839194925CMS6655884Light golden peripheral toning.Purchased at the 2009 FUN show.
Flowing Hair Half Dollar (1794-1795)6052179550CF12220742Overton 119. Two leaves. Purchased at the 1988 FUN show.
Draped Bust Half Dollar, Sm Eagle (1796-1797)   50C  
Draped Bust Half Dollar, Lg Eagle (1801-1807)6073180650CVF3535173Overton 109. Purchased at the 1988 FUN show.
Capped Bust Half Dollar, Let Edge (1807-1836)6154182950CAU58194247Overton 119. Fully struck with light golden toning. Semi-prooflike. Purchased from Eye Appealing Coins at the 2013 ANA.
Capped Bust Half Dollar, "50 CENTS" (1836-1837)6176183750CAU50153910JR-7a.Obverse die break from rim above 4th star through tip of bust through date ending at the 12th star.Reverse die break from 2nd "T" in "STATES" through "UNITED",eagle's wing tip and through "50 CENTS".Pretty light blue-green peripheral toning on the reverse.Much better struck than normal.A very tough type to find nice.Purchased from New Orleans Rare Coins at the 2009 TSNS show.
Capped Bust Half Dollar, "HALF DOL." (1838-1839)61811839-O50CAU532279JR-1b.Die breaks through almost all stars on the obverse.Purchased at the 1993 Silver Dollar show.
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, No Drap (1839)6230183950CAU502179Die break through HALF DOL. on the reverse.Purchased at the 1993 Silver Dollar show.
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, No Motto (1839-1866)62971859-O50CAU581764Light golden toning with blue-green peripheral toning and ample luster underneath. Purchased from Aurora Coin Shop at the 2013 CSNS show.
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Arr & Ray (1853)6275185350CAU55112475Nice light golden toning.Purchased from Jack Beymer at the 1993 Silver Dollar show.
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, NM, Arr (1854-1855)62831855-O50CAU5848214Light golden peripheral toning on both sides with light sea green toning at the date.Purchased in March 2010.
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Motto (1866-1891)63541876-S50CAU5830154Fully struck.Mostly gray toning on the obverse.Beautiful sea green and golden toning with underlying luster on the reverse.Purchased from Heritage's 2010 February Long Beach sale.
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Mot, Arr (1873-1874)6343187350CAU5532147Very light golden toning at left obverse rim.Purchased from Dick Osburn Rare Coins at the 2011 ANA.
Barber Half Dollar (1892-1915)65021905-O50CMS632661Purchased at the 1988 FUN show.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947)66311947-D50CMS66115483Light golden toning on the left side.Purchased at the 2009 FUN show.
Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963)866731957-D50CMS66FL37922Gold,green and red Mint Set toning.Purchased at the 2009 FUN show.
Kennedy Half Dollar (1964)67071964-D50CMS6649842Beautiful reddish golden end of the roll toning on the obverse.Blast white reverse. Purchased from George Huber at the 2009 BRNA show.
Flowing Hair Dollar (1794-1795)68531795$1F1260430Bolendar 1. BB-21. Two leaves. A very solid coin. Purchased at the 1989 CSNS show.
Bust Dollar, Small Eagle (1795-1798)68591796$1XF403862Bolender 2. BB-63. Die State I. Superb surfaces. Purchased at the 1992 FUN show.
Bust Dollar, Large Eagle (1798-1804)68871800$1XF40143259B-17. BB-196. Die State IV. Twelve Arrows. Superb surfaces with light blue peripheral toning. Purchased from Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries at the 2014 ANA.
Liberty Seated Dollar, Gob NS Obv (1836)112251836$1PR5531131One of my favorite coins.Beautiful light blue peripheral toning.Purchased from Jonathan Kern at the 1994 CSNS show.
Liberty Seated Dollar, Gob ST Obv (1838-1839)   $1  
Liberty Seated Dollar, No Motto (1840-1866)69291843$1AU556390Purchased at the 1988 GCNE show.
Liberty Seated Dollar, With Motto (1866-1873)69661871$1AU5842172Prooflike,especially on the reverse.Purchased from Don Rinkor Rare Coins at the 2010 ANA.
Trade Dollar (1873-1885)70481878-ST$1AU58151484Light golden toning with a few touches of blue-green toning at the obverse rims.Prooflike,especially on the reverse.This is the variety with the medium filled mintmark.Purchased from Hallmark Rare Coins at the 2012 GNA show.
Morgan Dollar (1878-1921)71301881-S$1MS66126692269Beautiful blue,green,violet and gold toning.Great reflectivity in the fields.A very uncommon condition of a very common coin.Purchased at the 2009 FUN show.
Peace Dollar, High Relief (1921-1922)73561921$1AU58135812084A decent strike on this notoriously poorly struck date.Purchased from Teletrade in September 2011.
Peace Dollar (1922-1935)73601923$1MS65163872437Blast white.Very clean fields and cheek.Purchased from Music City Coins at the 2010 Nashville Whitman show.
Gold Dollar, Type 1 (1849-1854)75151851-DG$1AU552154A really nice coin from the Dahlonega Mint. Purchased from Mid-American Rare Coin Auctions 1985 GNA sale of the Dr. Jasper L. Robertson Collection. Lot 1113. It was partially described there as: " Attractive, golden orange toning. There is also considerable mint luster still adhering about the devices. This coin would be ideal for inclusion in a Type set."
Gold Dollar, Type 2 (1854-1856)75321855G$1AU584681261Much better struck than most Type 2 Gold Dollars.Slight die clashing visible on the reverse.The first L in Dollar is a little weak.Open 5's in date.Purchased from Heritage's inventory in February 2011.
Gold Dollar, Type 3 (1856-1889)75821881G$1AU587443Partly repunched date. Heavy letters with partial extra outlines. Purchased from Yellow River Rare Coins at the 2013 ANA.
Draped Bust $2 1/2, No Stars (1796)  1796$2.50  
Draped Bust $2 1/2, Stars (1796-1807)   $2.50  
Capped Bust $2 1/2, Large Bust (1808)  1808$2.50  
Capped Bust $2 1/2, Lg Dent. (1821-1827)   $2.50  
Capped Bust $2 1/2, Sm Dent. (1829-1834)   $2.50  
Classic Head $2 1/2 (1834-1839)76961838$2.50AU552247A super nice coin.Purchased in February 1985.
Liberty $2 1/2 (1840-1907)78561904$2.50MS6311411541Purchased at the 1987 ANA.
Indian $2 1/2 (1908-1929)79511927$2.50MS641939523Purchased at the 1980 Alabama Numismatic Society show.
Indian Princess $3 (1854-1889)79791859$3AU58+1112The reverse is rotated about 15 degrees.Purchased from J.J.Teaparty in January 1982.
Flowing Hair Stella (1879-1880)   $4  
Coiled Hair Stella (1879-1880)   $4  
Draped Bust $5, Small Eagle (1795-1798)   $5  
Draped Bust $5, Large Eagle (1795-1807)   $5  
Capped Bust $5, Large Bust (1807-1812)   $5  
Capped Bust $5, Sm Bust, Lg Sz (1813-1829)   $5  
Capped Bust $5, Sm Bust, Sm Sz (1829-1834)   $5  
Classic Head $5 (1834-1838)81741836$5AU5567165Third head, no berry in branch. Very nice yellow gold surfaces. Purchased from Harbor Coin at the 2014 FUN show.
Liberty $5, No Motto (1839-1866)82501852$5AU584886Nice original surfaces. Obverse die crack from rim below point of bust through stars 1-4. Purchased from Excelsior Coin Gallery at the 2014 ANA.
Liberty $5, With Motto (1866-1908)83681885-S$5MS6438073Purchased at the 1984 FUN show.
Indian Head $5 (1908-1929)85301915$5MS6213471457Purchased from Tennessee Exchange in August 1987.
Draped Bust $10, Small Eagle (1795-1797)   $10  
Draped Bust $10, Large Eagle (1797-1804)   $10  
Liberty $10, No Mot, Cov. Ear (1838-1839)   $10  
Liberty $10, No Motto (1839-1866)86071851-O$10AU582211Variety 2,low date. Hollow ring at the top of the second vertical stripe in the shield. Very well struck except for the star radial lines which are invariably flat. Semi-prooflike. Very lightly abraded surfaces. A superior No Motto New Orleans Mint Eagle. Purchased from Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries at the 2013 ANA.
Liberty $10, With Motto (1866-1907)87251893$10MS60190116071Prooflike surfaces.Purchased from Tennessee Exchange in December 1980.
Indian $10, Wire Edge (1907)88501907$10  
Indian $10, Rolled Edge (1907)  1907$10  
Indian $10, No Motto (1907-1908)88521907$10MS615583935Purchased at the 1988 CSNS show.
Indian $10, With Motto (1908-1933)88681911$10MS6229132491Purchased from Tennessee Exchange in August 1980.
Liberty $20, No Motto (1850-1866)89051851-O$20AU5078102Purchased at the 1987 FUN show.
Liberty $20, "TWENTY D." (1866-1876)89671873$20AU555163783Purchased at the 1987 FUN show.
Liberty $20, "TWENTY DOLLARS" (1877-1907)90451904$20MS625737393964Purchased from Art Kagin at the 1982 International Paper Money Show.
St. Gaudens $20, High Relief (1907)91351907$20AU583153334Arguably our Nation's most beautiful coin. Acquired in March 2014.
St. Gaudens $20, No Motto (1907-1908)91411907$20MS6150913394Purchased at the 1988 CSNS show.
St. Gaudens $20, Motto (1908-1933)91771924$20MS65418078927The reverse on this coin is especially nice.Purchased at the 2010 FUN show.
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