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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
350031793 Cohen 11/2CVG8BN17c-1 ex Ed Hipps-St.Louis,MO 10/18/07 EDS.
350061793 Cohen 21/2CG6BN24c-2
350091793 Cohen 31/2CVF35BN15c-3
350121793 Cohen 41/2CG4BN13c-4 hooked bust line and sprawling ribbon ends
350181794 Low Relief Head, Large Edge Letters Cohen 1a1/2CVF25BN15manley 1.0 has a non- reported 170 CW rotation
350211794 Low Relief Head, Small Edge Letters Cohen 1b1/2CG4BN11goldberg auction 30 -- lot 13 1794 C-1b R6 Small Edge Letters G5. Glossy ol...
350241794 Low Relief Head, Small Edge Letters Cohen 2a1/2CXF40BN13Manley 1.0 - crack over ERTY- no clash marks rotated 15 degrees CW
350271794 Low Relief Head, Large Edge Letters Cohen 2b1/2CAG3BN12Ex: Fred H Borcherdt,Stephen Fischer, Rhichard Shimkus,James R. McGuigan, R...
350301794 Low Relief Head, Small Edge Letters Cohen 3a1/2CVG8BN23bought raw on ebay- now pictured as example in coinfacts- Manley 2.0 simila...
  1794 Low Relief Head, Large Edge Letters Cohen 3b1/2C 
350361794 Low Relief Head, Small Edge Letters Cohen 4a1/2CVF35BN24c-4 Manley 4 - LDS
  1794 Low Relief Head, Large Edge Letters Cohen 4b1/2C 
350421794 Low Relief Head, Small Edge Letters Cohen 5a1/2CVG10BN13c-5a manley 2.0 rarity 4+ from the catalog -1794 (C-5a, R.4+) PCGS VG-10. ...
  1794 Low Relief Head, Large Edge Letters Cohen 5b1/2C 
350481794 Low Relief Head, Small Edge Letters Cohen 6a1/2CN1BN03Lot 482 1794 C-6a R5+ G4. Small Edge Letters. Several points sharper but t...
  1794 Low Relief Head, Large Edge Letters Cohen 6b1/2C 
350571794 High Relief Head Cohen 71/2CN1BN01
350601794 High Relief Head Cohen 81/2CF15BN12Ex: Paramount's 1972 ANA Sale, lot unknown-Roger S. Cohen, Jr., Superior 2/...
350631794 High Relief Head Cohen 91/2CVF30BN26manley 3.0 at eac 2012 crossed from anacs holder - now pictured in coinfact...
10091795 Lettered Edge Cohen 11/2CVF25BN968old green holder
10151795 LE Punctuated Date, Lettered Edge Cohen 2a1/2CF12BN712Smooth copper surfaces and attractive for this grade level. Free of any dee...
350731795 PE Punctuated Date Cohen 2b1/2CN1BN01ex. doc lee 5/25/03 superior lot 99 noyes89030 ex ed -hipps,mccawley,yance...
350771795 PE Punctuated Date Cohen 31/2CAG3BN12ex Doc Lee 5/25/03 Superior lot 103 R5 M2.0 71.7 grains
350801795 PE Punctuated Date Cohen 41/2CVG10BN35
350831795 Plain Edge, No Pole Cohen 5a1/2CF12BN24c-5a
350861795 Plain Edge, No Pole Cohen 5b1/2CN1BN051795 C-5b R4 Thick Planchet AG3. Struck on a planchet cut from a spoiled (o...
350891795 Plain Edge, No Pole Cohen 6a1/2CF15BN28
350921795 Plain Edge, No Pole Cohen 6b1/2CF12BN11from the catalog - 1795 C-6b R6 Thick Planchet VG8. A couple points sharper...
  1796 No Pole Cohen 11/2C 
10271796 With Pole Cohen 21/2CN1BN0431796 C2 Liberty Cap Half Cent, With Pole, R4. This coin has been authentica...
10421797 1 above 1 Cohen 11/2CVF30BN1137shows characteristics of Manley 4 and 5. Y in liberty clearly visible but I...
10361797 Centered Head Cohen 21/2CXF40BN619lot # 37
351071797 Low Head, Plain Edge Coehn 3a1/2CVG8BN310ex B. Shalowitz 1-05
10331797 Lettered Edge, Low Head Cohen 3b1/2CAG3BN110
  1797 Gripped Edge Cohen 3c1/2C 
351191800 Cohen 11/2CAU55BN13
10541802/O Reverse of 1800 Cohen 11/2CN1BN09ex Richard Binette "Babe" 5-29-05 from spoiled large cent 76.8 grains
10571802/O Reverse of 1802 Cohen 21/2CVF25BN410
351281803 Cohen 11/2CAU58BN20pictured in coinfacts
351311803 Cohen 21/2CVG10BN12pictured in coinfacts
351341803 Cohen 31/2CVF30BN15pictured in coinfacts
351371803 Cohen 41/2CVF35BN21c-4
351401804 Crosslet 4, Stems Cohen 11/2CVF35BN16pictured in coinfacts
  1804 Crosslet 4, Stems Cohen 21/2C 
351491804 Crosslet 4, Stems Cohen 41/2CAG3BN12
351521804 Spiked Chin Cohen 51/2CVF20BN19
351611804 Spiked Chin Cohen 61/2CAU50BN25pictured in coinfacts
351641804 Spiked Chin Cohen 71/2CVF25BN27ex12/71 Don Frederick, 1/72 Sam Unger 8/82 Roger Cohen jr 2/2/1992:175-R. T...
351671804 Spiked Chin Cohen 81/2CVF30BN313pictured in coinfacts
351551804 Crosslet 4, Stems Cohen 91/2CVF30BN18pictured in coinfacts
351581804 Crosslet 4, Stems Cohen 101/2CMS62BN16pictured in coinfacts
351701804 Plain 4, Stems Cohen 111/2CXF40BN22stacks- C.L.Lee sale lot #25 9/18/2005 realized $747.50
10721804 Crosslet 4, No Stems Cohen 121/2CMS62BN820pictured in coinfacts
10631804 Plain 4, No Stems Cohen 131/2CMS63BN46331804 1/2 C Plain 4, No Stems MS63 Brown PCGS. CAC. C-13, B-10, R.1. A late ...
10811805 Small 5, No Stems Cohen 11/2CXF40BN1777
351821805 Small 5, Stems Cohen 21/2CN1BN04Ex: Michael Fuller 6/28/12 Heritage 2000 Oct Long Beach sale #238 Lot#6624
351851805 Small 5, Stems Cohen 31/2CG4BN16
10901805 Large 5, Stems Cohen 41/2CAU58BN54pictured in coin facts
351911806 Small 6, No Stems Cohen 11/2CMS62BN43could almost pass for a RB coin - pictured in coinfacts
351941806 Small 6, Stems Cohen 21/2CF12BN15
351971806 Small 6, Stems Cohen 31/2CN1BN03
10991806 Large 6, Stems Cohen 41/2CAU50BN998
11041807 Cohen 11/2CAU58BN2123
  1808/7 Cohen 11/2C 
352121808/7 Cohen 21/2CF15BN36pictured in coinfacts
11071808 Cohen 31/2CAU50BN842
352181809 Cohen 11/2CN1BN04
352211809 Cohen 21/2CF15BN15c-2 manley 3.0 pictured in coinfacts
352241809 Cohen 31/2CMS63BN18pictured in coinfacts
11291809 Circle in 0 Cohen 41/2CVF30BN314lot # 7064
11261809/6 9 over inverted 9 Cohen 51/2CXF40BN37171
352271809 Cohen 61/2CAU50BN18pictured in coinfacts
11321810 Cohen 11/2CAU50BN643c-1
352391811 Cohen 11/2CF15BN13wide date with a four star break c-1 manley 5.0
352421811 Cohen 21/2CVF30BN33
352461825 Cohen 11/2CXF45BN17crossed from anacs holder reverse rotation 170 degrees ccw
352491825 Cohen 21/2CAU58BN34with verification - is a c-2 Manley 0.5- not yet listed in his book- ribbon...
352521826 Cohen 11/2CMS62BN17
352551826 Cohen 21/2CAU50+ BN13
352581828 13 Stars Cohen 11/2CAU55BN15lot 1102
11501828 12 Stars Cohen 21/2CAU58BN2741
352621828 13 Stars Cohen 31/2CMS64RB30also pictured ms63 red in old green holder that will not be sent in for att...
11531829 Cohen 11/2CMS62BN3376
  1831 Cohen 11/2C 
352731832 Cohen 11/2CMS62BN11pictured in coinfacts
352761832 Cohen 21/2CMS64BN10from the catalog:1832 C-2 R2 PCGS graded MS64 Brown. Lustrous light to medi...
352791832 Cohen 31/2CAU53BN15c-3 - crossed from anacs holder
11641833 Cohen 11/2CMS64RD122
11661834 Cohen 11/2CMS63RB1530
352881835 Cohen 11/2CMS63BN20
352911835 Cohen 21/2CMS64BN20also pictured ms-64 red in an old green holder that will not be sent in fo...
353181849 Cohen 11/2CMS64BN22pictured in coinfacts
353211850 Cohen 11/2CMS64BN20pictured in coinfacts
12261851 Cohen 11/2CMS63RD124bought as NGC graded red 62
12271853 Cohen 11/2CMS66BN60cac'd
12321854 Cohen 11/2CMS64RD124
12351855 Cohen 11/2CMS64RD17330
12371856 Cohen 11/2CMS64RB310
12411857 Cohen 11/2CMS64RD132
very nice up grade on the 1802 by yahtzeek
Posted @ 11/30/2012 6:25 PM By yahtzeek
some very nice up grades
Posted @ 9/18/2012 12:56 PM By yahtzeek