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Early American Coins and Tokens Basic Design Set (1616-1820): Blue Angel

Blue Angel

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About this set: The Blue Angel Collection represents my ongoing effort to build a complete colonial type set featuring well-matched pieces grading from F to MS, all original, with nice eye appeal. I have in many cases chosen a coin in lower numerical grade if I felt it was more attractive and original than one in a higher holder, and I have continued to improve the set over time using this same rationale. Eventually, I intend to list every piece and include a photograph of every item in the hope that others will enjoy viewing this set as much as I have enjoyed building it. I would also like to thank my friends at Coin Rarities Online who have spent so much time assisting me in building this set and tracking down the pieces I need! Finally, many thanks to all of you who visit this site to view my collection! And note that I would very much appreciate any comments or suggestions anyone wishes to make.

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Blue Angel
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Massachusetts Silver Oak Tree 201652ShillingXF45154739111This is a Noe-9 Oak, one of the less common varieties in the series and, to...
Massachusetts Silver Pine Tree241652ShillingAU58562937If there is a prettier Small Planchet Pine Tree Shilling around, I have not...
Maryland Coinage33Maryland6PenceXF4511171938This is not one of the Morton & Eden pieces uncovered in England about 10 y...
New Jersey St. Patrick Coinage  St Patrick  
American Plantation Token  Am Plant1/24RL 
Rosa Americana Coinage     
Woods Hibernia Coinage     
Virginia Coinage     
Elephant Token Halfpenny    1/2 P 
Higley Copper    Higley 
Voce Populi Coinage     
Pitt Token  1766  
Rhode Island Ship Medal  RI ShipToken 
Chalmers Coinage5961783ShilngXF4012132438Have you seen a Chalmers Shilling of any variety that was as original as th...
French Colonies Billon Coinage1586581738-ASou MMS63222518This is my favorite Sou Marque of all time, as it looks original, has proof...
French Colonies Sou 17671586371767-ASouAU58BN1178I think this is an especially attractive, original chocolate brown example ...
Continental Dollar7911776$1AU55106321134This is one of the highlights of my collection and the piece most people lo...
Nova Constellatio Copper   C Nova 
Immunis Columbia8411787ImmColXF45BN8301032I don't believe I have ever seen another original, XF example of this type ...
Massachusetts Copper     
Connecticut Copper Bust Left   Connct 
New York Excelsior4271787N YorkXF45BN2636This is one of my very favorite colonial issues, and I searched a long, lon...
Machins Mills Copper   1/2 P 
Nova Eborac Copper  1787Copper 
New Jersey Copper Head Right5151787NJersyAU58BN222430
Vermont Copper Plow5451786VermontAU53BN712914A nice, original chocolate brown copper that is about as unflawed a VT Land...
Vermont Copper Bust Right     
North American Token 5891781Token 
Bar Copper 599BarCent 
Auctori Plebis Token 6011787Token 
Mott Token   1789Token 
Kentucky Copper   KentuckyCent 
Franklin Press Token   1794Token 
Myddelton Token   1796Token 
Castorland Medal    Medal 
Talbot Allum & Lee Cent   Cent 
Washington Triumpho Token6641783Copper 
Washington Military Bust     
Washington Draped Bust     
Washington 1791-95 'Washington President' Obverse     
Washington Liberty & Security     
Washington Success Medal   Wash-SuccessMedal 
Fugio Cent  1787Fugio 
Beautiful Pine tree shilling.
Posted @ 6/4/2012 2:59 PM By ghrays
Great coins! And to paraphrase Aristotle, "The whole is even greater than the sum of its parts."
Posted @ 12/8/2011 9:19 PM By MidLifeCrisis