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Franklin Half Dollars FBL Complete Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1948-1963): bgdurango


Current Statistics
Rank 5
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 65.802
Complete 97.37%
Set Rating 63.929
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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
5099351948 Obv Die Clash FS-30150CMS64FL187187Obv Die Clash FS-402
1458021948 DDR FS-80150CMS64FL47254725Double Die Reverse FS-801
866521948-D50CMS65FL19092541909254CAC Certified
1458041948-D DDR FS-80150CMS65FL325325Double Die Reverse FS-801
86653194950CMS64FL2074146220741462Old Green Holder/ DDO-001
4084891949 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS64FL25132513Bugs Bunny FS-401
5106651949 Obv Die Clash FS-40250CMS65FL126126Obv Die Clash FS-402
866541949-D50CMS64FL29698272969827Omaha Bank Hoard/ D/D RPM FS-501
866551949-S50CMS65FL573243573243Old Green Holder
1458061949-S/S RPM FS-50150CMS64FL4949S/S RPM FS-501
5106561950 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS633137Bugs Bunny FS-401
866571950-D50CMS65FL751105751105Old Green Holder
5099451950-D RPM FS-50150CMS64FL267267D/D RPM FS-501
1478651951 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS64FL4444Bugs Bunny FS-401
  1951 Obv Die Clash FS-40250C 
866591951-D50CMS65FL845132845132Old Green Holder D/D RPM FS-501
866601951-S50CMS64FL710700710700Old Green Holder/ Bugs Bunny FS-401
3959991951-S DDR FS-80150CMS662025Double Die Reverse FS-801
5099501951-S/S RPM FS-50150CMS64FL3737S/S RPM FS-501
1478661952 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS633237Bugs Bunny FS-401
5105861952 Scarface FS-40250CAU5537317Scarface FS-402 CAC Certified
866621952-D50CMS65FL810132810132Old Green Holder/ D/D RPM FS-501
866631952-S50CMS64FL360331360331Old Green Holder
5110001952-S/S RPM FS-50150CMS656464S/S RPM FS-501
86664195350CMS64FL12213831221383Old Green Holder/ CAC Certified
1478691953 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS64FL160160Bugs Bunny FS-401
5158131953 Obv Die Clash FS-40250CMS63FL716716Obverse Die Clash FS-402
866651953-D50CMS64FL4012146140121461Old Green Holder/ D/D RPM-501
  1953-D Bugs Bunny FS-40150C 
5099311953-D Obv Die Clash FS-40250CMS64FL46154615Obverse Die Clash FS-402
66661953-S50CMS65562498956241031Old Green Holder/ S/S RPM FS-501
5103961953-S Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS65378378Bugs Bunny FS-401+ Goiter/ CAC Certified
3961771953-S/S RPM FS-50150CMS65163163S/S RPM FS-501
86667195450CMS64FL3504155535041555Old Green Holder/ DDR FS-801
1478711954 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS65FL275275Bugs Bunny FS-401
5099391954 Obv Die Clash FS-40250CMS64FL2121Obverse Die Clash FS-402
866681954-D50CMS65FL19451951945195Old Green Holder/ D/D RPM FS-501
1478731954-D Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS64FL6060Bugs Bunny FS-401
5099411954-D Obv Die Clash FS-40250CMS64FL6464Obv Die Clash/ FS-402
5072571954-S Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS651531510Bugs Bunny FS-401
86670195550CMS66FL1932219322Gold toned
1453581955 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS65FL1271712717Bugs Bunny FS-401
86671195650CMS66FL7636276362Rainbow Obv. Blast white Rev
1478741956 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS653893818Bugs Bunny FS-401
5114611956 Obv Die Clash FS-40250CMS65FL109109Obv Die Clash FS-402/ DDO-002
3961921957-D/D RPM FS-50150CMS64FL357357D/D RPM FS-501/ Obverse Die Clash FS-402
86674195850CMS64FL719899719899Proof Like Type 2 Reverse
866751958-D50CMS65FL18339791833979Old green Holder/ D/D RPM FS-501
86676195950CMS65FL9816198161Old Green Holder/ Proof Like Type 2 Reverse
5016051959 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS64FL39123912Bugs Bunny FS-401
5105391959 Goiter FS-40250CMS641861829"Goiter" FS-402
1454341959 DDR FS-80150CMS64FL38293829Double Die Reverse FS-801/ Proof Like Type 2 Reverse
866771959-D50CMS65FL19071661907166Old Green Holder
5106541960 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS633535Bugs Bunny FS-401
5106701960 Obv Die Clash FS-40250CMS64FL130130Obv Die Clash FS-402/ Omaha Bank Hoard
86680196150CMS64FL11102661110266Old Green Holder
5114551961 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS63610620Bugs Bunny FS-401
866811961-D50CMS64FL19363721936372Old Green Holder/ D/D RPM FS-501
86682196250CMS64FL961256961256Old Green Holder
5114571962 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS6313181319Bugs Bunny FS-401
5106671962 Obv Die Clash FS-40250CMS64302302Obv Die Clash FS-402
866831962-D50CMS64FL22454012245401Old Green Holder D/D RPM FS-501
5114631963 Bugs Bunny FS-40150CMS64322327Bugs Bunny FS-401
5099431963 Obv Die Clash FS-40250CMS63FL2121Obv Die Clash FS-402
5101221963 DDR FS-80150CMS64309309Double Die Reverse FS-801