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British Elizabeth II 2 Pounds Silver Britannia Date Set, Proof (1997-present): KDZ Elizabeth II 2£ Proof Britannia Date Set

KDZ Elizabeth II 2£ Proof Britannia Date Set

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About this set: When Britain first, at Heaven's command arose from out the azure main, this was the charter of the land, and guardian angels sang this strain: "Rule, Britannia! rule the waves, Britons never will be slaves."

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KDZ Elizabeth II 2£ Proof Britannia Date Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
3891971998£2PR69DC140The Britannia's hair and gown streaming in the wind, she stands defiantly proud, armed in her right hand with a familiar trident, her left hand resting on a shield.
5004782001£2PR69DC330This rare coin shows the standing figure of a youthful Victoria guiding the British lion, a design that has long been recognized for its outstanding beauty and simple charm.
1407712005£2PR69DC250The Britannia, seated atop a craggy rock, looking out to sea, with her robes blowing in the wind, in her right hand the Britannia holds a shield, emphasizing her protection of the British Isles. The laurel bush in front of her symbolizes her love of peace but her helmet and the trident clasped in her left hand emphasize that she is not defenseless.
1474512006£2PR69DC110Proud and defiant, the Britannia stands guard at the shoreline, her hair and gown streaming in the blustery sea breeze. Holding both trident and olive branch she is at once the warrior and the peacemaker, her helmet and shield completing a figure resolute in her defense of the shores.
3934312007£2PR69DC350The Britannia in a traditional seated pose with a watchful lion at her feet and in the distance- a shoreline of cliffs.
4124952009£2PR70DC500A dynamic portrayal of Britannia which emphasises her strength a well as her long association with the sea, it features the majestic figure of Britannia standing proud in her chariot as, drawn by two mighty horses, she races along the seashore.
5005012010£2PR70DC160The Britannia a symbol of love and protection. Britannia has been associated with Britain since Roman times. She appeared on the coins of three famous antiquarian, 'pourtraied sitting upon rocks in womans habit'. The Britannia always reflect the changing status of the island nation as well as her origins, she has never been absent from the coinage since. Today she adorns the highest value coins of the realm.
5075502011£2PR70DC970In his Britannia design for 2011, renowed artist, David Mach RA, draws on the same level of inspiration as his large- scale sculpture and collage work to create a thoroughly modern design, reinventing the Britannia he recalls from the pennies of his youth to fashion a symbol of enduring patriotism, seated among the billowing folds of the Union flag.
5119472012£2PR70DC3700To mark the 25th anniversary of the acclaimed Britannia coins, a new 2012 Britannia silver coin again features this remarkable portrait. Instead of being seated, the elegant figure stands on the shoreline, holding in her outstretched hand her familiar trident, while her left hand rests on her shield and holds a sprig of olive. With her dynamic pose and windswept drapery defining her limbs, Britannia appears so life-like she seems to nearly step out of the frame. The obverse bears the effigy of Her Majesty The Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS. A crenellated border unique to Britannia coins frames both reverse and obverse designs.
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