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Lincoln Memorial Cents Complete Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1959-2008): Water Sports Pedigree Collection

Water Sports Pedigree Collection

Current Statistics
Rank 4
Weighted GPA 66.393
Complete 92.61%
Set Rating 50.562
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Water Sports Pedigree Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
285419591CMS66RD8105681056Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
379531959 DDO FS-1011CMS64RD41164116Thanks to Mike Long
379561959 DDO FS-1041CMS64RD24202420Thanks to Chris Welch
379621959-D/D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD476476Thanks to Chris Welch RPM # 1 Top 100 # 89
28601960 Large Date1CMS66RD8468784687Thanks to Martin Gillette
28631960 Small Date1CMS66RD5942759427Ebay
28661960-D Large Date1CMS66RD5532655326Ebay
5693401960-D/D Large Date RPM FS-5021CMS65RD17101710Thanks to Robert Delean RPM # 1 Top 100 # 90
28691960-D Small Date1CMS66RD9075090750Ebay
828691960-D/D Small/Large Date FS-1011CMS64RD154133263231Ebay RPM # 100 Top 100 # 91
287219611CMS66RD4031640316Thanks to Al Palmieri
28751961-D1CMS66RD2872728727Thanks To David Lawrence
35551961-D D/Horiz D FS-5011CMS65RD602602Thanks to Level 99 Games RPM # 1 Top 100 # 92
287819621CMS66RD6809868098Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
28811962-D1CMS66RD4685146851Thanks to Al Palmieri
288419631CMS66RD3312333123Thanks to Scott Brennan
28871963-D1CMS66RD18631863Thanks to Jim Gilber Rare Coin
379711963-D DDO FS-1011CMS64RD2161921619Thanks to Patrick Sherman
289019641CMS66RD5364053640From the Fabalous "TBL COLLECTION"
  1964 SMS1C 
379771964 DDR FS-8011CMS64RD42264226Thanks to Ken Potter
379801964 DDR FS-8021CMS64RD15141514Thanks to William Hostutler Top 100 # 93
4085481966 DDO FS-1011CAU53BN25216Thanks to L&C Coin
  1966 DDR FS-8011C 
290219671CMS66RD2022720227Thanks to Robert Johnson
379861968-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD142142Thanks to George Thidemann RPM # 1 Top 100 # 94
379921968-D DDR FS-8011CMS64RD116116Thanks to Brian Ribar
29171969-D1CMS66RD3563035630Thanks to AW Coins
  1969-S DDO FS-1011C 
293219701CMS66RD3304533045Thanks to Robert Johnson
29291970-D1CMS66RD2232922329Thanks to David Lawrence
29351970-S Small Date FS-14011CMS66RD2192222022Heritage-Omaha Hoard Pedigree
29391970-S Large Date1CMS66RD5536455364Ebay
  1970-S Large Date DDO FS-1011C 
380021970-S Large Date DDO FS-1031CMS65RD263263Thanks to SG Rare Coins Inc.
929401971 DDO FS-1011CMS62RB101214106Thanks to Rogers Coins - Ron Bozarth Pedigree
29501972 DDO FS-1011CMS64RD95019759711993Ebay
380161972 DDO FS-1021CMS64RD35443544Ebay
380191972 DDO FS-1031CMS65RD1242212422Thanks to M. Harmon
380211972 DDO FS-1041CMS63RB4149Thanks to Gay Ann Draper - (CPR)
380251972 DDO FS-1051CMS65RD181181Thanks to Long Horn Coins
380281972 DDO FS-1061CMS64RD33293329Thanks to Mike Sturgeon!
380311972 DDO FS-1071CMS64RD16311631Ebay
380341972 DDO FS-1081CMS64RD54475447Ebay
380371972 DDO FS-1091CMS64RD38243824Thanks to Chris Welch
29591972-S1CMS66RD2722127221Thanks to David Lawrence
29621973-D1CMS66RD3242632426Thanks to Jamie
29681973-S1CMS66RD1941919419Thanks to Glen Gardner
297119741CMS66RD4629946299Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
29781974-S1CMS66RD1271812718Thanks To David Lawrence
297719751CMS66RD3168731687Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
29791975-D1CMS66RD3304933049Thanks to N. Amer.Certified Trading
29851976-D1CMS66RD1761517615Thanks to Jamie
299219781CMS66RD1626016260Thanks to AW Coins
29891978-D1CMS66RD1533615336Thanks to Jamie
29981979-D1CMS66RD1542615426Thanks to Jamie
300119801CMS66RD2457724577Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
380471980 DDO FS-1011CMS64RD104104Thanks to Cheapslabs
304319811CMS66RD2446024460Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
1460171982 Bronze Large Date1CMS66RD1512215122Thanks to Dale Rikert
380591982 Bronze Large Date DDO FS-1011CMS64RD279279Thanks to L&C Coin
1460201982 Bronze Small Date1CMS66RD1362613626Thanks to Marion Marlowe
1460271982 Zinc Large Date1CMS67RD226113226113Thanks to Jamie
1460301982 Zinc Small Date1CMS67RD1621416214From the world famous Ajla Collection
  1982 Zinc Small Date DDR FS-18011C 
1460241982-D Bronze1CMS66RD1322513225Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
1460331982-D Zinc Large Date1CMS67RD1122411224Ebay
1460361982-D Zinc Small Date1CMS67RD91179117From the world famous Ajla Collection
305319831CMS67RD1533615336Thanks to Tim Sudduth
380671983 DDO FS-1011CMS62BN21236Ebay
380721983 DDO FS-1021CMS65RD7575Thanks to L&C Coin
380751983 DDO FS-1031CMS65RD11141114Everett Ramsey Pedigree
  1983 Obv Die Damage FS-4011C 
30561983 DDR FS-8011CMS62RD3138541433Ebay
  1983 DDR FS-8021C 
30511983-D1CMS67RD2453424534Thanks to Jamie
  1983-D DDO FS-1011C 
305919841CMS67RD1919619196Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
30621984 DDO FS-1011CMS66RD444206450209Ebay
380811984 DDO FS-1021CMS64RB3237Thanks to John Sparti
30681984-D1CMS67RD2042020420Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
380841984-D DDO FS-1011CMS63RB83810Thanks to Dennis Wells
307119851CMS67RD2462524625Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
30741985-D1CMS67RD557180557180Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
312419861CMS67RD2233322333Thanks to Richard Smith
31211986-D1CMS67RD399143399143Thanks to Jeremy's' Auction
306519871CMS67RD3707837078Thanks to Mustang Man
30801987-D1CMS67RD3872838728Thanks to David Webster
5693631987-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS67+ RD1010Thanks to Ken Potter RPM # 3 Top 100 # 98
310319881CMS67RD1822418224Thanks to Jeff Jackson
  1988 Dbl Ear FS-1011C 
5693691988 Wide AM FS-9011CMS64RD3131Thanks to Great Collections
  1988-D Wide AM FS-9011C 
30891989-D1CMS67RD2915329153Thanks to Tim Sudduth
308319901CMS67RD1873418734Thanks to Jim Willis
30861990-D1CMS67RD451159451159Thanks to Telecoin
309219911CMS67RD2563525635Thanks to JETACO Coins
30951991-D1CMS67RD486143486143Thanks to Michael Claus
  1992 Close AM FS-9011C 
31011992-D1CMS68RD24752475Thanks to Rust Coin, Inc.
  1992-D Close AM FS-9011C 
31091993-D1CMS68RD24552455Thanks to Dean Coldwater
311519941CMS67RD1493014930Thanks to Tom Eaton
381011994 DDR FS-8011CMS64RB80827Thanks to Tommy Mundy
31181994-D1CMS67RD3009030090Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
313319951CMS67RD2576725767Thanks to David Lawrence
31271995 DDO FS-1011CMS68RD2683327163Thanks to Westwood Rare Coin
31301995-D1CMS67RD2817128171Thanks to David Webster
381091995-D DDO FS-1031CAU58BN52541Thanks to Andrew Heebner
313619961CMS67RD4329243292Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
  1996 DDO FS-1011C 
31391996-D1CMS67RD661227661227Thanks to Lazypoet
314519971CMS67RD1441714417Thanks to Jamie
381211997 Dbl Ear FS-1011CMS65RD2081420814Thanks to James Clark.
31421997-D1CMS67RD2414424144Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
314819981CMS67RD3065130651Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
831481998 Wide AM FS-9011CMS66RD951111313Thanks to Jeff Brown
31511998-D1CMS67RD1484514845Thanks to David Lawrence
315419991CMS67RD257250257250Thanks to David Lawrence
831541999 Wide AM FS-9011CMS64RD435762174Thanks to Rick Miller
316020001CMS68RD27162716Thanks to Tim Sudduth
831602000 Wide AM FS-9011CMS67RD34523502Thanks to Rhino Bullion
31632000-D1CMS68RD2251022510Thanks to Tim Sudduth
316620011CMS68RD6554165541Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
31692001-D1CMS68RD6072160721Thanks to Lazypoet
317220021CMS68RD676111676111Thanks to Michael Claus
31752002-D1CMS68RD692103692103Thanks to Jay Rudo
317820031CMS68RD12202981220298Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
31812003-D1CMS68RD532115532115Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
318420041CMS68RD1534415344Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
5693812004 DDR FS-8011CMS64RD3434Thanks to TLC Varieties.
931902005 Satin Finish1CSP69RD121318121318Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
931932005-D Satin Finish1CSP69RD45824582Teletrade
9319620061CMS67RD27022702Thanks to Brian McGuire
5693842006 DDO FS-1011CMS66RD4040Thanks to Brad Podraza
8931962006 Satin Finish1CSP69RD9852098520Thanks to Silver DJ Coins
931992006-D1CMS67RD25972597Thanks to Brian McGuire
8931992006-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD9499194991Thanks to Mark Di Lauro
14953820071CMS67RD17041704Thanks to Barry Tice
1495392007 Satin Finish1CSP69RD24802480Thanks to Frank Harris
1495442007-D1CMS67RD17451745Thanks to Barry Tice
1495472007-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD6146461464Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
39489920081CMS67RD27452745Thanks to Chris Dudzik
3949022008 Satin Finish1CSP69RD11801180Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
3949052008-D1CMS67RD23252325Thanks to Chris Dudzik
3949082008-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD5866658666Thanks to Coinefame