The Many Varieties of Abe Collection

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The Many Varieties of Abe Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
24241909 VDB1CMS66+ RB26Pop 2/5
376311909 VDB DDO FS-1101 (FS-012)1CMS64BN161Pop 7/0 from Mel Pruitt. DDO FS-1101 (FS-012)
376341909 VDB DDO FS-1102 (FS-012.1)1CMS65BN40DDO FS-1102. Pop 2/0. Mel Pruitt.
24291909 Lincoln1CMS66BN80Pop 8/0 from Illini Mike.
  1909-S VDB1C 
24321909-S Lincoln1CMS65BN120Pop 7/0
376401909-S/S RPM FS-15011CAU58BN26Pop 1/4. 1909 S/S RPM FS-1501 (FS-012.2) CAC
924331909-S/S S/Horizontal S FS-15021CMS65RB415Pop 25/1. Mike Sturgeon pedigree Horizontal S/S
243519101CMS65BN394Pop 30/2
24401910-S1CMS64+ RD5386Pop 3/375.
  1910-S/S RPM FS-5011C 
376491910-S/S RPM FS-5021CMS61BN12Pop 1/2. Holder shows FS-501, but it is actually an FS-502.
244119111CMS65BN195Pop 17/2
24441911-D1CMS64BN939Mel Pruitt pedigree
  1911-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1911-D/D RPM FS-5021C 
  1911-D/D RPM FS-5031C 
376641911-D/D RPM FS-5041CXF45BN251911-D/D RPM FS-504 (FS-012.83) Pop 1/2.
24471911-S1CMS65BN100Pop 5/0 From the Original Pennies From Heaven collection
376701911-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS64BN20Pop 1/0. 1911-S/S RPM FS-501 (FS-012.85) courtesy of Mel Pruitt
245119121CMS65RB633Mike Sturgeon pedigree
24531912-D1CMS64BN608Pop 45/3.
24561912-S1CMS64BN7611Pop 47/7
245919131CMS65BN230Pop 17/0.
24631913-D1CMS65RB171Pop 14/1.
24651913-S1CMS64BN417Pop 28/7. CAC
246819141CMS65BN322Pop 23/2.
247719151CMS64BN9439Lee G special.
24811915-D1CMS64+ RB350Pop 2/41.
24831915-S1CMS64BN6212Pop 35/9. Cracked out of Gold PCI 64 BN holder, and submitted raw successf...
248619161CMS65BN173Pop 14/3
24891916-D1CMS64+ BN118Pop 1/14.
24921916-S1CMS64BN10518Pop 65/11.
249619171CMS65RB6410Pop 51/7.
  1917 DDO FS-1011C 
25011917-S1CMS64BN698Pop 41/5.
25081918-D1CMS64RB15125Pop 128/22.
25101918-S1CMS64BN699Pop 49/7.
25161919-D1CMS65BN110Pop 9/0.
25191919-S1CMS64BN10610Pop 68/9
252319201CMS65RB523Pop 41/2, CAC. Very nice coin in old rattler holder
25251920-D1CMS65BN80Pop 7/0. Mel Pruitt
25281920-S1CMS64BN574Pop 31/3
253319211CMS64+ RD4292Pop 4/268.
25341921-S1CMS64BN474Pop 33/3
  1922-D Weak D1C 
  1922 No D Strong Reverse FS-4011C 
  1922 No D Weak Reverse1C 
254419231CMS65RB404Pop 27/4
25461923-S1CMS64BN292Pop 26/2
255019241CMS64RB16832Lee G.
25521924-D1CMS64BN5013Pop 47/13
25551924-S1CMS64BN364Pop 24/3.
255919251CMS65RB525Lee G.
25611925-D1CMS65BN31Pop 2/1.
25641925-S1CMS64BN437Pop 35/6. CAC. Mel Pruitt
  1925-S DDO FS-1011C 
376881925-S/S RPM FS-5011CXF40BN823Pop 3/4. RPM FS-501 (FS-013.31) Courtesy of Mel Pruitt.
25711926-D1CMS64RB19724Pop 152/18
25731926-S1CMS63BN10168Pop 67/50.
257719271CMS65RB813Pop 70/2.
  1927 DDO FS-1011C 
25791927-D1CMS65BN171Pop 11/1.
377001927-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS63BN621927 D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-013.51) Pop 4/2
25821927-S1CMS64BN251Pop 21/1.
25881928-D1CMS65BN110Pop 8/0, CAC. JJ Teaparty, assist to Mike Sturgeon
25911928-S1CMS64BN231Pop 14/1. Ex Smitty's collection
377061928-S Large S FS-5011CMS64BN501928-S Large S FS-501 (FS-013.6) Pop 6/0.
259519291CMS65RB627Lee G.
25971929-D1CMS65BN80Pop 5/0.
26001929-S1CMS65BN10Pop 1/0!
377121929-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS64BN101929-S/S RPM FS-501 (FS-013.65) Pop 1/0.
260419301CMS66RB50Pop 5/0
  1930-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
377181930-D/D RPM FS-5021CVF25BN221930 D/D RPM FS-502 (FS-013.7) Scarce Variety. Pop 1/2
377251930-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS65RB101930 S/S RPM FS-501 (FS-013.73) Pop 1/0.
261319311CMS65RB1256Pop 121/6
26181931-S1CMS65BN201Pop 20/0.
26251932-D1CMS66RB20Pop 2/0. Mike Sturgeon
262919331CMS65RD494347Pop 481/333
26321933-D1CMS65+ RD3387Pop 4/354
263519341CMS66+ RD20309First MS 66+ grade lincoln graded. Pop 1/274.
  1934 DDO FS-1011C 
377391934-D/D RPM FS-5031CXF40BN261934 D/D RPM FS-503 (FS-013.81) Pop 2/5
377361934-D/D RPM FS-5041CXF45BN44Pop 3/3. RPM FS-504 (FS-013.8) Pretty scarce variety.
264119351CMS66+ RD26481Pop 8/462
377461935 DDO FS-1011CMS63RB24Pop 2/3. DDO FS-101 (FS-013.9). Thanks to Dallas Langham!
265019361CMS66+ RD8230Pop 6/226
  1936 DDO FS-1011C 
377511936 DDO FS-1021CXF40BN6101936 DDO FS-102 (FS-015) Broken Leg R hub Pop 6/7
  1936 DDO FS-1031C 
265919371CMS67RD4167Pop 397/2
26621937-D1CMS66+ RD9339Pop 8/335
26651937-S1CMS66+ RD16203Pop 6/155.
266819381CMS66+ RD17294Pop 3/259
26711938-D1CMS66+ RD9384Pop 4/374
377601938-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS63BN101938 D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-016.4). Pop 1/0.
26741938-S1CMS66+ RD22255First 66+RD graded. Pop 1/227
377681938-S/S RPM FS-5021CMS64RD23110RPM FS-502 (FS-016.5)
377701938-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS64RB21Pop 1/1. RPM FS-501 (FS-016.51) Mike Sturgeon
267719391CMS67RD40214Pop 377/3
377751939 DDO FS-1011CMS63BN30Pop 2/0. DDO FS-101 (FS-017)
26801939-D1CMS66+ RD14427First 66+RD to be graded. Pop 1/404
26831939-S1CMS66+ RD30332Pop 15/306
268619401CMS66+ RD11225Pop 3/208
26891940-D1CMS67RD3273Pop 322/3.
26921940-S1CMS66+ RD14209Pop 5/182
269519411CMS66+ RD7211Pop 3/198
377781941 DDO FS-1011CAU55BN201941 DDO FS-101 (FS-018) Pop 2/0.
377811941 DDO FS-1021CAU58BN23DDO FS-102 (FS-018.1) Pop 2/2. Courtesy of DCW.
377841941 DDO FS-1031CAU50BN33Pop 2/1. DDO FS-103 (FS-018.3)
26971941-D1CMS67RB280Pop 24/0.
27011941-S1CMS67RD2137Pop 201/4
270419421CMS66+ RD5146Pop 6/137
  1942 DDO FS-1021C 
377931942 DDO FS-1031CVF30BN291942 DDO FS-103 (FS-018.9) Pop 1/7
27071942-D1CMS66+ RD11299Pop 11/290
378001942-D/D RPM FS-5021CMS65RB201942 D/D RPM FS-502 (FS-018.91) Pop 2/0
  1942-D/D RPM FS-5041C 
27101942-S1CMS66+ RD14346Pop 4/316
378081942-S/S RPM FS-5121CMS63BN101942 S/S RPM FS-512 (FS-018.93). Pop 1/0. Chris Welch
378161942-S DDO FS-1011CMS65RD2413Pop 19/12. 1942-S DDO & RPM FS-101 (FS-018.94) Mel Pruitt
271119431CMS66+41590Pop 3/1575.
378181943 DDO FS-1011CAU552171943 DDO FS-101 (FS-018.97) Pop 1/12.
  1943-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
378201943-D/D RPM FS-5021C 
378221943-S DDO FS-1011CMS631461943-S DDO FS-101 (FS-019.5) Pop 1/29.
272219441CMS66+ RD20231Pop 6/212
27251944-D1CMS66+ RD9279Pop 4/272
378271944-D/D RPM FS-5021CMS64RB701944 D/D RPM FS-502 (FS-021.1) Pop 5/0. Submitted raw on 3/7/11.
378311944-D/D RPM FS-5071CMS64RD661944 D/D RPM FS-507 (FS-021.11) Pop 4/6.
27261944-D/S OMM FS-5111CAU58BN1531944 D/S OMM FS-511. Pop 15/2. Dennis Wells
378361944-D OMM FS-5121CMS64RB331944-D OMM FS-512 (FS-021). Pop 2/2
27311944-S1CMS67RD3160Pop 304/0
273419451CMS66+ RD1564Pop 16/54
27371945-D1CMS66+ RD6251Pop 6/245
27401945-S1CMS67RD7154Pop 685/0
274219461CMS65RB150Pop 15/0.
27461946-D1CMS66+ RD22149Pop 21/136
27491946-S1CMS66+ RD27122Pop 20/115.
  1946-S/D OMM FS-5011C 
275219471CMS65+ RD2572Pop 1/466
378491947 DDO FS-1011CMS65RD611947 DDO FS-101 (FS-021.3) Pop 6/1. Another one to lose money on....
27551947-D1CMS66+ RD1285Pop 5/72
27581947-S1CMS66+ RD15183Pop 16/156
378551947-S/S RPM FS-5041CMS65RD1171947 S/S RPM FS-504 (FS-021.31) Pop 9/3. Mel Pruitt
276019481CMS66RB40Pop 3/0
27641948-D1CMS66+ RD1153Pop 12/53
27671948-S1CMS67RD1863Pop 177/0
277019491CMS66RD41030Pop 335/8
27731949-D1CMS66RD48354Pop 402/31
378591949-D/D RPM FS-5011CAU55BN331949 D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-021.33) Pop 2/2.
27761949-S1CMS67RD1962Pop 174/0
277919501CMS66+ RD1732Pop 15/32 CAC
378671950-S/S RPM FS-5041CMS65RD16151950 S/S RPM FS-504 (FS-021.34) Pop 13/12.
278719511CMS66RB10Pop 1/0
27911951-D1CMS66+ RD17112Pop 12/94
378731951-D DDO FS-1011CMS65+ RD121951-D DDO FS-101 (FS-021.4) Pop 1/2
378861951-D/D RPM FS-5211CVF35BN3111951 D/D RPM FS-521 (FS-021.51) Pop 3/11
378791951-D/S OMM FS-5111CMS64RD1567Pop 3/13. OMM FS-511 (FS-021.5) Mel Pruitt.
378821951-D OMM FS-5121CMS65RD1711951 D/S OMM FS-512 (FS-021.52) Pop 15/1.
279619521CMS66RB60Pop 6/0.
28001952-D1CMS66+ RD2080Pop 18/55
378931952-D RPM FS-5111CMS65RB101952-D/S OMM FS-511 (FS-021.6) Pop 1/0! Submitted raw on 3/7/2011.
28031952-S1CMS66+ RD35116Pop 30/109
379001953-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD2071953-D/D RPM FS-502 (FS-021.73) Pop 15/2. Submitted raw on 3/7/2011.
28121953-S1CMS66+ RD16137Pop 8/112
281519541CMS65RD1195436Pink Champagne
28181954-D1CMS66+ RD1867Pop 16/58
379061954-D/D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD440Pop 24/0. RPM FS-501 (FS-021.76) LazyPoet
28211954-S1CMS66+ RD25205MS 66+ grade lincoln. Pop 3/189.
282419551CMS66+ RD3324Pop 9/14.
  1955 DDO FS-1011C 
379071955 FS-1021CAU50BN8171955 DDO FS-102 (FS-021.9) Pop 7/15.
28291955-D1CMS65+ RB16Pop 1/3. $3 Price Guide. Yeah....good luck with that!!
379181955-D DDO FS-1011CMS65RD241Pop 13/0. DDO FS-101 (FS-021.93)
379241955-D RPM FS-5031CMS65RD1611955-D/D RPM FS-503 (FS-021.94) Raw submission on 6/28/2012. Pop 8/1.
28331955-S1CMS66+ RD33271Pop 7/243
379331955-S/S/S FS-5011CMS65RD47181955-S/S/S. Pop 31/7. RPM FS-501 (FS-021.97) CAC
283619561CMS66+ RD1330Pop 12/21. CAC
28391956-D1CMS66+ RD4055Pop 28/43
379421956-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD29131956-D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-022.1) "Poker Hand RPM" Pop 21/7. Submitted raw ...
379391956-D/D RPM FS-5081CMS65RD3051956- D/D ("Shadow D") Pop 21/3. RPM FS-508 (FS-022). CAC
284219571CMS66RD66014Pop 543/5 and "BIE" variety!
28451957-D1CMS66+ RD3667Pop 21/37
284819581CMS66+ RD1835Pop 13/28, and the ever-so-imortant CAC sticker
  1958 DDO FS-1011C 
28511958-D1CMS66+ RD37117Pop 24/104