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Washington Quarters Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1932-1964): The Dempsey Washington Collection

The Dempsey Washington Collection

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About this set:  Most off the coins in this set are of premium quality and are high end for the grade,with several coins that are deserving of an upgrade.This set is predominantly made up of white coins with some coins of color. I love a coin that looks as if it were just minted, but who can resist A nicely toned coin.

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The Dempsey Washington Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
5790193225CMS65625286628287light peripheral toning
57921932-S25CMS631064136710641367A Very Nice Coin With light toning
5793193425CMS66360148549208A Very Nice Coin with some album toning
857961934-D25CMS64210148742567Very Nice white coin
5797193525CMS671242912429A Very Nice 100% white coin
57981935-D25CMS662594625946A 100% Snow White PQ and High End Coin.
57991935-S25CMS663039830398A Very Nice Coin with light toning
5800193625CMS66582110584110Craig Norris, Brilliant high end
58011936-D25CMS65330175330175A White high end PQ coin with slightest touch of peripheral toning. Thanks ...
58021936-S25CMS65915386915386A PQ white coin with a whisper of toning, should go 66
5803193725CMS66414102416102A Very Nice 95% white coin
58041937-D25CMS66329101329101A very nice Pq snow white coin
58051937-S25CMS65648275648275A very nice coin with light toning
5806193825CMS65581408581408A very Nice White Coin
58071938-S25CMS66443100443100A PQ 98% white coin
5808193925CMS6610684611068461American rare coins,a very nice brilliant PQ coin that should be a 67
58091939-D25CMS66566125566126Nice white coin
58101939-S25CMS663438535288A very nice white coin
58121940-D25CMS663987640777White PQ coin with a slight haze under magnification
58131940-S25CMS66619108619108Nice white coin
5814194125CMS671062110621an extremely nice white coin from SilverMonster coins
58151941-D25CMS664157341874Zaps, a nice 97% white coin
58161941-S25CMS66481139490139Craig Norris,high end 98% white
5817194225CMS662886828968Garber, Blast white high end coin
58181942-D25CMS665806858269nice white coin
58191942-S25CMS65655412655412nice coin 98% white
5820194325CMS66983166991169Garber Blast White High end should be a 7
58211943-D25CMS66566109567110A Very Nice Blast White Coin
58221943-S25CMS666729469296A Very Nice White coin
5824194425CMS66926119928119 A real nice brilliant coin
58251944-D25CMS66796148798148A Very nice white coin
58261944-S25CMS66915187962192W M Garber Colletion, A Very Nice Blast White High end Coin
5827194525CMS663896238962A Very Nice White Coin
58281945-D25CMS664317143171Nice white coin
58291945-S25CMS666518765687Nice white coin
5830194625CMS664576345763Boom,A very nice 98% brilliant coin
58311946-D25CMS66104097104197nice coin
58321946-S25CMS671312113122A Very Nice,100% brilliant coin
58341947-D25CMS671721817218Craig Norris
58351947-S25CMS6618372831911304snow white with a tinge of toning
5836194825CMS66959153959153nice white coin
58371948-D25CMS66516142516142A 100% Brilliant White Coin
58381948-S25CMS6610191451019146blast white
5839194925CMS66655110655110SilverMonster Coins,A very nice coin 99% blast white
58401949-D25CMS66687107688107Boom, A PQ frosty white coin
5841195025CMS668558289395A very nice 100 % blast white coin
58421950-D25CMS665909660799A Very Nice Blast White Coin
58441950-S25CMS66823139873158A very nice 100% white coin
5846195125CMS667299272992W M Garber Colletion Blast White High end should be a 7
58471951-D25CMS665307053270Blast White
58481951-S25CMS671512815128A very nice fully toned coin with underlying luster
5849195225CMS66558126558126A Very nice fully toned coin with some color overlying brilliant luster
58501952-D25CMS663474134741A Very Nice 100% brilliant coin
58511952-S25CMS671983620436W M Garber colletion through AK*Rick. A nice toner
5852195325CMS66417104417104A very Nice golden toned coin
58531953-D25CMS662554925749Iridescent tones of green,gold,and rose overlying brilliant luster
58541953-S25CMS6611291561129156Nice white coin with a slight golden wash
5855195425CMS669588095880A Nice White Coin
58561954-D25CMS664234842348S.Bednar, A nice brilliant white coin
58571954-S25CMS6613981501398150Brad Garber,Extemely high end,100% blast white PQ coin
5858195525CMS668054780547A Very Nice Blast White Coin
58591955-D25CMS662572125721A very nice golden toned coin
5860195625CMS6612101551217156white with striations
58611956-D25CMS664274242842Steel blue
5862195725CMS6723232493A fully toned coin. blues purples gold
58631957-D25CMS66725145725145Craig Norris Nice colors over brilliant luster
5864195825CMS6729552965a very nice fully toned coin overlying booming luster
58651958-D25CMS6611482131148213A Nice brilliant coin with a slight golden wash
5866195925CMS667054272643blast white
58671959-D25CMS663932239322 A Very Nice Blast White coin
5868196025CMS664223147732A Very Nice white coin
58691960-D25CMS664972649726A very nice white coin from Albanese Rare coins
5870196125CMS665214754748A very nice pq coin
58711961-D25CMS662331723317A Blast white coin with an excellent strike
5872196225CMS664543446737Boom, A brilliant PQ coin
58731962-D25CMS662462424624 Craig Norris, A Pq coin with some toning
5874196325CMS664514549148Nice white coin
58751963-D25CMS662984229842 Garber,a very nice high end coin 95% white
5876196425CMS665315554969100% brilliant white coin
58771964-D25CMS66621104629105a very nice brilliant coin