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Washington Quarters Basic Set, Silver Proof (1999-present): Miss Coco Puff's Silver State Quarter Set

Miss Coco Puff's Silver State Quarter Set

Current Statistics
Rank 83
Weighted GPA 68.877
Complete 70.37%
Set Rating 48.469
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Miss Coco Puff's Silver State Quarter Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
960431999-S Delaware Silver25CPR69DC64401966440196
9130001999-S Pennsylvania Silver25CPR69DC65692456569245
9130021999-S New Jersey Silver25CPR69DC65152296515229
9130041999-S Georgia Silver25CPR69DC67123436712343
9130061999-S Connecticut Silver25CPR69DC65973526597352
9130082000-S Massachusetts Silver25CPR69DC77903467790346
9130102000-S Maryland Silver25CPR69DC77284187728418
9130122000-S South Carolina Silver25CPR69DC77223337722333
9130142000-S New Hampshire Silver25CPR69DC75442897544289
9130162000-S Virginia Silver25CPR69DC76913527691352
9130182001-S New York Silver25CPR69DC62354116235411
9130202001-S North Carolina Silver25CPR69DC61864306186430
8130222001-S Rhode Island Silver25CPR68CA4146741
9130242001-S Vermont Silver25CPR68DC14967781496779
9130262001-S Kentucky Silver25CPR69DC61984616198461
9130282002-S Tennessee Silver25CPR69DC56474335647433
9130302002-S Ohio Silver25CPR68DC12960251296025
9130322002-S Louisiana Silver25CPR68DC16758561675856
9130342002-S Indiana Silver25CPR69DC55973405597340
9130362002-S Mississippi Silver25CPR69DC55245055524505
9130382003-S Illinois Silver25CPR69DC64854986485498
9130402003-S Alabama Silver25CPR69DC63505146350514
9130422003-S Maine Silver25CPR69DC63774096377409
9130442003-S Missouri Silver25CPR69DC63635056363505
9130462003-S Arkansas Silver25CPR69DC63895366389536
9130482004-S Michigan Silver25CPR69DC89536198953619
9130502004-S Florida Silver25CPR69DC90235209023520
9130522004-S Texas Silver25CPR69DC89946808994680
9130542004-S Iowa Silver25CPR69DC88946998894699
9130562004-S Wisconsin Silver25CPR69DC90007579000757
9130582005-S California Silver25CPR69DC66647696664769
9130602005-S Minnesota Silver25CPR69DC64906536492653
9130622005-S Oregon Silver25CPR69DC65306426530642
9130642005-S Kansas Silver25CPR69DC66595586659558
9130662005-S West Virginia Silver25CPR69DC64808306480830
391152006-S Nevada Silver25CPR69DC49717114971711
391212006-S Nebraska Silver25CPR69DC48497594849759
391272006-S Colorado Silver25CPR69DC49038044903804
391332006-S North Dakota Silver25CPR69DC48347264834726
391392006-S South Dakota Silver25CPR69DC48258194825819
391452007-S Montana Silver25CPR69DC53695595369559
391512007-S Washington Silver25CPR69DC53785405378540
391572007-S Idaho Silver25CPR69DC54354685435468
391632007-S Wyoming Silver25CPR69DC54393215439321
391692007-S Utah Silver25CPR67DC2595125951
391752008-S Oklahoma Silver25CPR69DC45817234581723
391812008-S New Mexico Silver25CPR69DC45845934584593
391872008-S Arizona Silver25CPR69DC44708204470820
391932008-S Alaska Silver25CPR69DC45726874572687
391992008-S Hawaii Silver25CPR69DC47194714719471
4065652009-S District of Columbia Silver25CPR69DC27817722781772
4065712009-S Puerto Rico Silver25CPR69DC27737942773794
4065772009-S Guam Silver25CPR69DC28896562889656
4065832009-S America Samoa Silver25CPR69DC26189422618942
4065902009-S U.S. Virgin Islands Silver25CPR69DC28207412820741
4065962009-S Northern Mariana Islands Silver25CPR69DC27897622789762
  2010-S Hot Springs NP Silver25C 
  2010-S Yellowstone NP Silver25C 
  2010-S Yosemite NP Silver25C 
  2010-S Grand Canyon NP Silver25C 
  2010-S Mount Hood NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Gettysburg NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Glacier NP - Silver25C 
  2011-S Olympic NP - Silver25C 
5051882011-S Vicksburg NP - Silver25CPR69DC127258226781218
  2011-S Chickasaw NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S El Yunque NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Chaco Culture NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Acadia NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Hawaii Volcanoes NP - Silver25C 
  2012-S Denali NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S White Mountain NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Perry's Memorial - Silver25C 
  2013-S Great Basin NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Fort McHenry NP - Silver25C 
  2013-S Mount Rushmore NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Great Smoky Mtns NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Shenandoah NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Arches NP - Silver25C 
  2014-S Great Sand Dunes NP - Silver 25C 
  2014-S Everglades NP - Silver25C